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IJN Matsu: Tabular Record of Movement

Name Translation: "Pine"

28 April 1944:
Completed at Maizuru; assigned same date to Desron 11, Combined Fleet, for training. Ship's captain: Lieutenant Commander Yonei Tsuneo [60] (prev. C.O. KURI).

1 June:
Lieutenant Commander Yonei (to C.O. MOMI) relieved by Lieutenant Commander Yoshinaga Gen [61] (prev. C.O. AMAGIRI).

15 July:

Assigned to Desdiv 43 (UME, TAKE, MATSU, MOMO), Desron 11, Combined Fleet.

29 July-1 August:
As flagship of Commander, 2nd Convoy Escort Group (Rear Admiral Takahashi Ichimatsu [40]), led escort of Convoy No. 4804 from Tateyama to Chichi-jima.

4 August:
Departed Chichi-jima, leading escort of convoy returning to Japan. Sunk: 50 miles northwest of Chichi-jima (27-40 N, 141-48 E). After being damaged by aircraft of TG 58.1, was finished off by shellfire of USS COGSWELL (DD-651), USS INGERSOLL (DD-652) and USS KNAPP (DD-653). Six survivors (one died later) rescued by the Americans, but Lieutenant Commander Yoshinaga and Rear Admiral Takahashi killed in action.

10 October 1944:

Removed from Navy List.

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