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IJN Shiokaze: Tabular Record of Movement

Name Translation: "Wind on the Tide"

Initial Command Structure:
Ship's captain: Lieutenant Commander Tanegashima Youji [53]. Assigned to Desdiv 3 (SHIOKAZE, HOKAZE), Cardiv 4, First Air Fleet.

29 November-5 December 1941:
Escorted RYUJO from Sasebo to Palau.

8 December:
Departed Palau for Legaspi attack.

17 December:
Departed Palau for Davao and Jolo Islands attacks.

10 January 1942:
Desdiv 3 deactivated; assigned directly to Cardiv 4.

23 January:
Departed Camranh, then supported air operations in Kuching (Borneo) area.

10 February:
Departed Camranh for Palembang attack.

27 February:
Departed Cape St. Jacques for Java attack.

2 March:
Assisted MATSUKAZE in sinking Dutch auxiliary minesweeper ENDEH.

20 March:
Departed Singapore to assist Burma and Andaman Islands attacks, then with RYUJO in Indian Ocean operations.

10 April:
Reassigned directly to Fifth Fleet.

13-23 April:
Escorted CHOKAI from Singapore to Yokosuka.

29 May:
Departed Ominato for Attu attack.

2-14 July:
Steamed from Kiska to Yokosuka.

1 August:
Departed Yokosuka, escorting convoy to Chishimas.

15 August:
Reassigned to 1st Surface Escort Division, Southwest Area Fleet.

21 August:
Departed Maizuru, then escorting convoys between Japan and Formosa.

15 December:
Lieutenant Commander Tanegashima (to C.O. MURASAME) relieved by Lieutenant Commander Michiki Shozo [57] (prev. C.O. ASAKAZE).

18 January 1943:
Arrived Yokosuka, then docked for repairs.

7 March:
Departed Yokosuka, then escorting convoys between Japan and Singapore.

5 June:
Lieutenant Commander Michiki (to C.O. SHIKINAMI) relieved by Lieutenant Commander Sako Masuhide [61].

10 June:
Departed Moji, escorting convoys to Manila and Palau.

3 October:
Departed Sasebo, then escorting convoys between Japan and Formosa.

15 November:
1st Surface Escort Division reassigned to General Escort Command.

17 February 1944:
Departed Sasebo, escorting convoy to Singapore.

10 March:
Lieutenant Commander Sako relieved by Lieutenant Commander Yasumoto Shinsei [65].

28 April:
Departed Sasebo, then escorting convoys between Japan and Manila.

14 July:
Departed Sasebo, then escorting convoys between Japan and Takao (Formosa).

10 December:
1st Surface Escort Division deactivated; reassigned to First Escort Fleet, General Escort Command.

25 December:
Attached directly to Combined Fleet.

30-31 January 1945:
Departed Takao, accompanying UME and KAEDE on aircrew evacuation run to Aparri (Luzon), aborted due to air attack. Minor damage: in attacks by U.S. Army B-25s and P-38s 20 miles south of Formosa: near-misses damaged a turbine and prop-shafts, 4 injured; rescued UME survivors, then back to Takao.

20 February-21 May:
Arrived Kure, then docked for repairs.

1 June:
Lieutenant Commander Yasumoto relieved by Lieutenant Commander Ichinose Makoto [65].

15 July:
Lieutenant Commander Ichinose relieved by Lieutenant Commander Kawabe Chuzaburo [66].

In Kure at end of war.

5 October 1945:
Removed from Navy List. Later used as repatriation ship; later scrapped.

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