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IJN Yudachi: Tabular Record of Movement

Name Translation: "Evening Shower"

Initial Command Structure:
Ship's captain: Lieutenant Commander Ishii Hisashi [50]. Assigned to Desdiv 2 (MURASAME, HARUSAME, YUDACHI, SAMIDARE), Desron 4, Second Fleet.

26-29 November 1941:

Desdiv 2 steamed with Desron 4 from Terashima Strait to Mako (Pescadores).

7-11 December:

Desdiv 2 departed Mako, then with Vigan (Philippines) invasion force.

22 December:

Desdiv 2 with Lingayen invasion force.

12 January 1942:

Desdiv 2 with Tarakan invasion force.

23 January:

Desdiv 2 with Balikpapan invasion force.

27 February:

Desdiv 2 with Eastern Java invasion force.

27 February: Battle of the Java Sea

Engaged Allied cruiser-destroyer group.


Desdiv 2 arrived in Subic Bay from Tarakan on 16 March, then assisted in operations to secure the Philippines, including the blockade of Manila and occupation of Cebu.

3-6 May:

Desdiv 2 steamed from Mako to Yokosuka, then docked for repairs.

25 May:
Lieutenant Commander Ishii (later Comdesdiv 22, Comdesdiv 21) relieved by Commander Kikkawa Kiyoshi [50] (prev. C.O. OSHIO).

4-6 June: Battle of Midway

Desdiv 2 escorted Admiral Kondo's Occupation Force Main Body.

16-30 July:

Desdiv 2 steamed with Desron 3 from Kure via Singapore to Mergui (Burma) for Indian Ocean raiding operations, aborted due to Guadalcanal.

8-21 August:

Desdiv 2 steamed from Mergui via Balikpapan to Truk.

30 August:

Arrived Shortlands, then troop transport run to Guadalcanal.

1-2 September:

With MURAKUMO, escorted barge-carrying convoy (SADO MARU and ASAKA MARU) from Shortlands to Gizo and back.

4-5 September:

Led troop transport run to Guadalcanal: with HATSUYUKI and MURAKUMO (and a second section of URANAMI, SHIKINAMI and ARIAKE) landed about 1,000 soldiers of Ichiki and Aoba Detachments at Taivu. Assisted in (and claimed primary credit for) sinking USS GREGORY (APD-3) and USS LITTLE (APD-4).

6 September:

Attack mission to Guadalcanal: With URANAMI, SHIKINAMI and ARIAKE, sent to attack enemy convoy off Guadalcanal; unable to locate, shelled airfield instead.

8 September:

With SENDAI and seven other destroyers, attack mission to Guadalcanal.

11 September:

With UMIKAZE and KAWAKAZE, troop transport run to Guadalcanal.

13 September:

With URANAMI and MURAKUMO, gunfire support mission to Guadalcanal (Kawaguchi offensive).

16 September:

With HATSUYUKI and HAMAKAZE, attack mission to Guadalcanal. Unable to locate reported enemy transports.

20 September:

Transport run to Guadalcanal: with USHIO, SAZANAMI and SHIKINAMI (each towing a barge), carried munitions transferred from NISSHIN to Kamimbo.

2 October:

Troop transport run of six destroyers to Guadalcanal.

5 October:

Troop transport run of six destroyers to Guadalcanal.

8 October:

With four other destroyers, accompanied NISSHIN on troop transport run to Guadalcanal.

9-10 October:

Steamed from Shortlands to Rabaul.

12-16 October:

Escorted troop convoy to Guadalcanal, then returned to Shortlands.

17 October:

Desdiv 2 on troop transport run to Guadalcanal.

25 October:

Gunfire support mission to Guadalcanal (Hyakutake offensive), aborted. Assisted bombed YURA, then helped HARUSAME rescue survivors and scuttle.

26 October: Battle of Santa Cruz

Briefly joined Admiral Kurita's Support Force, then to the Shortlands same day.

2 November:

Desdiv 2 on troop transport run to Guadalcanal.

5 November:

With nine other destroyers, troop transport run to Guadalcanal.

8 November:

With eight other destroyers, troop transport run to Guadalcanal.

11 November:

Desdiv 2 departed Shortlands to join Admiral Abe's Bombardment Force.

12-13 November: First Naval Battle of Guadalcanal

Escorted Admiral Abe's Bombardment Force. Lead ship in formation at beginning of battle, had to swerve to avoid U.S. ships, then torpedoed USS PORTLAND (CA-33). Sunk: after being disabled by gunfire of U.S. cruiser-destroyer group; 26 killed, 35 injured; 207 survivors (including Commander Kikkawa, to C.O. ONAMI) were removed by SAMIDARE, which then failed to scuttle with a torpedo; abandoned hulk was sunk by gunfire of USS PORTLAND, southeast of Savo Island (09-14 S, 159-52 E).

15 December 1942:

Removed from Navy List.

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