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IJN Oboro: Tabular Record of Movement

Name Translation: "Haze"

Initial Command Structure:
Ship's captain: Lieutenant Commander Takasuka Osamu [51] (prev. C.O. KAMIKAZE). Assigned to Cardiv 5, First Air Fleet.

25-26 November 1941:

Steamed from Yokosuka to Haha-jima.

4-8 December:

Departed Haha-jima, then with Guam invasion force.

15-19 December:

Escorted TSUGARU from Saipan to Kwajalein, then patrol/escort duties in that area.

6-12 April 1942:

Steamed from Kwajalein via Saipan to Yokosuka.

10 April:

Reassigned to Yokosuka Naval District; then patrol/escort duties out of that base.

12 April:
Lieutenant Commander Takasuka (to C.O. AKATSUKI) relieved by Lieutenant Commander Yamana Hiroo [55] (prev C.O. OKIKAZE).

15-23 June:

Escorted ZUIKAKU from Kure to Ominato; then back to Yokosuka on 24 June.

1-13 July:

Docked for repairs at Yokosuka.

18 July-3 August:

Escorted tanker NISSHIN MARU from Yokosuka to Mako (Pescadores) and back.

19 September-2 October:

Transport run from Yokosuka to the Aleutians and back.

11-17 October:

Transport run from Yokosuka via Shimushu to Kiska. Sunk: on 17 October in air attack by U.S. Army B-26s, 30 miles northeast of Kiska (52-17 N, 178-08 E). Direct bomb hit among munitions being carried caused ship to blow up and sink, leaving only 17 survivors, including Lieutenant Commander Yamana (to C.O. HATSUHARU), to be rescued by HATSUHARU (heavily damaged in same attack).

15 November 1942:

Removed from Navy List.

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