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IJN Hayate: Tabular Record of Movement

Name Translation: “Squall,”

Initial Command Structure:

Ship's Captain: Lieutenant Commander Takatsuka Minoru [56] (prev. C.O. YAKAZE). Assigned to Desdiv 29 (OITE, HAYATE, ASANAGI, YUNAGI), Desron 6, Fourth Fleet.

29 November-3 December 1941:
Desdiv 29 steamed with Desron 6 from Truk to Kwajalein.

8-11 December:
With OITE (1st section, Desdiv 29), departed Kwajalein with first Wake Island invasion force. Sunk: by U.S. coastal batteries, two miles southwest of Wake Island (19-16 N, 166-37 E). Blew up and sank with entire crew. (One source – Kimata Jiro's destroyer history -- lists a single survivor.) First Japanese destroyer sunk in the Pacific War.[Edit-1]

15 January 1942:
Removed from Navy List.

Editorial Note 1 - Time of sinking 0452 JST. An eyewitness - Private Jack Skaggs 1st Marine Defense Battalion - a member of Battery L that sank Hayate reports in a video interview that a hit was scored on the second salvo setting off such an explosion "that the whole back half of the ship blew off." If this is correct, a 5-inch/51 caliber shell most likely struck Hayate's No.2 or No.3 torpedo tubes aft and destroyed the vessel. A depth-charge explosion is less likely. In any case, it would appear the forward torpedo tubes were not involved. The same source avers that Hayate had not yet had chance to open fire. The almost total loss of all hands is well explained by such a sudden cataclysm and swift sinking. The Oite and Mochizuki accompanying her were in no position to attempt to rescue any survivors. - (Tully)

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