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IJN Fujinami: Tabular Record of Movement

Name Translation:"Waves Like Wisteria Flowers"

31 July 1943:
Completed at Osaka; assigned same date to Desron 11, First Fleet, for training. Ship's captain: Commander Matsuzaki Tatsuji [52] (prev. C.O. KATATA).

20 August:

Assigned to Desdiv 32 (HAYANAMI, FUJINAMI, SUZUNAMI), Desron 11, First Fleet.

30 September:

Desdiv 32 reassigned to Desron 2, Second Fleet.

15-20 October:

With TATSUTA, HAYANAMI and SUZUNAMI, escorted YAMASHIRO and ISE on troop transport operation from Saeki to Truk.

22-24 October:

With HAYANAMI and SUZUNAMI, accompanied TATSUTA on troop transport run from Truk to Ponape and back.

3-5 November:

Escorted Admiral Kurita's heavy cruiser group from Truk to Rabaul. Minor damage: on 5 November in U.S. air raid on Rabaul: dud torpedo hit; leaking fuel tank; one dead and nine injured.

11-15 November:

Escorted MAYA and NOSHIRO from Rabaul to Truk; en route also assisted torpedoed AGANO.

24 November-5 December:

Escorted fleet in Marshalls-area in response to U.S. landings on Tarawa, then returned to Truk.

2-5 January 1944:

Escorted MYOKO, HAGURO and TONE on troop transport run from Truk to Kavieng (4 January) and back.

10-15 January:

Escorted YAMATO from Truk to Kure.

6-18 February:

Escorted troop convoy from Tokuyama to Truk.

20-24 February:

Escorted AKASHI from Truk to Palau.

1-7 March:

Escorted transport SAKITO MARU from Palau to Saipan.

10-25 March:

Escorted tanker KOKUYO MARU from Saipan to Palau, then patrol/escort duty out of that base.

29 March-2 April:

Escorted MUSASHI from Palau to Kure.

21-27 April:

Escorted “Take” troop convoy on first leg of its voyage, from Shanghai-area to Manila.

1-18 May:

Escorted convoys from Manila via Bangka and Balikpapan to Tawitawi.

19-20 June: Battle of the Philippine Sea

Escorted Admiral Kurita's Van Force.

23-29 June:

Escorted tanker KOKUYO MARU from Okinawa via Manila to Singapore.

2-19 July:

Escorted tanker KOKOYU MARU from Singapore via Manila to Kure.

10 August-1 September:

Escorted Convoy HI-71 from Moji via Mako (Pescadores) and Manila to Singapore.

18-20 October:

Escorted fleet from Lingga to Brunei.

23-27 October: Battle of Leyte Gulf

Escorted Admiral Kurita's 1st Diversion Attack Force. Minor damage: on 24-25 October in air attacks due to near-misses and strafing; top speed reduced. In Battle off Samar on 25 October was detached to assist CHOKAI, then removed survivors and scuttled with a torpedo. Sunk: on 27 October while steaming to assist HAYASHIMO, by aircraft from USS ESSEX (CV-9), 80 miles north of Iloilo (12 N, 122-30 E). Lost with all hands, including CHOKAI survivors.

10 January 1945:

Removed from Navy List.

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