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IJN Michishio: Tabular Record of Movement

Name Translation: "High Tide"

Initial Command Structure:
Ship's captain: Lieutenant Commander Ogura Masami [51] (prev. C.O. KISARAGI). Assigned to Desdiv 8 (OSHIO, ASASHIO, ARASHIO, MICHISHIO), Desron 2, Second Fleet.

29 November-2 December 1941:
Desdiv 8 steamed from Terashima Strait to Mako (Pescadores).

4-24 December:
Desdiv 8 escorted Admiral Kondo's Southern Force Main Body out of Mako as distant cover to Malaya and Philippine invasion forces.

31 December 1941-5 January 1942:

Desdiv 8 escorted 3rd Malaya troop convoy from Mako towards Singora, then put into Hong Kong.

11 January:

Desdiv 8 departed Hong Kong, escorting troop convoy to Davao.

31 January:

Desdiv 8 with Ambon invasion force.

8 February:

Desdiv 8 with Makassar invasion force.

18 February:

Desdiv 8 with Bali/Lombok invasion force.

19-20 February: Battle of Badoeng Strait

Entered battle late from escort of damaged transport SAGAMI MARU, then was caught in a close-range crossfire between four U.S. destroyers. Heavily damaged: left dead in the water with 13 dead and 83 injured. Later towed to Makassar by ARASHIO.

22 February-10 April:

Emergency repairs at Makassar.

10 April:

Desdiv 8 reassigned to Desron 4, Second Fleet.

10-22 April:

Steamed from Makassar via Formosa to Yokosuka, then docked for repairs.

15 May-20 October:

Designated a "Special Duty Ship" while under repair in Japan.

14 July:
Desdiv 8 reassigned to "Special Reserve."

15 August:
Lieutenant Commander Ogura (to C.O. TAKANAMI) relieved by Commander Tomura Kiyoshi [49] (prev. C.O. KASUMI).

20 October:

Reassigned to Desdiv 8.

22-30 October:

Steamed from Yokosuka to Rabaul.

2 November:

Troop transport run from Shortlands to Guadalcanal.

5 November:

Troop transport run to Guadalcanal.

8 November:

Troop transport run to Guadalcanal.

13-14 November: Naval Battles of Guadalcanal

Escorted Admiral Mikawa's Support Force. Heavily damaged: in engineering spaces by near-misses off stern in U.S. air attacks on 14 November; went dead in the water and had to be towed into the Shortlands.

14 November 1942-17 March 1943:

A succession of repair attempts at Shortlands, Rabaul and Truk failed to get MICHISHIO's engines operational. Possibly towed from Rabaul to Truk 24-29 December by ASASHIO; finally towed into Yokosuka by HAMAKAZE on 17 March; then docked for repairs, through 14 November 1943. (“X” turret probably removed/replaced by two triple 25mm mounts during these repairs.)

25 January:
Commander Tomura (to C.O. TANIKAZE) relieved by Commander Suzuki Yasuatsu [49] (prev. C.O. MINEGUMO).

25 February:
Desdiv 8 reassigned to Desron 3, Eighth Fleet.

1 April:

Desdiv 8 deactivated, designated a "Special Duty Ship" while under repair in Japan.

1 May-15 October:
Commander Suzuki (to C.O. WAKATSUKI) relieved; command then rotated among various officers while under repair.

15 October:
Commander Haraguchi Noboru [51] (prev. C.O. MATSUKAZE) appointed ship's captain.

1 November:

Assigned to Desdiv 24 (UMIKAZE, SUZUKAZE), Desron 2, Second Fleet.

14 November:

Repairs completed.

2 December:

Departed Kure for Truk.

29 December 1943-1 January 1944:

Escorted KUMANO and SUZUYA on troop transport run from Truk to Kavieng (31 December) and back.

10-16 January:

Escorted YAMATO from Truk to Kure.

25 January-1 February:

Escorted troop convoy from Yokosuka to Truk.

10-15 February:

With SHIRATSUYU and TAMANAMI, escorted MUSASHI and OYODO from Truk to Yokosuka.

20 February:

Departed Yokosuka, then patrol/escort duty in the Borneo-area.

16-27 March:
Escorted convoy from Lingga to Palau.

29 March-3 April:

Escorted MUSASHI from Palau to Kure.

31 March:

Assigned to Desdiv 4 (NOWAKI, YAMAGUMO), Desron 10, Third Fleet.

1 May:
Commander Haraguchi relieved by Captain Takahashi Kameshiro [49] (Comdesdiv 4, assigned extra duty as C.O. MICHISHIO).

10-16 May:
Escorted MUSASHI, CHITOSE, CHIYODA and ZUIHO from Saeki via Okinawa to Tawitawi.

1 June:
Captain Takahashi relieved by Lieutenant Commander Tanaka Tomoo [57] (prev. C.O. URANAMI).

19-20 June: Battle of the Philippine Sea
Desdiv 4 escorted Admiral Joshima's Force B.

23-26 June:
Desdiv 4 steamed from Okinawa to Guimarras to pick up tankers, then to Davao on 29 June; en route assisted and removed oil from torpedoed tanker ITSUKUSHIMA MARU at Negros Island.

1-15 July:
Desdiv 4 escorted FUSO from Davao via Tarakan to Kure.

15-21 August:
Escorted HARUNA from Sasebo to Singapore.

17-19 October:
Escorted supply force from Lingga to Brunei.

22-25 October: Battle of Leyte Gulf
Fuelled from FUSO, then escorted Admiral Nishimura's Southern Force in Battle of Surigao Strait. Sunk: after being crippled by torpedo from USS McDERMUT (DD-677), was finished off by torpedoes from USS HUTCHINS (DD-476) in Surigao Strait (10-25 N, 125-23 E). Four survivors, including Lieutenant Commander Tanaka, later rescued by Americans; Comdesdiv 4 (Captain Takahashi) killed in action.

10 January 1945:
Removed from Navy List.

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