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IJN Asakaze: Tabular Record of Movement

Name Translation: "Morning Breeze"

Initial Command Structure:
Ship's captain: Lieutenant Commander Michiki Shozo [57] (prev. C.O. HATO). Assigned to Desdiv 5 (ASAKAZE, HARUKAZE, MATSUKAZE, HATAKAZE), Desron 5, Third Fleet.

26-29 November 1941:
Desdiv 5 steamed with Desron 5 from Terashima Strait to Mako (Pescadores).

7-14 December:
With KUMA AND MATSUKAZE, escorted Admiral Takahashi's Third Fleet Main Body out of Mako in support of Philippine invasion operations.

22 December:
Desdiv 5 with Lingayen invasion force.

31 December 1941-18 January 1942:
Escorted troop convoys from Formosa to Singora (Malaya) and back. On 10 January helped FUBUKI and HATAKAZE rescue survivors of torpedoed transport AKITA MARU.

2-8 February:
Desdiv 5 escorted troop convoy from Formosa to Camranh Bay.

27 February:
Desdiv 5 with Western Java invasion force.

1 March: Battle of Sunda Strait
Contributed torpedoes to spreads that helped sink HMAS PERTH and USS HOUSTON (CA-30).

10 March:
Desron 5 deactivated; Desdiv 5 reassigned to First Southern Expeditionary Force, Southwest Area Fleet.

10-13 March:
Desdiv 5 escorted convoy from Java to Singapore.

19 March-23 April:
Escorted troop convoys from Singapore to Penang and Rangoon and back, then docked for upkeep.

17 May-2 June:
Out of Singapore for Sabang-area patrol/escort duties.

11 June:
Departed Penang for Nicobar Islands operations.

21 July:
Departed Singapore for Western New Guinea operations.

6 August:
Departed Ambon for Timor-area operations.

14 August:
Departed Kupang, then Java Sea convoy escort duties.

20 October:
Lieutenant Commander Michiki (to C.O. SHIOKAZE) relieved by Lieutenant Commander Nishimura Tokuta [60].

25 February 1943:
Desdiv 5 deactivated; reassigned to 1st Surface Escort Division, Southwest Area Fleet.

28 February:
Departed Saigon, then Moji-Takao convoy escort duties.

30 April-5 May:
Escorted convoy from Takao to Moji.

23 May:
Arrived Sasebo, then docked for refitting.

19 July:
Departed Moji, then resumed Southwest Area convoy escort duties.

12-30 October:
Escorted Convoy HI-13 from Moji to Singapore.

15 November:
1st Surface Escort Division reassigned to General Escort Command.

12 December:
Departed Sasebo, escorting convoy to Takao.

21-24 December:
Escorted Convoy HI-27 from Moji to Takao.

1 March 1944:
Lieutenant Commander Nishimura (to C.O. SAMIDARE) relieved by Lieutenant Yamaguchi Osamu [64].

12 March-1 April:
Escorted troop convoy from Yokosuka to Saipan and back.

13-30 April:
Escorted convoys from Moji via Chinkai and Takao to Manila. Assisted Convoys Take and TaMa-17 during this period.

11 June-2 July:
Escorted Convoy MI-07 from Moji via Manila to Miri.

4-8 August:
Escorted Convoy MI-13 from Takao to Manila. On 7th rescued survivors of torpedoed KUSAGAKI.

17 August:
Out of Mako to assist Convoy HI-71.

21-24 August:
Departed Takao, escorting convoy to Manila. Sunk: torpedoed by USS HADDO (SS-255) west of Lingayen Gulf. Sank while being towed by tanker NIJO MARU towards Dasol Bay, 20 miles southwest of Cape Bolinao (16-6 N, 119-44 E). Number of survivors unknown but probably large, including Lieutenant Yamaguchi (to C.O. HINOKI).

10 October 1944:
Removed from Navy List.

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