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IJN Oyashio: Tabular Record of Movement

KAGERO-class (19 ships) profile (Ships of the World)

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Name Translation: "Parent Tide"

Initial Command Structure:
Ship's captain: Commander Arima Tokiyoshi [50] (prev. C.O. AYANAMI). Assigned to Desdiv 15 (NATSUSHIO, OYASHIO, HAYASHIO, KUROSHIO), Desron 2, Second Fleet.

26 November-1 December 1941:
Desdiv 15 steamed with Desron 2 from Terashima Strait to Palau.

6-8 December:
Desdiv 15 departed Palau with Southern Philippine attack forces, initially escorting RYUJO in attack on Davao, Mindanao. With the outbreak of war, RYUJO's aircraft bombed Davao. During this time Desdiv 15 detached to try to chase down the U.S. seaplane tender WILLIAM B. PRESTON last reported in Malalag Bay in Davao Gulf. However, they were unsuccessful.

10-11 December:

With KUROSHIO, escorted ITSUKUSHIMA laying mines in San Bernardino Strait.

12 December:

Desdiv 15 with Legaspi invasion force.

14 December:
OYASHIO and KUROSHIO returned to Palau rejoining their team-mates.

17 December:
Desdiv 15 departed Palau to support the Davao landings.

- 0825 KUROSHIO reported a submarine and dropped 14 depth charges, claiming a sinking.

19 December:
- 1312 Cruiser JINTSU detected a submarine and once again KUROSHIO was directed to make the attack. The destroyer dropped 14 more depth charges but the results are unknown.

20 December:

Desdiv 15 with Davao invasion force.

21 December:
1600: OYASHIO patrolled Davao Gulf.
1930: Anchored at Bandasan Bay after a brief stop in Malalag Bay.

22 December:
- 1030 Enemy aircraft attacked the anchorage. No damage received.

23 December:
Departed Davao Gulf to cover landings on Jolo Island.

- 1005 Force attacked by enemy aircraft. OYASHIO remained intact, but KUROSHIO suffered machine-gun damage from a B-17.
Arrived off Jolo Island.

25 December:

Desdiv 15 with Jolo invasion force.

26 December:
1400: OYASHIO departed Jolo cover force escorting the auxiliary transport YAMAZUKI MARU (--tons) to Davao.

27 December:
Arrived at Davao. OYASHIO then took up patrol of Davao Gulf.

29 December:
OYASHIO sailed to adjacent Malalag Bay. Anchored, and remained on standby status through the end of 1941.

11 January 1942:

Desdiv 15 with Menado invasion force.

- 1540 Invasion group attacked by enemy aircraft. OYASHIO fired 13 main gun rounds and 96 machine-gun rounds. No damaged received.
Arrived at Banka anchorage. Remained at anchor on standby after the successful conclusion of the landings.

14 January:

Desdiv 15 with Kendari invasion force.

21 January:
1130 OYASHIO departed with other forces in suport of the occupation of Kendari, eastern Celebes Island.

24 January:
Kendari landings begin.

- 0930 OYASHIO and other warships departed in pursuit of a reported American warship. (This was the seaplane-tender USS CHILDS. It escaped).

27 January:
OYASHIO arrived back at Kendari.

30 January:
Desdiv 15 departed Kendari with the 2nd Invasion Force, to engage in the invasion at Ambon, Ceram Island.

31 January:

Desdiv 15 with Ambon invasion force.

1 February:
Arrived off Ambon.

4 February:
The day after Ambon's fall, sailed back to Kendari.

7 February:
- 0346 OYASHIO and NATSUSHIO detected a presumed submarine contact and depth-charged it, but results unknown.

8 February:
With the rest of Desdiv 15 with the Makassar invasion force approached the objective in worsening weather of poor visibility.

- 2215 Flagship NATSUSHIO hit on the starboard side under No.2 torpedo mount by torpedo from submarine USS S-37 and goes dead in the water. Eight are killed and two wounded. The flag of Comdesdiv 15 (Captain Sato Torajiro [43]) is shifted to OYASHIO. Since it is judged NATSUSHIO is not in danger of sinking, it is decided to tow NATSUSHIO to Kendari.

9 February:
- 0330 KUROSHIO commenced towing NATSUSHIO while OYASHIO screened them. However, three hours later, the wind direction suddenly changed and sea conditions roughened. NATSUSHIO began to settle and KUROSHIO suspended the tow and removed personnel.
- 0843 NATSUSHIO foundered twenty-two miles southwest from Makassar. Her CO Commander Nagai and all remaining aboard had already been removed by KUROSHIO. The remainder of Desdiv 15 then proceeded back to its designated patrol area.

10 February:
0800: OYASHIO and KUROSHIO released and ordered to proceed to Kendari to join the Kupang occupation operation.

12 February:
1600: Arrived back at Kendari.

14-15 February:
Steamed from Kendari to Ambon.

16 February:
Left Ambon to support landings at Kupang, Timor.

20 February:

With Timor invasion force.

26 February:

Departed (Kupang) Timor, escorting supply group supporting carrier striking operations south of Java.

5 March:

- 1622-1644 OYASHIO assisted KUROSHIO in sinking a vessel identified as a British minelayer. OYASHIO expended 84 main gun rounds and KUROSHIO 50 of them. They then proceeded to Staring Bay (Celebes) by 11 March. [ ]

15 March:
OYASHIO departed Staring Bay with KUROSHIO and HAYASHIO. They escorted the damaged carrier KAGA to the homeland. (KAGA had scraped her hull forward on a reef changing anchorages in Staring Bay on 9 February)

22 March:
Arrived at Sasebo with KAGA.

23 March:
Desdiv 15 cruised to Kure. Carried out upkeep.

7 April:
OYASHIO entered drydock for repairs.

13 April:
Left Kure drydock.

17 April:
OYASHIO, HAYASHIO and KUROSHIO left Kure for the Philippines.

18 April:
- 1617-1628 Desdiv 15 engaged by an enemy bomber. Apparently one of those raiding the homeland this day. Ordered to join Combined Fleet forces steaming in pursuit of Doolittle task force, then after that was called off, steamed to Formosa.

25 April:
Arrived at Takao. Refueled and departed for the Philippine zone.

26 April:
HAYASHIO detached to join the Manila blockading forces.

28 April:
OYASHIO and KUROSHIO arrived at Iloilo, Panay. Anchored on standby status.

1 May:
1200: OYASHIO and KUROSHIO departed with six transports for the occupation of the Cagayan Islands, Mindanao.

3 May:
Arrived off Cagayan and patrolled the area during the landings.

6 May:
OYASHIO and KUROSHIO departed Iloilo for Luzon.

7 May:
Arrived at Olangapo, Subic Bay.

9 May:
OYASHIO and KUROSHIO departed Olongapo and arrived at Manila later the same day. There rejoined by HAYASHIO.

10 May:
0630: Departed Manila with KUROSHIO and HAYASHIO on special detachment to meet the damaged SHOKAKU in the Philippine Sea and escort her to Japan.

12 May:
Desdiv 15 rendezvoused with SHOKAKU and YUGURE in the Philippine Sea west of Saipan.

17 May:

1500: OYASHIO, KUROSHIO, HAYASHIO arrived with SHOKAKU and YUGURE at Kure.

21-25 May:

Steamed with Desron 2 from Kure to Saipan.

3-6 June: Battle of Midway

Escorted Midway troop convoy.

16-30 July:

Escorted KUMANO and SUZUYA from Kure via Singapore to Mergui (Burma) for planned "B Operation" Indian Ocean raiding activities.

8-21 August:

Because of the enemy landings at Guadalcanal in the Solomons the Indian Ocean "B" raiding operation is aborted immediately. Crudiv 7 is recalled to the Pacific. Desdiv 15 (OYASHIO, KUROSHIO, HAYASHIO) plus AYANAMI escorted KUMANO and SUZUYA from Mergui via Balikpapan (14 August) to join fleet north of the Solomons. Off Truk the destroyers detached and went into the atoll on the 21st to refuel, but given the urgency the cruisers continued right on to rendezvous with Nagumo and Kondo's forces on 22 August.

24 August: Battle of the Eastern Solomons

Desdiv 15 escorted Admiral Kondo's Advance Force, the Second Fleet.


Escorted fleet patrolling out of Truk north of the Solomons.

29 September-1 October:

Desdiv 15 is part of the Com-Reinforcement Force (Comdesron 3 RADM Hashimoto Shintaro). Departed Truk, then met and escorted NISSHIN out of Kavieng to Shortlands.

3 October:

Led one of three units on troop transport run built around seaplane carrier NISSHIN to Guadalcanal. Group 3: Desdiv 15 (OYASHIO flagship of Captain Sato Torajiro), KUROSHIO, HAYASHIO) each carrying 150-190 men and 14-15 tons of supplies to Kamimbo.

6 October:

Led KUROSHIO, HAYASHIO and possibly others on troop transport run to Kamimbo.
0345: Departed Shortlands.
0630: Sighted enemy aircraft but no attacks received.
2005-2200: Arrived at Kamimbo. Offloading commenced forty minutes later and completed. [ ]

7 October:
1230: Desdiv 15 returned to Shortlands, commenced loading more troops for another mission.

9 October:

OYASHIO led troop transport run to Tassafaronga. Desdiv 15 (OYASHIO, KUROSHIO, HAYASHIO) this time joined by light cruiser TATSUTA, and destroyers NOWAKI and MAIKAZE. They transported 732-770 men including the HQ and Commander of 17th Army (Lt.General Hyakutake Harukishi) embarked along with two artillery guns and shells aboard the cruiser.

- Air attacked lightly damaged NOWAKI, with 11 killed. No other damage received and mission accomplished.

10-14 October:

Departed Shortlands, then escorted KONGO and HARUNA in bombardment of Henderson Field.

26 October: Battle of Santa Cruz
Escorted Admiral Kurita's Support Force.

3-5 November:

Escorted SUZUYA and MAYA from Truk to Shortlands.

7 November:

Led large troop transport run to Tassafaronga. Comprised of: Desdiv 15 (OYASHIO flagship, HAYASHIO, KAGERO), Desdiv 24 (UMIKAZE, KAWAKAZE, SUZUKAZE), Desdiv 31 (MAKINAMI, TAKANAMI, NAGANAMI) and Desdiv 10 (YUGUMO, KAZAGUMO).

- Air attacks damaged NAGANAMI and TAKANAMI, leaving 17 dead. However 1,300 troops are successfully landed at Tassafaronga and Cape Esperance. In addition, 497 ill personnel are repatriated. [ ]

13-15 November: Naval Battles for Guadalcanal

Escorted very large Guadalcanal reinforcement troop convoy. For the operation HAYASHIO served as flagship of convoy commander 2 RADM Tanaka Raizo Comdesron 2. Escort comprised of Desdiv 15 (OYASHIO, KAGERO), Desdiv 24 (UMIKAZE, KAWAKAZE, SUZUKAZE), and Desdiv 31 (TAKANAMI, NAGANAMI, MAKINAMI) guarding eleven transports in two units. [ ]

15 November:
Learning of the engagement of Kondo's bombardment force with American battleships Tanaka detached Desdiv 15 to rush ahead to join the fight.

On 15 November joined KAGERO in torpedo attack on USS WASHINGTON (BB-56).

16 November:

1300: After Allied attacks on Buna, New Guinea, a force built around 8th Fleet flagship heavy cruiser CHOKAI sailed for Rabaul comprised of: CHOKAI, Desdiv 10 (KAZAGUMO, MAKIGUMO, YUGUMO) and Desdiv 15 (OYASHIO, KAGERO).[They were followed later that day by ASASHIO and Desdiv 24 (UMIKAZE, KAWAKAZE)]
17 November:
The units arrived at Rabaul. Upon anchoring, 8th Fleet HQ was shifted to shorebase facilities as planned and CHOKAI departed for Truk. The destroyers remained at Rabaul and immediately embarked troops for transport run to Buna that same day.
2000: KAZAGUMO, MAKIGUMO, YUGUMO, OYASHIO, and KAGERO departed Rabaul for Buna.
2340: Arrived at Buna. Landed about 1,500 men.
18 November:
0230: Offloading completed, departed back for Rabaul.

21 November:

Out of Rabaul with KAGERO to assist damaged UMIKAZE which was being towed by ASASHIO. (UMIKAZE had been part of a second echelon and damaged around 0740 18 November at Buna during unloading)

26 November:
OYASHIO, KAGERO, KAWAKAZE, and SUZUKAZE loaded supply drums for distribution on a forthcoming transport run to Guadalcanal and departed Rabaul for the Shortlands.

27 November:

Arrived at Buin from Rabaul. The drums are then distributed among eight destroyers. OYASHIO embarked 240 drums.

28 November:
Commander Arima (to C.O. KIYONAMI) relieved by Lieutenant Commander Higashi Hideo [52] (prev. C.O. MURAKUMO).

30 November: Battle of Tassafaronga

First so-called `supply-drum' transport run to Guadalcanal results in the Battle of Tassafaronga.[ ]
Composition: Desdiv 31 (TAKANAMI flagship of Comdesdiv 31 Captain Shimuzu Toshio, NAGANAMI) as Screening Unit; First Transport Unit Desdiv 15 (OYASHIO, KUROSHIO, KAGERO with MAKINAMI of Desdiv 31 attached), and Second Transport Unit Desdiv 24 (KAWAKAZE, SUZUKAZE).

Engaged U.S. cruiser-destroyer group.
- 2329 OYASHIO fired all eight torpedoes.(These are believed to have hit USS PENSACOLA ten minutes later)

1 December:
0830: Returned to the Shortlands.

3 December:

Second supply-drum transport run to Guadalcanal. Composition: Led by Admiral Tanaka in NAGANAMI. Consisted of Desdiv 15 (OYASHIO, KUROSHIO, KAGERO) Desdiv 31 (NAGANAMI, MAKINAMI), Desdiv 24 (KAWAKAZE, SUZUKAZE), Desdiv 4 (ARASHI, NOWAKI) and YUGURE attached.
1100: Departed Shortlands.

- 1320: Sighted enemy aircraft shadowing.
- 1630: Attacked by enemy aircraft. MAKINAMI suffered near-miss damage but all ships proceeded with the mission.
- 2215: Arrived off Tassafaronga and commenced dumping the drums. The process was completed in forty-five minutes.

4 December:
0900: Force returned to Shortlands. (However, because U.S. planes were sent out to strafe and sink the floating drums, only 310 were recovered by Japanese troops).

7 December:

Led third supply-drum transport run to Guadalcanal. Composition: OYASHIO (Flagship of Comdesdiv 15 Captain Sato Torajiro), KUROSHIO, KAGERO, NAGANAMI, Desdiv 24 (KAWAKAZE, SUZUKAZE), Desdiv 4 (ARASHI, NOWAKI), Desdiv 17 (URAKAZE, TANIKAZE) and ARIAKE.
1100: Departed Shortlands.

- 1640 Force attacked by thireen SBDs. NOWAKI brought to a halt by near-miss. She had to be detached and towed by NAGANAMI back to Shortland screened by ARIAKE and ARASHI. However, the Japanese shot down the squadron leader. Now reduced to eight destroyers the force resumed its advance. [ ]
- 2130-2155 West of Savo Island engaged by enemy PT boats. KUROSHIO claimed sinking one. [ ]
- 2230 Plan to drop the supply drums is cancelled, and mission aborted due to enemy surface and air threat.(Comdesdiv 15 made this decision after consulting with Admiral Tanaka also en-route aboard TERUZUKI).

8 December:
- 0325 The destroyer column is attacked off Kula Gulf from starboard side by USS FLYING FISH (SS-229)[0525 L Time]. The submarine fired four torpedoes and claimed to have sunk one of them. But no damage was received. Probably because most of their cargo is still embarked, instead of counter-attacking and risking being hit, the Japanese turn sharply away to clear the area.
0900: Arrived back at the Shortlands.

11 December:

Fourth supply-drum transport run to Guadalcanal. Composition: TERUZUKI (Flagship of Comdesron 2); Desdiv 4 (ARASHI, NAGANAMI), Desdiv 24 (KAWAKAZE, SUZUKAZE), Desdiv 15 (OYASHIO, KUROSHIO, KAGERO), Desdiv 17 (TANIKAZE, URAKAZE) and ARIAKE.
1330: Departed Shortlands.

- 1655 Force attacked by fourteen SBDs. No damaged received, and one enemy SBD shot down.[ ]
- 2245 Arrived at Savo Island and just afterward force is attacked by enemy torpedo boats. Fifteen minutes later flagship TERUZUKI hit by torpedo in port quarter and set afire.
- 2315 OYASHIO and the other five supply laden destroyers completed the dropping overboard of the supply drums and commenced withdrawal.

12 December:
- 0115 TERUZUKI ordered scuttled after her aft magazines exploded and the destroyer began to sink. In return, Desdiv 24's gunfire sank PT-44.
- 0240 TERUZUKI sank. ARASHI remained to rescue survivors while the rest of the transport squadron left the battlefield.

0930: The force returned to Shortland.(ARASHI followed at 1600) Of the 1,200 drums cast into the sea for the garrison, only 220 of them were recovered by the Japanese Army. (Because the moonlight was getting too bright this would be the last "Rat Express" run to Guadalcanal for 1942)

16 December:

Troop transport run from Rabaul to Munda.

24 December:

Troop transport run to Munda.

26 December:
Captain Sato ( to C.O. JINTSU) relieved as Comdesdiv 15 by Captain Mutaguchi Kakuro [44]; remained Desdiv 15 flagship.

1 January 1943:

Arrived Shortlands from Rabaul.

2 January:

Supply-drum transport run to Guadalcanal. Composition: Escort Force (Comdesron 2 RADM Koyanagi Tomiji) NAGANAMI, KAWAKAZE, SUZUKAZE, MAKINAMI, and ARASHIO covering Transport Force (Comdesdiv 15 Captain Mutaguchi Kakuro) OYASHIO, KUROSHIO, KAGERO, ISONAMI, and INAZUMA.
1100: Departed Shortlands.

- 1605: Attacked by B-17s and P-38s. SUZUKAZE damaged and sent back to Shortlands guarded by INAZUMA.
- 2200: Transport Force arrived at Cape Esperance and began unloading. Meanwhile Escort Force engaged eight PT boats attacking, and sank one.[ ]
- 2230: Unloading completed.

3 January:
0800: Returned to Shortlands.

9-17 January:

Escorted convoy from Shortlands to Truk, then repairs.

1-9 February:

Escorted troopship HAKOZAKI MARU from Truk to Kure, then docked for repairs.

4 April:
0930: Departed with KUROSHIO, HIBIKI (Desdiv 6), and SAZANAMI (Desdiv 7) escorting CVEs TAIYO and CHUYO and heavy cruiser CHOKAI to Truk. The escort carriers are ferrying army planes.

8 April:
Force stops over at Saipan. Departed for Truk.

9 April:
- 2155 Force attacked by USS TUNNY (SS-282) which fired two spreads of torpedoes. However, the magnetic exploders caused four torpedoes to premature 50 meters short of hitting TAIYO. Little if any damage is caused, and anti-submarine craft out from Truk suppress the submarine.

10 April:
1100: CHOKAI, TAIYO, UNYO, and the four destroyers including OYASHIO arrived safely at Truk via the South Entrance.

12 April:
OYASHIO and KUROSHIO departed Truk lagoon for anti-submarine sweep.

24 April:

1300: OYASHIO, KAGERO, and KUROSHIO departed Truk for Rabaul.

27 April:
0710: Arrived at Rabaul.

28 April:
2000: Desdiv 15 departed Rabaul for Munda via Bougainville.

29 April:
1058: Desdiv 15 arrived at Buin.
1810: Departed Buin.
2320: Arrived off New Georgia. KAGERO swept the area while the cargo and personnel was transferred to 16 Daihatsu barges. At the same time they evacuated 289 excess personnel.

30 April:
0013: Unloading completed, Desdiv 15 departed the Kolombangara area.
0605: Arrived at Buin. The stay was brief - the division got underway again fifty-five minutes later.
1520: Arrived at Buka Island. They wait there, not returning to Rabaul.

3 May:

0430: Desdiv 15 [OYASHIO, KAGERO, KUROSHIO] left Buka Island for Buin.
1130: Arrived a Buin. Ships embarked 350 soldiers and 14 tons of supplies.
1530: Departed Buin for troop transport run to Kolombangara.
2250: Arrived at Kolombangara. Exactly an hour later, they departed, off-loading completed.

4 May:
0505: Returned to Buin. Thirty five minutes later, departed again.
1255: Arrived at Buka Island. OYASHIO then trained in the harbour.

7 May:
Desdiv 15 departed Buka Island.
1131: Desdiv 15 arrived back at Buin. Once again they embarked supplies for another `Tokyo Express' Run. OYASHIO and KAGERO took aboard 220 men of the 13th Infantry Regiment and 18 tons of ammunition between them. KAGERO had guard duty and embarked a smaller cargo and some men of the 8th Composite SNLF.
1520: OYASHIO with KUROSHIO, and KAGERO departed Buin leading transport run for Kolombangara.

8 May:

Led troop transport run to Kolombangara.
0126: Arrived at Vila via passing Kula Gulf and using the eastern approach and and off-loaded cargo and troops.
0312: With some 300 evacuees embarked, Desdiv 15 departed Vila for the return trip in the order of OYASHIO, KUROSHIO, and KAGERO. Unfortunately they chose to go the westward route, through Blackett Strait. The Americans had mined the Straits less than a day before.

- 0359 OYASHIO suffered an underwater explosion aft that caused her to go dead in the water. The engine rooms and aft crew spaces were flooded and navigation and steering made impossible. Believing the flagship had been attacked by submarine or perhaps PT, not realizing the danger KUROSHIO and KAGERO took up guarding positions. However, at 0406 KAGERO and then at 0500 KUROSHIO are also mined. KAGERO goes dead in the water and KUROSHIO blew up and sank quickly.
- 0531 OYASHIO continued to drift and settle and her boiler rooms were now also flooding heavily. Despite this at 0540 her boats were launched to rescue KUROSHIO survivors.
- 0710 OYASHIO drifted onto the reefs on the west side of Anuin Island and grounded there. The crew continued to try to fight the flooding.
- 0917 Fifty enemy aircraft sighted. Bombed and machine-gunned. Two bomb hits received: one on the bridge and the other near the mainmast on No.2 turret.
- 0952 Attack ended. Damage control parties continued to work, but the destroyer was heavily water-logged from the stacks aft.
- 1430 Second enemy air-raid. Incurred more damage from near-misses and strafing. Two enemy aircraft claimed shot down.
- 1745 OYASHIO began to suddenly list to starboard. Abandon Ship is ordered.

- 1755 OYASHIO capsized on her starboard side and sank onto the reef. Position bearing 325 degrees, 1,200 meters from Fueauei Island. A total of 91 officers and men had been killed while survivors included Comdesdiv 15 (Captain Mutaguchi Kakuro [44], later C.O. OYODO) and Lieutenant Commander Higashi (later C.O. HANAZUKI). Most of the survivors of the three destroyers (KAGERO also sank just 22 minutes later) swim to Kolombangara.

For details see The Destruction of DesDiv 15

20 June 1943:

Removed from Navy List.

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