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IJN Kikuzuki: Tabular Record of Movement

Name Translation: “Chrysanthemum Moon”

Initial Command Structure:
Ship's captain: Lieutenant Commander Mori Koukichi [57] (prev. C.O. SAWAKAZE). Assigned to Desdiv 23 (KIKUZUKI, YUZUKI, UZUKI), Cardiv 2, First Air Fleet. Flagship of Comdesdiv 23, Commander Yamada Yusuke [48].

23-27 November 1941:

Desdiv 23 escorted troop convoys from Sakaide to Haha-jima.

4-8 December:

Departed Haha-jima, Desdiv 23 with Guam invasion force; then antisubmarine patrolling in that area.

10-12 January 1942:

Desdiv 23 steamed from Saipan to Truk.

23 January:

Desdiv 23 with Kavieng invasion force; then Rabaul-area patrol/escort duties.

31 January:
Commander Yamada (to Comdesdiv 6) relieved as Comdesdiv 23 by Commander Shimazui Takemi [47]; remained flagship.

9 February:

Desdiv 23 with Gasmata (New Britain) invasion force.

20-23 February:

Desdiv 23 steamed from Kavieng to Truk.

2 March-10 April:

Desdiv 23 escorted Admiral Goto's cover force out of Truk in support of Lae/Salamua, Northern Solomons, and Admiralty Islands invasions.

10 April:

Desdiv 23 reassigned to Desron 6, Fourth Fleet.

3-4 May:
With Tulagi invasion force. Sunk: in air attack on Tulagi Harbor (09-07 S, 160-12 E). Torpedo hit, dead in the water: 12 dead and 22 injured. Comdesdiv 23 (Commander Shimazui) transferred to YUZUKI; Lieutenant Commander Mori (to C.O. YUZUKI) also among survivors. Subchaser TOSHI MARU No. 3 towed and helped beach on Florida Island, but ship slid back into the sea on 5 May and sank. (U.S. salvage crews later re-floated and beached the wreck.)

25 May 1942:
Removed from Navy List.

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