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IJN Yukaze: Tabular Record of Movement

Name Translation: "Evening Wind"

Initial Command Structure:
Ship's captain: Lieutenant Commander Kajimoto Shizuka [56]. Assigned to Cardiv 3, First Fleet.

8 December 1941:
Training with HOSHO in Inland Sea.

4-5 June 1942: Battle of Midway
Escorted HOSHO of Admiral Yamamoto's Main Body.

20 June:
Assigned directly to First Air Fleet.

25 JUNE:
Lieutenant Commander Kajimoto (to C.O. YAYOI) relieved by Lieutenant Ishido Isamu [60].

14 July:
Reassigned directly to Third Fleet; continued as guardship for HOSHO for pilot training in Inland Sea.

15 January 1943:
Reassigned to 50th Air Flotilla (Training), Third Fleet; continued training with HOSHO in Inland Sea.

15 October:
Lieutenant Ishido (to C.O. NAMIKAZE) relieved by Lieutenant Hashiguchi Momoji [62] (prev. C.O. KASASAGI).

1 January 1944:
Reassigned to 51st Air Flotilla, 12th Air Fleet; continued training with HOSHO.

20 February:
Assigned directly to Combined Fleet; continued training with HOSHO.

1 March 1945:
Lieutenant Hashiguchi relieved by Lieutenant Commander Takubo Tatsuo [64].

In western Inland Sea at end of war.

5 October 1945:
Removed from Navy List. Later used as repatriation ship.

14 August 1947:
Turned over to Great Britain; later scrapped at Singapore.

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