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IJN Naganami: Tabular Record of Movement

Name Translation:"Long Waves"

30 June 1942:
Completed at Osaka. Ship's captain: Commander Kumabe Tsutae [50] (prev. C.O. YUGIRI).

20 July-4 August:

Escorted transport HAKUSAN MARU from Yokosuka to Kiska and back.

31 August 1942:

Assigned to Desdiv 31 (NAGANAMI, MAKINAMI), Desron 2, Second Fleet.

6-10 September:

Escorted KONGO and HARUNA from Kure to Truk, then joined fleet patrolling out of Truk north of the Solomons.

13-14 October:

Escorted KONGO and HARUNA in bombardment of Henderson Field.

15-16 October:

Escorted MYOKO and MAYA in bombardment of Henderson Field.

26 October: Battle of Santa Cruz

Escorted Admiral Kondo's Advance Force.

3-5 November:

Escorted SUZUYA and MAYA from Truk to Shortlands.

7 November:

Troop transport run to Guadalcanal. Minor damage: in air attack due to near-misses; 17 combined NAGANAMI-TAKANAMI casualties.

13-15 November: Naval Battles for Guadalcanal

Escorted Guadalcanal troop convoy. On 14 November rescued 570 survivors of sunken transport SHINANOGAWA MARU.

16 November:

Became flagship of Comdesron 2 (Rear Admiral Tanaka Raizo [41]), through 6 December.

30 November: Battle of Tassafaronga

Led supply-drum transport run to Guadalcanal (cover). Engaged U.S. cruiser-destroyer group. Possibly torpedoed USS PENSACOLA (CA-24), and/or USS NORTHHAMPTON (CA-26).

3 December:

Led 2nd supply-drum transport run to Guadalcanal (cover). With MAKINAMI and YUGURE, served as guard force for seven other destroyers carrying supply-drums to Tassafaronga.

7 December:

Supply-drum transport run to Guadalcanal, aborted due to PT-boat attack. Towed damaged NOWAKI back to Shortlands.

11 December:

Supply-drum transport run to Guadalcanal. Assisted torpedoed TERUZUKI; removed Admiral Tanaka and 56 others, to again become Desron 2 flagship.

16 December:

Led troop transport run to Munda.

17-18 December:

Steamed from Shortlands to Rabaul.

25 December:

Out of Rabaul to assist damaged UZUKI and NANKAI MARU.

30 December:

Became flagship of new Comdesron 2 (Rear Admiral Koyanagi Tomiji [42]).

2 January 1943:

Led supply-drum transport run to Guadalcanal (cover).

10 January:

Engine troubles forced last-minute exclusion from supply-drum transport run to Guadalcanal and transfer of Admiral Koyanagi to KUROSHIO.

12-14 January:

With Admiral Koyanagi back on board, steamed from Shortlands to Truk, then repairs.

8-17 March:

Escorted convoy from Truk to Maizuru, then docked for repairs.

25-30 April:

With USHIO, SHIGURE and ARIAKE, escorted CHUYO and UNYO from Yokosuka to Truk.

8-13 May:

With USHIO, SAMIDARE, and YUGURE, escorted YAMATO, CHUYO, UNYO, MYOKO and HAGURO from Truk to Yokosuka.

15-19 May:

Escorted MYOKO and HAGURO from Yokosuka to Paramushiro.

25-31 May:

Escorted convoy from Paramushiro to Maizuru, then repairs to engines.

28 June-1 July:

Steamed from Maizuru to Paramushiro.

7-17 July:

Initial troop evacuation run to Kiska, aborted due to weather.

22 July-1 August:

Second troop evacuation run to Kiska (cover), successful on 29 July. With WAKABA, HATSUSHIMO, SHIMAKAZE and SAMIDARE, assigned to screening unit. Minor damage: on 26 July in fog-induced chain-reaction collision when backed into by HATSUSHIMO, but able to continue mission.

3-7 August:

Escorted tanker NIPPON MARU from Paramushiro to Maizuru, then repairs.

15-20 September:

Escorted CHOKAI and MAYA from Yokosuka to Truk.

22-27 September:

Escorted MAYA on troop transport run from Truk to Rabaul and back.

11-15 October:

Escorted MYOKO and HAGURO from Truk to Rabaul, then returned to Truk.

17-26 October:

Escorted fleet from Truk to Eniwetok in anticipation of U.S. carrier raids, then returned.

30 October-1 November:

Aircrew transport run from Truk to Rabaul.

2 November: Battle of Empress Augusta Bay

Attack mission to Bougainville; engaged U.S. cruiser-destroyer group.

6 November:

Cape Torokina counter-landing: troop transport run to Bougainville (cover).

11 November:
Heavy damage:
in U.S. air raid on Rabaul; torpedo hit destroyed stern abaft No. 3 turret and left ship dead in the water; towed into Rabaul by MAKINAMI.

25 November:
Commander Kumabe relieved by Lieutenant Commander Mori Takuji [56] (prev. C.O. HIBIKI).

3-8 December:

Towed by YUBARI from Rabaul to Truk.

15-24 January 1944:

Towed by NAGARA from Truk via Saipan to Tokuyama.

25 January-20 June:
Docked at Kure for repairs and refitting, then working-up in Western Inland Sea.

10 February:
Lieutenant Commander Mori relieved of command.

1 June:
Lieutenant Commander Tobita Kiyoshi [56] (prev. C.O. HATSUHARU) appointed ship's captain.

8-16 July:

Escorted fleet on troop transport mission from Kure to Okinawa, then to Lingga.

18-20 October:

Escorted fleet from Lingga to Brunei.

23-25 October: Battle of Leyte Gulf

Escorted Admiral Kurita's 1st Diversion Attack Force. On 23 October assisted in rescue of MAYA survivors, later transferred to MUSASHI, then escorted damaged TAKAO back to Brunei. On 24 October sent boarding party to inspect abandoned USS DARTER (SS-227).

26-29 October:

Steamed to Coron, then escorted damaged MYOKO back to Brunei.

31 October:

Arrived in Manila from Brunei to assist in Leyte troop transport operations.

8-11 November:

Escorted troop convoy TA No. 4 from Manila to Ormoc. On 10 November joined the escort of troop convoy TA No. 3 as it approached Ormoc. Sunk: by aircraft of TF 38 on 11 November in Ormoc Bay, west of Leyte (10-50 N, 124-35 E); explosion amidships broke ship in two; sank with156 dead; 72 survivors rescued, including Lieutenant Commander Tobita.

10 January 1945:

Removed from Navy List.

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