Akizuki class


(Model kits manufactured by Fujimi)

This was the finest class of destroyers Japan fielded during the war. They mounted a superb 3.9" dual-purpose gun in four twin mounts. They also were among the first Japanese vessels equipped with radar. Yes, they were a little light in the torpedo department (a single mount of four tubes, plus reloads), but the Japanese were desperately in need of good AA ships, and the tradeoff was probably worth it. Several of them survived to see long service after the war with other navies.

Not Pictured: Teruzuki, Suzutsuki, Hatsutsuki, Niizuki, Wakatsuki, Shimotsuki, Fuyutsuki, Hanatsuki, Yoizuki, Harutsuki, Natsuzuki.

Additional information on this class from Allyn Nevitt.

Year(s) Class Members Completed1942-1945
Displacement2,700 tons standard; 3,700 tons full load
Dimensions440'3" x 38'1" x 13'7"
Speed33 knots
Armament 8 x 3.9"/65 DP,
up to 51 x 25mm AA,
4 x 24" TT,
72 DCs