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IJN Tachikaze: Tabular Record of Movement

Name Translation: "Wind of a Sword's Stroke"

Initial Command Structure:
Ship's captain: Lieutenant Commander Hirasata Yasumi [53] (prev. C.O. HAYABUSA). Assigned to Desdiv 34 (AKIKAZE, HAKAZE, TACHIKAZE), Eleventh Air Fleet.

7-15 December 1941:
Departed Takao, then air-sea rescue duties during initial Philippine air strikes.

20 December 1941-4 January 1942:
Out of Takao, escorting shipping in support of Philippine attack operations.

10-15 January:
Escorted convoy from Takao to Davao, then transport and patrol/escort duties out of that base.

3-15 February:

Escorted convoys from Davao to Balikpapan and back.

27 February-16 March:
Kendari-Staring Bay patrol/escort duties.

16-26 March:
Escorted shipping from Staring Bay via Jolo to Singapore.

1 April:
Departed Singapore to assist in Northern Sumatra-Andaman Islands operations.

15-26 April:
Escorted shipping from Singapore via Takao to Maizuru, then docked for upkeep.

20-31 May:
Steamed from Kure via Saipan to Wotje, then Marshalls-area transport and patrol/escort duties.

14-23 July:
Escorted convoy from Jaluit to Rabaul and back.

12-16 August:
Steamed from Jaluit to Rabaul.

17-28 August:
Escorted convoys from Rabaul to Taroa and back.

2-8 September:
Steamed from Rabaul to Truk, then back via the Shortlands.

9-19 September:
Rabaul-Buka-Shortlands patrol/escort duties, then to Kavieng.

23-27 September:
Out of Kavieng to meet TAIYO (delivering aircraft), then to Rabaul.

Rabaul-Kavieng patrol/escort duties.

27 December:
Heavy damage:
in air attack at Rabaul. One direct bomb hit on port bow plus near-misses; Lieutenant Commander Hirasata killed in action.

28 December 1942-13 January 1943:
Alongside YAMABIKO MARU for emergency repairs.

8 January 1943:
Lieutenant Commander Miyazaki Isamu [58] (prev. C.O. MOCHIZUKI) appointed ship's captain.

16-21 January:
Escorted SUZUKAZE towing UZUKI from Rabaul to Truk.

22-29 January:
Steamed from Truk via Saipan to Sasebo, then docked at Maizuru for repairs.

27 February:
Lieutenant Commander Miyazaki (later C.O. KIYOSHIMO) relieved by Lieutenant Commander Yokota Yasuteru [59].

10-18 March:
Steamed from Sasebo via Saipan and Truk to Rabaul.

28 March:
Transport run to Surumi.

1 April:
Desdiv 34 deactivated; assigned directly to 11th Air Fleet.

3 April:
Transport run to Surumi.

6-17 April:
Rabaul-Kairiru Island-Wewak patrol/escort duties. Light damage: on 15 April in air attack near Wewak; then to Rabaul.

18-26 April:
Alongside YAMABIKO MARU for emergency repairs.

28 April-3 May:
Escorted shipping from Rabaul to Truk.

5-12 May:
Steamed from Truk via Saipan to Sasebo, then docked at Maizuru for repairs.

1-11 September:
Steamed from Maizuru via Saipan to Rabaul.

15-26 September:
Escorted convoys from Rabaul to Truk and back.

1 October:
Transport run to Buka.

12 October:
Minor damage:
in air attack at Rabaul.

16 October-1 November:
Escorted convoys from Rabaul via Ulithi to Palau.

5-10 November:
Escorted convoy from Palau to Truk, then patrol/escort duties out of that base.

24-30 November:
Docked for repairs.

10-16 December:
Escorted convoy from Truk to Rabaul.

22 December:
Solo troop transport run to Qavuvu. Among nine destroyers to deliver total of 635 men and 380 tons of supplies there between 22-31 December.

23-25 December:
Escorted convoy from Rabaul to Truk.

30 December 1943-10 January 1944:
Escorted convoys from Truk to Palau and back.

12-14 January:
Escorted troop transport NAGANO MARU from Truk to Satawan and back.

22 January-4 February:
Escorted convoys from Truk to Rabaul and back. On return to Truk went hard aground on Kuop Atoll and remained stranded there despite efforts at towing or blowing free.

17-18 February:
in U.S. air raid on Truk. Heavy strafing followed by torpedo hit in engine room led to ship sinking by stern off Kuop (07-03 N, 151-56 E), with 67 killed. Number of survivors unknown, but Lieutenant Commander Yokota (to C.O. URAKAZE) among them.

31 March 1944:
Removed from Navy List.

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