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IJN Sawakaze: Tabular Record of Movement

Name Translation: "Marsh Wind"

Initial Command Structure:
Ship's captain: Lieutenant Commander Ono Shiro [54] (prev. C.O. Minesweeper No. 1). Assigned to Yokosuka Naval District.

1 September 1941:
As aircraft rescue ship, attached to Tateyama air station to assist in flight training.

4 March 1942:
Departed Tateyama, then antisubmarine patrolling off Tokyo Bay.

12 May:
Lieutenant Commander Ono (to C.O. YAMAGUMO) relieved by Lieutenant Commander Kamiura Junnari [53] (prev. C.O. HATSUYUKI).

8 November:
Arrived Yokosuka for repairs and modifications.

15 November:
Lieutenant Commander Kamiura (to C.O. ISOKAZE) relieved by Lieutenant Commander Murakami Tadaomi [57] (prev. C.O. FUYO).

13 December:
Departed Yokosuka, escorting convoy to Muroran (Hokkaido)

21 December:
Departed Yokosuka, then resumed antisubmarine patrolling off Tokyo Bay.

29 January 1943:
Departed Paramushiro, escorting AKAGANE MARU (later separated to proceed independently) towards Attu.

15 March:
Lieutenant Commander Murakami relieved by Lieutenant Commander Mori Koukichi [57] (prev. Staff, Crudiv 21, earlier C.O. YUZUKI).

20 March-29 May:
Docked at Yokosuka for refit.

3 June:
Departed Yokosuka, escorting convoy to Kobe.

20 June:
Lieutenant Commander Mori relieved by Lieutenant Commander Ninokata Kanehumi [59].

19 July:
Departed Yokosuka, escorting convoy to Muroran.

9 September:
Out of Yokosuka to assist torpedoed transport KOYO MARU.

15 October:
Lieutenant Commander Ninokata (to C.O NAGATSUKI) relieved by Lieutenant (s.g.) Sakawa Masazo [62] (prev. C.O. OTORI).

16 December 1943-13 January 1944:
Docked at Yokosuka for refit.

14 January:
Departed Yokosuka, then convoy escort duties off Tokyo Bay.

11 February:
Departed Yokosuka, then patrol/escort duties around Kii Peninsula (Honshu).

25 August:
Lieutenant Commander Sakawa (to C.O. HATSUSHIMO) relieved by Lieutenant Commander Shimoda Takao [63].

18 December:
Arrived Yokosuka, then training ship for antisubmarine school.

25 December:
Lieutenant Commander Shimoda assigned added duty as C.O. NIRE.

4 February-18 March 1945:
Docked at Yokohoma for repairs and modifications.

5 May:
Target ship for 1st Tokko (suicide) Air Corps.

In Yokosuka at end of war.

15 September 1945:
Removed from Navy List; later scrapped.

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