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IJN Kamikaze: Tabular Record of Movement

Name Translation: "Divine Wind"

Initial Command Structure:
Ship's captain: Lieutenant Commander Hashimoto Kanematsu [55] (prev. C.O. KURETAKE). Assigned to Desdiv 1 (KAMIKAZE, NAMIKAZE, NUMAKAZE, NOKAZE), Ominato Guard District.

4 December 1941:
Departed Ominato, then Hokkaido-Kuriles patrol/escort duties.

25 April:
Lieutenant Commander Hashimoto (to C.O. SHIRATSUYU) relieved by Lieutenant Commander Matsumoto Shoohei [59] (prev. C.O. SAGI).

2 June 1942:
Departed Kashiwabara to support Aleutians attack operations.

19 July:
Departed Kataoka Bay, then Eastern Kuriles patrol/escort duties.

23 October:
Departed Hokkaido for Attu-area operations.

1 November:
Arrived Kataoka Bay, then Eastern Kuriles convoy escort duties.

13 November:
Arrived Ominato, then Tsugaru Strait patrol/escort duties.

29 April 1943:
Departed Ominato, then Soya Strait patrol/escort duties.

12 May:
Departed Odomari, then Northern Kuriles convoy escort duties.

21 June:
Departed Ominato, then Tsugaru Strait patrol/escort duties.

5 August:
Departed Otaru, then Kuriles-area convoy escort duties.

18 October:
Lieutenant Commander Matsumoto (to C.O. YUZUKI) relieved by Lieutenant Commander Kasuga Hitoshi [59] (prev. C.O. HATSUKARI).

29 October-1 November:
Escorted convoy from Otaru to Kataoka Bay, Shimushu.

9 February-8 March 1944:
Docked at Hakodate for refitting.

14 March:
Departed Ominato, then Kuriles-area convoy escort and transport duties.

7 December 1944-10 January 1945:
Docked at Ominato for refitting.

10 January:
Attached to Combined Fleet; departed Ominato same date.

21 January:
Arrived Moji.

26 January:
Departed Moji, escorting Convoy HI-91 towards Singapore; later detached to Mako.

11 February:
Departed Mako to meet and augment the screen of northbound ISE and HYUGA. Joined on 14th but released and ordered to Singapore the next day.

20 February:
Rescued survivors of torpedoed NOKAZE.

22 February:
Arrived Singapore, then patrol/escort duties out of that base.

9-11 May:
Escorted HAGURO on transport run from Singapore to Andamans, aborted due to enemy sightings; then back to Singapore.

14-16 May:
Escorted HAGURO on transport run from Singapore to Andamans, aborted when HAGURO was sunk. Briefly engaged British destroyer group during withdrawal. Light damage: due to shell hits; 27 dead and 14 injured; then to Penang.

17 May:
Out of Penang to rescue 320 HAGURO survivors, then to Singapore.

4-5 June:
Escorted ASHIGARA on troop transport run from Singapore to Batavia.

7-9 June:
Departed Batavia, escorting ASHIGARA towards Singapore. When ASHIGARA was sunk on 8 June, rescued 853 crew and 400 soldiers; then to Singapore.

12 June:
Departed Singapore, escorting oiler TOHO MARU towards Indochina; on 15th rescued 200 TOHO MARU survivors after USAAF B-24 attack.

18 June:
Departed Singapore, then patrol/escort duties between there and French Indochina.

17-23 July:
Escorted small-tanker convoy from Singapore to Ha-Tien, Indochina, and back.

12 August:
Troop transport run to Anambas.

15 August:
At end of war, undamaged in Singapore.

5 October 1945:
Removed from Navy List. Later used as repatriation ship between Singapore, Bangkok, Saigon and Japan.

7 June 1946:
Constructive total loss: after going aground off Omaezaki while assisting stranded repatriation ship KUNASHIRI.

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