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IJN Natsugumo: Tabular Record of Movement

Name Translation: "Summer Clouds"

Initial Command Structure:
Ship's captain: Commander Tsukamoto Shutaro [50] (prev. C.O. NAGATSUKI). Assigned to Desdiv 9 (ASAGUMO, YAMAGUMO, NATSUGUMO, MINEGUMO), Desron 4, Second Fleet.

26-29 November 1941:
Steamed with Desron 4 from Terashima Strait to Mako (Pescadores).

7-11 December:

Departed Mako, then with Vigan (Philippines) invasion force.

22 December:

With Lingayen invasion force.

12 January 1942:

With Tarakan invasion force.

23 January:

With Balikpapan invasion force.

8 February:

With Makassar invasion force.

25 February:
Assisted in occupation of Bawean Island.

27 February:

With Eastern Java invasion force.

27-28 February: Battle of the Java Sea:

Detached early in action with UMIKAZE to shepherd troop convoy to safety.

1 March:

With MINEGUMO, damaged USS PERCH (SS-176) in depth-charge attack.

31 March-10 April:

With Christmas Island invasion force, then escorted damaged NAKA to Singapore.

12-20 April:

Steamed from Singapore via Formosa to Yokosuka, then docked for repairs.

4-6 June: Battle of Midway:

Escorted Admiral Kondo's Occupation Force Main Body.

27 June-13 July:

Escorted fleet patrolling out of Ominato southwest of the Aleutians.

19-25 July:

With ASAGUMO, escorted CHOKAI from Kure to Truk.

29 July-1 August:

With ASAGUMO, transport run from Truk to Kwajalein, then returned to Yokosuka on 8 August.

11-17 August:

Escorted fleet from Yokosuka to Truk.

24 August: Battle of the Eastern Solomons:

Escorted CHITOSE.


Desdiv 9 escorted fleet patrolling out of Truk north of the Solomons.

26-28 September:

Desdiv 9 steamed from Truk to the Shortlands.

2 October:

Troop transport run to Guadalcanal.

5 October:

Troop transport run to Guadalcanal. Detached to escort damaged MINEGUMO back to Shortlands.

8 October:

Accompanied NISSHIN on troop transport run to Guadalcanal.

11-12 October:

With AKIZUKI, escorted NISSHIN and CHITOSE on troop transport run to Guadalcanal. Sunk: by air attack while assisting crippled MURAKUMO in aftermath of Battle of Cape Esperance. Near-misses caused uncontrollable flooding and ship capsized only 39 minutes after attack, 90 miles west-northwest of Savo Island (08-40 S, 159-20 E). ASAGUMO rescued the crew, but there were 16 killed, including Commander Tsukamoto.

15 November 1942:

Removed from Navy List.

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