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IJN Suzutsuki: Tabular Record of Movement

Name Translation: "Cool Moon"

20 December 1942:
Completed at Nagasaki. Ship's captain: Commander Akazawa Shizuo [49] (prev. C.O. SHIRANUHI).

15 January 1943:

Assigned to Desdiv 61 (SUZUTSUKI, HATSUZUKI, AKIZUKI), Desron 10, Third Fleet.

3 February:
Became flagship of Comdesdiv 61, Captain Ooe Ranji [47] (prev. Comdesdiv 19).

22-27 March:

With HATSUZUKI, KAGERO and YUGURE, escorted JUNYO and HIYO from Saeki to Truk.

29 March-6 April:

Base-construction materials transport run from Truk to Rabaul and back.

17-22 May:

Escorted fleet from Truk to Yokosuka in response to U.S. invasion of Attu.


Upkeep and training in Japan.

10-15 July:

Escorted fleet from Japan to Truk.

19-21 July:

Escorted NISSHIN, MOGAMI, OYODO and AGANO on troop transport mission from Truk to Rabaul.

22 July:

Led troop transport run to Buka.

24-26 July:

Escorted MOGAMI, OYODO and AGANO from Rabaul to Truk.

30 July-3 August:

Arrived Palau from Truk, then escorted oil tankers back to Truk.

8-10 August:

Escorted MYOKO and HAGURO on troop transport mission from Truk to Rabaul.

27 August-2 September:

Escorted KASHIMA from Truk to Kwajalein and back.

18-25 September:
Escorted fleet from Truk to Eniwetok and back in response to U.S. carrier raids in the Central Pacific.

17-26 October:

Escorted fleet from Truk to Eniwetok and back in anticipation of further U.S. carrier raids.

1 November:
Commander Akazawa promoted to Captain.

12-15 November:

Out of Truk to assist torpedoed AGANO.

24 November-5 December:

Escorted fleet in Marshalls-area in response to U.S. landings on Tarawa, then back to Truk.

7-12 December:

Escorted ZUIKAKU and CHIKUMA from Truk to Kure.

12 December:
Captain Ooe (to C.O. MAYA) relieved as Comdesdiv 61 by Captain Tomari Mitsuyoshi [46] (prev. Comdesdiv 22); remained flagship.

24 December 1943-9 January 1944:

Escorted auxiliary cruiser AKAGI MARU on transport mission from Unajima to Wake Island, then back to Kure.

10 January:
Captain Akazawa (to Comdesdiv 10) relieved by Commander Seo Noboru [51] (prev C.O. SHIGURE).

15-16 January:

Departed Unajima with AKAGI MARU to repeat the Wake Island transport mission. Heavily damaged: torpedoed by USS STURGEON (SS-187). Hit by two torpedoes, both bow and stern blown off; 135 dead including Commander Seo, Comdesdiv 61 (Captain Tomari Mitsuyoshi [46]), and 89 soldiers. Towed to Kure by HATSUZUKI on 18 January, then docked for repairs.

10 July:
Commander Sugitani Nagahide [51] (prev. C.O. KUROSHIO) appointed ship's captain.

12 October:

Repairs completed.

15 October:
Commander Sugitani promoted to Captain.

16 October:

Medium damage: while escorting convoy from Oita to Formosa, was again torpedoed, this time by USS BESUGO (SS-321) off Toizaki. Again lost portion of bow.

17 October-11 November:

Docked at Kure for repairs.

15 November:

Assigned to Desdiv 41 (FUYUZUKI, SHIMOTSUKI), Desron 2, Second Fleet.

23-30 November:

Escorted JUNYO on transport mission from Kure via Mako to Manila.

1-9 December:

Escorted JUNYO from Manila to Mako, then escorted JUNYO and HARUNA from Mako to Sasebo.

December 1944-March 1945:

Upkeep and training in the Inland Sea.

March 10:
Captain Sugitani (to Comdesdiv 52) relieved by Commander Hirayama Toshio [55] (prev. C.O. HAYASHIMO).

6-7 April:
Escorted YAMATO from Inland Sea on attack mission towards Okinawa. Heavily damaged: in attacks by aircraft of TF 58; direct bomb hit forward and near-miss aft. Forward gun turrets knocked out, bow flooded, 57 dead and 34 injured. Returned stern-first to Sasebo.

8 April-5 May:

Docked at Sasebo.

15 May:
Commander Hirayama relieved of command.

1 June:

Desdiv 41 reassigned to Escort Squadron 31, Combined Fleet.

10 June:

Moored near Sasebo as floating antiaircraft battery.

5 July:

Removed from Desdiv 41; designated a "Reserve Ship."


Surrendered unrepaired at Sasebo.

20 November 1945:

Removed from Navy List. Later used as breakwater at Wakamatsu; later broken up.

[1] Editorial Note I - USS Sturgeon's patrol report states that she sighted DD [Suzutsuki] escorting one AK in the forenoon, and she attacked both at once, firing four bow tubes at 1043 (Item/JST time); claiming first three hit AK, and the fourth hit the DD before having to go deep. In fact, two of the torpedoes had hit Suzutsuki's starboard side, one forward, the other aft. The No.1 magazine exploded, and the bow was severed forward of frame 61 and the stern blown off aft of frame 168. The crew's quarters and No.1 boiler room are flooded, but the stunted middle section was somehow kept afloat and with #2 boiler room and rear engine room retained power for the tow back. Despite the claim, it appears Akagi Maru was not damaged. - (Tully)

[2] Editorial Note II - With Wakatsuki was en-route from Oita to Keelung with aviation materials when hit at 2212 in Bungo Suido. In fact, two torpedoes struck Suzutsuki's port side forward, but one was a dud. The one that exploded destroyed the bow forward of frame 18, while the dud hit at frames 42-44 and punched about a 55 cm hole in side of hull at No.1 magazine and flooded it. The starboard engine room failed, and with only the port engine Suzutsuki limped back to Kure at about 7 knots guarded by Wakatsuki. - (Tully)

(3) Editorial Note III - The bomb hit at 1308 blew a large hole between frames 51 and 70 on the starboard side of the main and forecastle decks. Ready service 3.9 inch shells in the barbettes were set off, but the forward magazines did not explode. The shell rooms were opened to the sea and flooded, and though a serious fire broke out, this helped save the ship. Though the bow did not break off, the damage left the prow deep in the water and forced Suzutuski to limp back to Sasebo stern first. She arrived there at 1430 8 April, to the delight of all, for she had officially been presumed lost like the also missing Asashimo. She was immdiately docked in # 7 dock for repairs at Sasebo, but these were suspended 5 May to prioritize for tokko weapon construction, at which time she was moved to the small cove where surrendered, the starboard side plating still unreplaced. - (Tully).

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