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IJN Natsushio: Tabular Record of Movement

Name Translation: "Summer Tide"

Initial Command Structure:
Ship's captain: Commander Nagai Sumitaka [50] (prev. C.O. NENOHI). Assigned to Desdiv 15 (NATSUSHIO, OYASHIO, HAYASHIO, KUROSHIO), Desron 2, Second Fleet. Flagship of Comdesdiv 15, Captain Sato Torajiro [43].

26 November-1 December 1941:
Desdiv 15 steamed with Desron 2 from Terashima Strait to Palau.

6-8 December:
Desdiv 15 departed Palau with Southern Philippine attack forces, initially escorting RYUJO in attack on Davao.

10-11 December:

With HAYASHIO, escorted YAEYAMA laying mines in Surigao Strait.

12 December:

Desdiv 15 with Legaspi invasion force.

20 December:

Desdiv 15 with Davao invasion force.

25 December:

Desdiv 15 with Jolo invasion force.

11 January 1942:

Desdiv 15 with Menado invasion force.

14 January:

Desdiv 15 with Kendari invasion force.

31 January:

Desdiv 15 with Ambon invasion force.

8-9 February:

Desdiv 15 with Makassar invasion force. Sunk: torpedoed by USS S-37 (SS-142); back broken; eight dead and two wounded. Comdesdiv 15 (Captain Sato) transferred to OYASHIO; KUROSHIO attempted to tow, then removed survivors, including Commander Nagai. Ship sank on 9 February, 22 miles south of Makassar, Celebes (05-10 S, 119-24 E). First of 39 Japanese destroyers to fall victim to U.S. submarines during the war.

28 February 1942:

Removed from Navy List.

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