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IJN Maki: Tabular Record of Movement

Name Translation: "Black Pine"

10 August 1944:
Completed at Maizuru; assigned same date to Desron 11, Combined Fleet, for training. Ship's captain: Lieutenant Commander Ishizuka Sakae [63].

30 September:

Assigned to Desdiv 43 (UME, TAKE, MOMO), Escort Squadron 31, Combined Fleet.

25 October: Battle of Leyte Gulf

Escorted Admiral Ozawa's Northern Force in Battle off Cape Engano. Rescued 150 AKIZUKI survivors (five later died); later assisted ISUZU in attempting to rescue CHIYODA survivors. Medium damage: in attacks by aircraft of TF 38, due to one direct bomb hit and several near-misses: rudder damaged, best speed 20 knots, 31 crew and four AKIZUKI survivors killed in action.

20 November:

Escort Squadron 31 reassigned to Fifth Fleet.

6-10 December:

Escorted HARUNA and JUNYO from Mako towards Sasebo. Medium damage: on 9 December, torpedoed in port bow by USS PLAICE (SS-390) near Meshima; then to Nagasaki; later docked at Sasebo for repairs.

5 February 1945:

Escort Squadron 31 reassigned to Combined Fleet.

15 March-20 April:

Escort Squadron 31 reassigned to Second Fleet, then back to Combined Fleet.

26 March:

Arrived in Kure, then in Inland Sea through end of war.

6 April:

With HANAZUKI and KAYA, escorted YAMATO from Tokuyama as far as Bungo Strait.

Surrendered at Kure at end of war.

5 October 1945:

Removed from Navy List. Later used as repatriation ship.

14 August 1947:

Turned over to Great Britain; later scrapped.

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