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IJN Matsukaze: Tabular Record of Movement

Name Translation: "Wind Among the Pine Trees"

Initial Command Structure:
Ship's captain: Lieutenant (s.g.) Kuwabara Shinbe [57] (prev. C.O. OTORI). Assigned to Desdiv 5 (ASAKAZE, HARUKAZE, MATSUKAZE, HATAKAZE), Desron 5, Third Fleet.

26-29 November 1941:
Desdiv 5 steamed with Desron 5 from Terashima Strait to Mako (Pescadores).

7-14 December:
With KUMA AND ASAKAZE, escorted Admiral Takahashi's Third Fleet Main Body out of Mako in support of Philippine invasion operations.

22 December:
Desdiv 5 with Lingayen invasion force.

31 December 1941-18 January 1942:
Escorted troop convoys from Formosa to Singora (Malaya) and back.

2-8 February:
Desdiv 5 escorted troop convoy from Formosa to Camranh Bay.

27 February:
Desdiv 5 with Western Java invasion force.

2 March:
Assisted SHIOKAZE in sinking Dutch auxiliary minesweeper ENDEH.

10 March:
Desron 5 deactivated; Desdiv 5 reassigned to First Southern Expeditionary Force, Southwest Area Fleet.

10-13 March:
Desdiv 5 escorted convoy from Java to Singapore.

19 March-28 April:
Escorted troop convoys from Singapore to Penang and Rangoon and back.

7 May:
Singapore-French Indo-China convoy escort duties.

15 May:
Lieutenant Kuwabara relieved by Lieutenant (s.g.) Takigawa Kouji [59].

13 September:
Surabaya-Makassar convoy escort duties.

2 February 1943:
Reassigned to 1st Surface Escort Division, Southwest Area Fleet.

31 March:
Arrived Yokosuka, then docked for refitting.

1 June:
Lieutenant Takigawa promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

5 June:
Assigned to Eighth Fleet.

23 June:
Departed Yokosuka, then Rabaul-area patrol-escort duties.

9 July:
Troop transport run to Kolombangara. With SATSUKI, MIKAZUKI and YUNAGI, landed 1,200 troops and 85 tons of supplies at Vila.

12 July: Battle of Kolombangara
Troop transport run to Kolombangara. Landed troops during battle so saw no action.

19-20 July:
Troop transport run to Kolombangara. [Note 1]

25 August:
Troop evacuation run to Rekata.

28 September:
Troop evacuation run to Kolombangara.

2 October:
Troop evacuation run to Kolombangara.

6 October:
Troop evacuation run to Vella Lavella, aborted due to Battle of Vella Lavella.

27 October:
Arrived Yokosuka, then docked for repairs.

2 November:
Lieutenant Commander Takigawa (to C.O. HATSUSHIMO) relieved by Lieutenant Commander Horie Hiroshi [59] (prev. C.O. HASU).

9 December:
Departed Yokosuka, then resumed Rabaul-area patrol-escort duties.

23 December:
Troop transport run to Garove Island.

25 December:
With YUNAGI, troop transport run to Qavuvu. Among nine destroyers to deliver total of 635 men and 380 tons of supplies there between 22-31 December.

28 December:
With YUNAGI, troop transport run to Qavuvu. (As 25 December above)

31 December:
With SATSUKI, troop transport run to Qavuvu. (As 25 December above)

14 January 1944:
Minor damage: in air attack at Rabaul due to strafing.

18 January:
Lieutenant Commander Horie relieved by Lieutenant (s.g.) Kadono Tetsuo [62] (prev. C.O. HIYODORI).

22 January:
With FUMIZUKI, troop transport run to Qavuvu.

24 January:
With FUMIZUKI, troop transport run to Qavuvu.

17-18 February:
Air attacks on Truk; assisted and attempted to tow FUMIZUKI. Medium damage: due to near-misses and strafing.

18 February-1 March:
Escorted shipping from Truk via Saipan and Haha-jima to Yokosuka, then docked for repairs.

28 April:
Departed Yokosuka, then Japan-Saipan convoy escort duties.

1 May:
Reassigned to Desdiv 30 (YUZUKI, UZUKI, AKIKAZE), Desron 3, Central Pacific Area Fleet. Lieutenant Kadono promoted to Lieutenant Commander same date.

6-9 June:
Departed Tateyama, escorting convoy towards Saipan. Sunk: torpedoed by USS SWORDFISH (SS-193) 70 miles southeast of Chichi-jima, Bonin Islands (26-59 N, 143-13 E). Number of survivors unknown, but Lieutenant Commander Kadono killed in action.

10 August:
Removed from Navy List.

[Note 1] Reinforcement mission of 19-20 July 1943 O.B.: Main Body (Cover) under Comcrudiv 7 Rear Admiral Nishimura Shoji [39]: Crudiv 7 (KUMANO, SUZUYA), CHOKAI; Escort/Torpedo Force under Comdesron 3 Rear Admiral Ijuin Matsuji [43]: SENDAI, Desdiv 16 (YUKIKAZE), HAMAKAZE, KIYONAMI, YUGURE; Transport Force under Comdesdiv 30 Commander Orita Tsuneo [49]: Desdiv 30 (MIKAZUKI, MINAZUKI), MATSUKAZE. Anticipated enemy surface interference never materialized. Transport force succeeded in landing about 300 men and munitions on Kolombangara, but cover forces lost YUGURE and KIYONAMI and suffered damage to KUMANO in U.S. air attacks.

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