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IJN Hatsuzuki: Tabular Record of Movement

AKIZUKI-class (13 - ships) profile (Ships of the World)

Name Translation: "Early Moon"

29 December 1942:
Completed at Maizuru. Ship's captain: Commander Taguchi Shooichi [49] (from X.O. TAMA, first C.O. YUKIKAZE).

15 January 1943:

Assigned to Desdiv 61 (SUZUTSUKI, HATSUZUKI, AKIZUKI), Desron 10, Third Fleet.

22-27 March:

With SUZUTSUKI, KAGERO and YUGURE, escorted JUNYO and HIYO from Saeki to Truk.

29 March:

Departed Truk, carrying base-construction materials to Kavieng.

3 April:

At Mowe, near Kavieng, assisted bombed AOBA with fire-fighting.

4-6 April:

Steamed from Rabaul to Truk.

17-22 May:

Escorted fleet from Truk to Yokosuka in response to U.S. invasion of Attu.


Upkeep and training in Japan.

10-15 July:

Escorted fleet from Japan to Truk.

19-21 July:

Escorted NISSHIN, MOGAMI, OYODO and AGANO on troop transport mission from Truk to Rabaul.

22 July:

Troop transport run to Buka.

24-26 July:

Escorted MOGAMI, OYODO and AGANO from Rabaul to Truk.

30 July-3 August:

Arrived Palau from Truk, then escorted oil tankers back to Truk.

8-10 August:

Escorted MYOKO and HAGURO on troop transport mission from Truk to Rabaul.

27 August-2 September:

Escorted KASHIMA from Truk to Kwajalein and back.

18-25 September:

Escorted fleet from Truk to Eniwetok and back in response to U.S. carrier raids in the Central Pacific.

17-26 October:

Escorted fleet from Truk to Eniwetok and back in anticipation of further U.S. carrier raids.

12-15 November:

Out of Truk to assist torpedoed AGANO.

20-23 November:

Escorted CHIKUMA on transport mission from Truk to Eniwetok.

23 November-5 December:

Escorted fleet in Marshalls-area in response to U.S. landings on Tarawa, then back to Truk.

7-12 December:

Escorted ZUIKAKU and CHIKUMA from Truk to Kure.

24 December 1943-9 January 1944:

Escorted auxiliary cruiser AKAGI MARU on transport mission from Unajima to Wake Island, then back to Kure.

15-21 January:

Departed Unajima with AKAGI MARU to repeat the Wake Island transport mission. On 16 January assisted the torpedoed SUZUTSUKI, towed her into Kure on 18 January, then escorted AKAGI MARU to Yokosuka on 21 January; transport mission aborted.

6-13 February:

Escorted SHOKAKU and ZUIKAKU from Kure to Singapore.

15-21 March:

Steamed from Lingga to Kure to pick up TAIHO.

28 March-4 April:

Escorted TAIHO from Kure to Lingga.

12-15 May:

Escorted fleet from Lingga to Tawitawi.

19-20 June: Battle of the Philippine Sea

Escorted Admiral Ozawa's Force A. Assisted the torpedoed TAIHO and helped rescue survivors.


Upkeep and training in Japan.

1 August:
Captain Taguchi (later C.O. OYODO) relieved by Commander Hashimoto Kanematsu [55] (prev. C.O. KAZAGUMO).

25 October: Battle of Leyte Gulf
Escorted Admiral Ozawa's Northern Force in Battle off Cape Engano. Sunk: by U.S. cruiser-destroyer group, east-northeast of Cape Engano (20-24 N, 126-20 E), while covering rescue of ZUIKAKU-ZUIHO survivors by WAKATSUKI and KUWA. Eight crew and 17 ZUIKAKU survivors, in a cutter lowered just before HATSUZUKI's last fight, survived a 21-day voyage to reach southern Formosa on 14 November. Otherwise lost with all hands, including Comdesdiv 61 (Captain Amano Shigetaka).

10 December 1944:

Removed from Navy List.

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