Shiratsuyu class


(Model kits manufactured by Tamiya)

Shigure of this class was squadron flagship of Captain Tameichi Hara through much of 1942-43, and became one of the most famous Japanese destroyers of the war. She survived numerous battles in the Solomons (including being the sole survivor of a squadron of four destroyers ambushed by an American destroyer force in August 1943 off of Kolombangara -- one of the first instances where the Americans demonstrated that they could win night torpedo battles against the Japanese).

Not Pictured: Shigure, Murasame, Yudachi, Samidare, Harusame, Yamakaze, Kawakaze, Umikaze, Suzukaze.

Year(s) Class Members Completed1936-1937
Displacement1,980 tons
Dimensions352'8" x 32'6" x 11'6"
Speed34 knots
Armament 5 x 5"/50 DP,
up to 21 x 25mm AA,
up to 4 x 13mm AA,
8 x 24" TT,
16 DCs