Yugumo class


(Model kits manufactured by Tamiya)

These were excellent warships; fast and powerful. Unfortunately, Yugumo and her sisters exemplified the plight of the Japanese Navy's destroyers in World War II: twenty built, twenty sunk.

Not Pictured: Akigumo, Kazekumo, Makikumo, Makinami, Takanami, Naganami, Tamanami, Suzunami, Onami, Fujinami, Kishinami, Hayanami, Kiyonami, Okinami, Hamanami, Asashimo, Kiyoshimo, Hayashimo, Akishimo.

Additional information on this class from Allyn Nevitt.

Year(s) Class Members Completed1941-1944
Displacement2,520 tons
Dimensions390'11" x 35'5" x 12'4"
Speed35 knots
Armament 6 x 5"/50 DP,
up to 28 x 25mm AA,
up to 4 x 13mm AA,
8 x 24" TT,
36 DCs