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IJN Kari: Tabular Record of Movement

Initial Command Structure:
Assigned to 11th Torpedo Boat Division, Third China Expeditionary Fleet.

8-30 December 1941:
With Hong Kong attack force, then area patrol/escort duties.

15-16 January 1942:
Steamed from Hong Kong to Mako.

26 January-3 February:
Escorted convoy from Mako to Singora.

3-14 February:
Escorted convoy from Singora to Sasebo.

15 February:
11th Torpedo Boat Division deactivated; reassigned to 12th Special Base Force, 1st Southern Expeditionary Fleet, Southwest Area Fleet.

22 February-13 March:
Escorted convoy from Sasebo to Singapore.

16 March-1 April:
Escorted convoy from Singapore to Rangoon.

11 April:
Departed Rangoon, then area patrol/escort duties.

12 June:
Arrived Singapore, then docked for repairs 23 June-1 July.

6-18 July:
Escorted convoy from Singapore to Rangoon, then Penang-Andaman Islands convoy escort duties.

27 September:
Arrived Mergui, then Port Blair-Sabang convoy escort duties.

19 October:
Andamans-area patrol/escort duties.

30 November:
Minor damage: in air attack, at Andaman Islands.

4 December:
Arrived Singapore, then docked for repairs 7-18 December.

27 December 1942-31 January 1943:
Steamed from Singapore to Rangoon, then resumed Sabang-Andamans patrol/escort duties.

1 February:
Minor damage: in air attack, at Rangoon.

6-20 February:
At Penang for repairs.

24 February-3 March:
At Singapore.

29 March-9 April:
Docked at Singapore for repairs.

23 April:
Departed Singapore, then resumed Andamans-area patrol/escort duties.

6 September:
Arrived Singapore, then docked for repairs 18-29 September.

3 October:
Departed Singapore, then Sabang-Andamans-Penang patrol/escort duties.

24 February 1944:
Minor damage: struck mine in Malacca Strait north of Sabang.

26 February:
Arrived Singapore, then docked for repairs 29 February-17 April.

7 July:
Departed Singapore, then Borneo-area operations.

17 August:
Andamans-area patrol/escort duties.

1 November:
Saigon-area convoy escort duties.

1 January 1945:
Singapore-area patrol/escort duties.

4 April:
Departed Surabaya, escorting ISUZU on transport run to Timor. On 7 April assisted torpedoed ISUZU and helped rescue survivors.

16 July:
Sunk: torpedoed by USS BAYA (SS-318), during transport run from Surabaya to Ambon, 220 miles WSW of Makassar (05-48S, 115-53E).

30 September 1945:
Removed from Navy List.

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