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IJN Maikaze: Tabular Record of Movement

Name Translation: "Whirlwind"

Initial Command Structure:
Ship's captain: Commander Nakasugi Seiji [50] (prev. C.O. MURAKUMO). Assigned to Desdiv 4 (ARASHI, HAGIKAZE, NOWAKI, MAIKAZE), Desron 4, Second Fleet.

29 November-2 December 1941:

Desdiv 4 steamed from Terashima Strait to Mako (Pescadores).

4 December 1941-11 January 1942:
Desdiv 4 escorted Admiral Kondo's Southern Force Main Body out of Mako as distant cover to Malaya and Philippine invasion forces; also briefly escorted Malaya troop convoys during this period.

14-18 January:
Desdiv 4 escorted Main Body from Mako to Palau, then operated out of that base as distant cover to Dutch East Indies invasion forces through 15 February.

18-21 February:
Desdiv 4 escorted Main Body from Palau to Staring Bay (Celebes).

25 February:
Departed Staring Bay, escorting carrier force in operations south of Java.

5 March:
Air strikes on Tjilatjap; then returned to Staring Bay on 11 March.

27 March:
Departed Staring Bay, escorting supply group for carrier force in Indian Ocean raids.

14-19 April:
En route back to Japan, with HAGIKAZE escorted the detached SHOKAKU and ZUIKAKU into Mako on 18 April, then rejoined the carrier force.

22 April:
Arrived in Yokosuka from Southern operations, then docked for repairs.

4-5 June: Battle of Midway:
Desdiv 4 escorted Admiral Nagumo's Striking Force; assisted KAGA, helped HAGIKAZE rescue survivors; later helped scuttle AKAGI with torpedoes.

9 June-12 July:
Desdiv 4 escorted ZUIHO to reinforce Northern Area, then escorted fleet patrolling out of Ominato southwest of the Aleutians.

14 July:
Desdiv 4 reassigned to Desron 10, Third Fleet.

16 August:
Departed Kure, escorting fleet towards Truk.

24 August: Battle of the Eastern Solomons:
Escorted Admiral Abe's Vanguard Force.

Escorted fleet patrolling out of Truk north of the Solomons.

29 September-1 October:
Steamed from Truk to Shortlands.

3 October:
Escorted NISSHIN on troop transport run to Guadalcanal.

6 October:
Troop transport run to Guadalcanal.

9 October:
Troop transport run to Guadalcanal.

11 October:
Departed Shortlands to rejoin fleet north of the Solomons.

26 October: Battle of Santa Cruz:
Escorted Admiral Nagumo's Striking Force, then escorted damaged SHOKAKU and ZUIHO into Truk on 28 October.

2-6 November:
Escorted SHOKAKU from Truk to Kure, then docked for repairs.

1-10 December:
Steamed from Kure via Truk to Shortlands.

13-18 December:
Towed damaged NOWAKI from Shortlands to Truk.

1-3 January 1943:
Steamed from Truk to Rabaul.

5-10 January:
With Desdiv 17, escorted troop convoy (Operation 18: BRAZIL MARU, NICHIRYU MARU, CLYDE MARU, CHIFUKU MARU and MYOKO MARU, lifting units of 51st Division) from Rabaul to Lae and back. On 7-8 January NICHIRYU MARU and MYOKO MARU lost in bombing attacks. On 7 January rescued survivors of bombed transport NICHIRYU MARU; on 10 January sank USS ARGONAUT (APS-1) assisted by ISOKAZE and seaplane. Then to Shortlands on 13 January.

14 January:
Troop transport run to Guadalcanal; assisted damaged ARASHI.

23 January:
Troop transport run to Rekata.

25 January:
Escorted troop transport to Kolombangara.

1 February:
Troop evacuation run to Guadalcanal (cover).

4 February:
Troop evacuation run to Guadalcanal (cover). Medium damage: in air attacks due to near-miss; engine room flooded; towed back to Shortlands by NAGATSUKI.

10-12 February:
Steamed from Shortlands to Truk; then repairs.

6-16 March:
Escorted HAMAKAZE towing damaged MICHISHIO from Truk to Tateyama; then docked at Yokosuka for repairs.

22 June:
Commander Nakasugi (to Osaka Guard District) relieved by Lieutenant Commander Hagio Tsutomu [52] (prev. C.O. URANAMI).

23-28 July:
With SAZANAMI, escorted TAIYO from Yokosuka to Truk.

2-5 August:
Escorted troop convoy from Truk to Rabaul; then returned to Truk.

12-16 August
With AKEBONO, USHIO, SHIRATSUYU, and NOWAKI, escorted UNYO from Truk to Yokosuka.

26 August-2 September:
With AKEBONO, SHIRATSUYU, and NOWAKI, escorted UNYO from Yokosuka to Truk.

19-25 September:
With NOWAKI, escorted ZUIHO from Truk to join fleet at Eniwetok in response to U.S. carrier raids in the Central Pacific, then returned.

10-17 October:
With NOWAKI, escorted transports AWATA MARU and NICHIEI MARU from Truk to Shanghai.

20-30 October:
With NOWAKI, escorted troop convoy (3
rd section of Operation T4: AWATA MARU and NICHIEI MARU, lifting units of 17th Division) from Shanghai to Truk; on 22 October helped NOWAKI rescue 1,000 survivors from torpedoed and sinking AWATA MARU.

3-7 November:
Departed Truk escorting troop convoy to Rabaul, but recalled due to heavy air attacks in Rabaul-area.

9-12 November:

With NOWAKI and YAMAGUMO, escorted troop convoy (reorganized 3
rd section of Operation T4: NICHIEI MARU, NICHII MARU and KAMIKAZE MARU, lifting units of 17th Division) from Truk to Rabaul.

13-15 November:
With NOWAKI and YAMAGUMO, aircrew (of Cardiv 1) transport run from Rabaul to Truk.

25 November-7 December:
Escorted tanker NIPPON MARU supporting fleet operating in Marshalls-area in response to U.S. landings on Tarawa, then returned to Truk.

11-16 December:
Escorted KONGO and HARUNA from Truk to Sasebo, then docked for repairs. (“X” turret probably removed/replaced by two triple 25mm mounts during this refit.)

22 December:
Became Desdiv 4 flagship.

4-9 January 1944:
With NOWAKI, HATSUHARU, HATSUSHIMO, and WAKABA, escorted ATAGO, ZUIHO, and UNYO from Yokosuka to Truk.

19-22 January:
Escorted KOKUYO MARU from Truk to Rabaul.

24-25 January:
Led troop transport run from Rabaul to Lorengau (Manus).

25-28 January:
Departed Lorengau, joined KOKUYO MARU out of Kavieng, then escorted to Truk.

30 January-12 February:
Escorted convoys from Truk to Rabaul and back.

17 February:
Departed Truk with NOWAKI, escorting KATORI and auxiliary cruiser AKAGI MARU towards Yokosuka. Sunk: primarily by gunfire of USS MINNEAPOLIS (CA-36) and USS NEW ORLEANS (CA-32) 40 miles northwest of Truk (07-45 N, 151-20 E). Lost with all hands, including Comdesdiv 4 (Captain Isohisa Kenma [48]).

31 March 1944:
Removed from Navy List.

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