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  Japanese destroyers in World War II enjoyed well-deserved reputations for excellence in combat, particularly in night fighting and torpedo actions. Yet the fate of Japan's 'tin cans' was a grim one. Japan began the war with 113 destroyers, and built 63 more during the course of the conflict. Of these, a total of 134 were sunk, and many of the survivors were badly damaged by the end of the war. Allied aircraft and submarines, in particular, exacted a very heavy toll.

The following series of operational histories and tabular movement records (TROMs), drawn from both Japanese and Allied sources, has been compiled by Allyn Nevitt. Allyn's in-depth comments regarding specific classes of destroyers will be appended to my original comments on the Destroyers Page periodically.

SPECIAL 2002 NOTE: The list of contributors to these TROMs' updates is long and growing, but I wish to particularly recognize and thank Jean-François Masson (Canada), Ian Mcleod (England), Andrew Obluski (Poland), Bill Somerville (England), Tony Tully (Texas), and Jan Visser (The Netherlands) -- talk about your international cooperation! My highest regards and deepest appreciation go out to all of you. (AN)

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Japanese Destroyers: Special Features

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The Battle of Vella Lavella posted 10/27/96.

DesDiv 1: War in the Backwaters revised 7/22/02.

Battle of the Bismarck Sea posted 1/12/97.

The TA Operations to Leyte, Part I revised 7/15/02.

The TA Operations to Leyte, Part II revised 7/15/02.

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Japanese Destroyers: Tabular Movement Records (TROMs)

(All TROM movement date-times Tokyo time (JST Zone 9)

Minekaze Class

Minekaze (updated 1/1/12)
Sawakaze (updated 1/1/12)
Okikaze (updated 1/1/12)
Hakaze (updated 1/2/12)
Yakaze (updated 1/1/12)
Akikaze (updated 1/2/12)
Shiokaze (updated 1/2/12)
Yukaze (updated 1/2/12)
Hokaze (updated 1/2/12)
Tachikaze (updated 1/2/12)
Nokaze (updated 11/29/16)
Namikaze (updated 1/1/12)
Numakaze (updated 1/1/12)

Kamikaze Class

Kamikaze (updated 1/1/12)
Harukaze (updated 1/3/12)
Asakaze (updated 1/3/12)
Matsukaze (updated 1/3/12)
Yunagi (updated 1/2/12)
Hatakaze (updated 1/3/12)
Oite (updated 1/3/12)
Hayate (updated 8/5/14)
Asanagi (updated 1/3/12)

Mutsuki Class

Mutsuki (updated 7/29/09)
Fumizuki (updated 12/31/11)
Kikuzuki (updated 12/31/11)
Kisaragi (updated 8/5/14)
Mikazuki (updated 9/10/09)
Minazuki (updated 12/31/11)
Mochizuki (updated 12/31/11)
Nagatsuki (updated 12/31/11)
Satsuki (updated 12/31/11)
Uzuki (updated 9/10/09)
Yayoi (updated 7/29/09)
Yuzuki (updated 9/10/09)

Fubuki Class

Fubuki (updated 3/17/12)
Shirayuki (updated 3/17/12)
Hatsuyuki (updated 3/30/12)
Murakumo (updated 3/17/12)
Shinonome (updated 2/17/19)
Usugumo (updated 3/30/12)
Shirakumo (updated 4/11/12)
Isonami (updated 3/30/12)
Uranami (updated 4/11/12)
Ayanami (updated 3/6/12)
Shikinami (updated 3/30/12)
Asagiri (updated 3/17/12)
Yugiri (updated 4/11/12)
Amagiri (updated 4/11/12)
Sagiri (updated 1/6/12)
Oboro (updated 3/6/12)
Akebono (updated 4/11/12)
Sazanami (updated 3/30/12)
Ushio (updated 4/11/12)

Akatsuki Class

Akatsuki (updated 5/28/13)
Hibiki (updated 4/11/12)
Ikazuchi (updated 3/30/12)
Inazuma (updated 8/6/18)

Hatsuharu Class

Hatsuharu (updated 7/13/09)
Ariake (updated 7/16/09)
Hatsushimo (updated 7/13/09)
Nenohi (updated 7/13/09)
Wakaba (updated 7/13/09)
Yugure (updated 4/18/15)

Shiratsuyu Class

Shiratsuyu (updated 2/27/12)
Shigure (updated 2/27/12)
Murasame (updated 2/27/12)
Yudachi (updated 2/27/12)
Samidare (updated 2/27/12)
Harusame (updated 2/27/12)
Yamakaze (updated 2/20/12)
Kawakaze (updated 2/20/12))
Umikaze (updated 2/20/12))
Suzukaze (updated 2/20/12))

Asashio Class

Asashio (updated 1/26/12)
Oshio (updated 8/6/18)
Michishio (updated 6/27/18)
Arashio (updated 1/26/12)
Natsugumo (updated 1/31/12)
Yamagumo (updated 12/26/17)
Minegumo (updated 1/31/12)
Asagumo (updated 1/31/12)
Arare (updated 1/6/12)
Kasumi (updated 1/26/12)

Kagero Class

Kagero (updated 1/27/12)
Kuroshio (updated 1/27/12)
Oyashio (updated 1/27/12)
Hatsukaze (updated 2/8/12)
Natsushio (updated 1/6/12)
Yukikaze (updated 2/8/12)
Hayashio (updated 6/27/18)
Maikaze (updated 5/25/12)
Isokaze (updated 2/8/12)
Shiranuhi (updated 1/26/12)
Amatsukaze (updated 3/23/15)
Tokitsukaze (updated 3/26/15)
Urakaze (updated 2/8/12)
Hamakaze (updated 2/8/12)
Nowaki (updated 1/31/12)
Arashi (updated 1/31/12)
Hagikaze (updated 5/25/12)
Tanikaze (updated 2/8/12)
Akigumo (updated 12/16/18)

Shimakaze Class

Shimakaze (updated 4/11/12)

Yugumo Class

Yugumo (updated 1/21/12)
Kazagumo (updated 1/21/12))
Makigumo (updated 2/17/19))
Makinami (updated 1/21/12))
Takanami (updated 1/21/12))
Naganami (updated 1/21/12))
Tamanami (updated 1/21/12))
Suzunami (updated 1/21/12))
Onami (updated 1/21/12))
Fujinami (updated 9/8/14)
Kishinami posted (updated 1/21/12))
Hayanami (updated 1/16/12)
Kiyonami (updated 1/21/12))
Okinami (updated 1/21/12))
Hamanami (updated 1/16/12)
Asashimo (updated 5/25/12)
Kiyoshimo (updated 1/21/12))
Hayashimo (updated 9/8/14)
Akishimo (updated 1/16/12)

Akizuki Class

Akizuki (updated 9/27/14)
Teruzuki (updated 1/11/12)
Suzutsuki (updated 1/16/12)
Hatsuzuki (updated 1/16/12)
Niizuki (updated 1/16/12)
Wakatsuki (updated 1/16/12)
Shimotsuki (updated 12/31/11)
Fuyuzuki (updated 1/16/12)
Hanazuki (updated 1/11/12)
Yoizuki (updated 1/11/12)
Haruzuki (updated 1/11/12)
Natsuzuki (updated 1/11/12)

Matsu Class

Matsu (updated 9/16/14)
Momo (updated 1/6/12)
Take (updated 1/7/12)
Ume (updated 1/7/12)
Kuwa (updated 7/9/18)
Maki (updated 1/6/12)
Kiri (updated 1/6/12)
Sugi (updated 1/7/12)
Momi (updated 1/6/12)
Hinoki (updated 1/6/12)
Kashi (updated 1/6/12)
Kaya (updated 1/6/12)
Kaede (updated 1/6/12)
Sakura (updated 1/7/12)
Nara (updated 1/6/12)
Tsubaki (updated 1/7/12)
Keyaki (updated 1/6/12)
Yanagi (updated 1/7/12)
Tachibana (updated 1/7/12)
Nire (updated 1/7/12)
Tsuta (updated 1/7/12)
Hagi (updated 1/6/12)
Kaki (updated 1/6/12)
Shii (updated 1/7/12)
Nashi (updated 1/6/12)
Sumire (updated 1/7/12)
Enoki (updated 1/6/12)
Kusunoki (updated 1/6/12)
Odake (updated 1/7/12)
Hatsuzakura (updated 1/6/12)
Kaba (updated 1/6/12)
Hatsuume (updated 1/6/12)


Japanese Torpedo Boats: Tabular Movement Records (TROMs)

Tomozuru Class

Chidori (posted 3/8/98)
Manazuru (posted 3/18/98)
Tomozuru (posted 3/26/98)
Hatsukari (posted 4/7/98)

Otori Class

Otori (posted 4/14/98)
Hiyodori (posted 5/2/98)
Hayabusa (posted 5/14/98)
Kasasagi (posted 5/30/98)
Kiji (posted 6/8/98)
Kari (posted 6/27/98)
Sagi (posted 7/12/98)
Hato (posted 7/12/98)

About the Author

Allyn D. Nevitt is a naval historian and researcher. His background is primarily as a public servant, first with Los Angeles County, and then the City of San Diego, the last eight years as Circulation Supervisor for San Diego Public Library. He is now retired, but continues to work on a number of projects, including being 'chief of staff' and a researcher for Gary Grigsby, author of Pacific War, Steel Panthers, and many other wargames. He is a member of the International Naval Research Organization, the U.S. Naval Institute, the Grand Canyon Trust, and the National Parks and Conservation Society. His hobbies include military history, camping & hiking, James Dean, and Disney villians. He can be contacted at:

E-MAIL: allynnevitt@gmail.com

Please note: this is best email, and will be updating old address on individual troms as circumstance permits

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