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IJN Asashimo: Tabular Record of Movement

Name Translation: "Morning Frost"

27 November 1943:
Completed at Osaka; assigned same date to Desron 11, First Fleet, for training. Ship's captain: Commander Maekawa Nisaburou [53] (prev. C.O. YUGIRI).

27 January 1944:
Commander Maekawa relieved by Lieutenant Commander Sugihara Yoshiro [57] (prev. C.O. SAMIDARE).

10 February:
Assigned to Desdiv 31 (NAGANAMI, OKINAMI, KISHINAMI), Desron 2, Second Fleet.

26 February-8 March:

Escorted troop convoy from Ujina to Saipan and Guam. On 29 February damaged USS ROCK (SS-274) with gunfire, then assisted in sinking of USS TROUT (SS-202); assisted OKINAMI in rescue of 1,720 survivors of SAKITO MARU; returned to Japan on 15 March.

20-28 March:

Escorted troop convoy from Yokosuka to Truk.

1-14 April:

Escorted convoys from Truk via Saipan and Balikpapan to Lingga.

11-19 May:

Escorted tanker convoy from Lingga via Balikpapan to Tawitawi.

19-20 June: Battle of the Philippine Sea

Escorted Admiral Kurita's Van Force.

8-16 July:

Escorted fleet on troop transport mission from Kure to Okinawa, then to Lingga.

18-20 October:

Escorted fleet from Lingga to Brunei.

23-25 October: Battle of Leyte Gulf

Escorted Admiral Kurita's 1st Diversion Attack Force. On 23 October assisted in rescue of ATAGO survivors, then escorted damaged TAKAO back to Brunei.

31 October:

Arrived in Manila from Brunei to assist in Leyte troop transport operations.

8-12 November:

Escorted troop convoy TA No. 4 from Manila to Ormoc. On 10 November joined the escort of troop convoy TA No. 3 as it approached Ormoc. Only destroyer to survive U.S. air attacks of 11 November on that convoy.

13-22 November:

Steamed from Manila via the Spratly Islands to Lingga.

15 November:

Reassigned to Desdiv 2, Desron 2, Second Fleet.

24-27 December:

With San Jose bombardment force. On 26 December assisted sinking KIYOSHIMO and rescued 167 survivors.

10 February 1945:

Reassigned to Desdiv 21, Desron 2, Second Fleet.

10-20 February:

Escorted ISE and HYUGA from Singapore to Kure.

23-27 February:
Docked at Kure for repairs.

6-7 April:

Escorted YAMATO from Inland Sea on attack mission towards Okinawa. Sunk: on 7 April in attacks by aircraft of TF 58, after falling astern of the task force due to engine troubles, 150 miles southwest of Nagasaki (31 N, 128 E). Offer of assistance after breakdown by CD YASHIRO passing nearby was refused. Lost with all hands, including Comdesdiv 21 (Captain Kotaki Hisao [50]).

10 May 1945:

Removed from Navy List.

[1] Editorial Note - Photographic analysis strongly suggests Asashimo fell to two successive attacks. The first at 1245 by bombers from USS Bunker Hill which slowed the ship further; and the second at 1305 by torpedo planes from USS San Jacinto which torpedoed the starboard side. Asashimo reportedly upended and plunged by the stern within five minutes of these hits.(In both attackers' photographs, identification as Yugumo-class is certain.) - (Tully)

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