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IJN Hibiki: Tabular Record of Movement

Name Translation: "Echo"

Initial Command Structure:
Ship's captain: Lieutenant Commander Ishii Hagemi [52] (prev. C.O. YAYOI}. Assigned to Desdiv 6 (HIBIKI, AKATSUKI, IKAZUCHI, INAZUMA), Desron 1, First Fleet. Flagship of Comdesdiv 6, Captain Narita Shigeru [43].

29 November-2 December 1941:

Desdiv 6 steamed from Terashima Strait to Mako (Pescadores)

4 December 1941-4 January 1942:

Escorted Admiral Kondo's Southern Force Main Body out of Mako as distant cover to Malaya and Philippine invasion forces; also briefly escorted Malaya troop convoys during this period.

6-12 January:

Escorted MAYA from Mako to Palau.

18-20 January:

Steamed from Palau to Davao.

29 January-4 February:

Escorted tanker convoys from Davao to Tarakan and Balikpapan and back.

5-9 February:

Escorted troop convoy from Davao to Camranh Bay.

27 February:

With Western Java invasion force.

10 March:

Arrived in Subic Bay, then assisted in operations to secure the Philippines.

19-26 March:

Escorted convoy from Subic Bay to Kure, then docked at Yokosuka for maintenance.

6 April:
Captain Narita (to C.O. OI) relieved as Comdesdiv 6 by Captain Yamada Yusuke [48]; remained flagship.

22-26 May:

Escorted TAKAO and MAYA from Kure to Ominato.

28 May-7 June:

Departed Ominato for Aleutian operations, then with Kiska invasion force.

12 June:
Heavily damaged:
in air attack by U.S. PBYs at Kiska, due to near misses: bow damaged and speed reduced; then to Ominato on 27 June for emergency repairs. Comdesdiv 6 (Captain Yamada) transferred to AKATSUKI.

12 July-10 October:

Docked at Yokosuka for repairs.

13 August:

Lieutenant Commander Ishii (to C.O. IKAZUCHI) relieved by Lieutenant Commander Kudo Shunsaku [51] (prev. C.O. IKAZUCHI). (Ishii and Kudo traded places/commands)

1-16 November:

With SAZANAMI, escorted TAIYO from Yokosuka to Truk and back.

19 November-5 December:

With SAZANAMI, escorted TAIYO from Yokosuka to Truk and back.

10 December:

Lieutenant Commander Kudo (to Civil Engineering Dept.) relieved by Lieutenant Commander Mori Takuji [56] (prev. C.O. AKIKAZE).

15-31 December:

With SAZANAMI, escorted TAIYO from Yokosuka to Truk and Kavieng (24 December) and back, then docked for repairs.

31 December 1942-22 January 1943:
While at Yokosuka, twin 13mm (later replaced by 25mm) machine guns added on bandstand forward of bridge.

1-17 February:

With SAZANAMI, USHIO, and AKEBONO, escorted UNYO and TAIYO from Yokosuka to Truk and back.

24 February-12 March:

With SAZANAMI, USHIO, and AKEBONO, escorted UNYO and TAIYO from Yokosuka to Truk and back.

1 April:

Desdiv 6 reassigned as cadre to Desron 11, First Fleet.

4-10 April:

With SAZANAMI, OYASHIO, and KUROSHIO, escorted CHOKAI, CHUYO and TAIYO from Yokosuka to Truk.

16-21 April:
With SAZANAMI, SHIGURE and ARIAKE, escorted CHUYO and TAIYO from Truk to Yokosuka.

18 May:

Departed Yokosuka, then Northern Area patrol/escort duties.

7-17 July:

Initial troop evacuation run to Kiska, aborted due to weather.

22 July-1 August:

Second troop evacuation run to Kiska, successful on 29 July. With ABUKUMA, KISO, and five other destroyers, assigned to transport unit. Removed 418 evacuees.
3-9 August:

Steamed from Paramushiro via Otaru to Yokosuka.

9-16 September:

Docked at Yokosuka for maintenance, then departed for Shanghai.

24 September-5 October:

With MAKINAMI and YAMAGUMO, escorted troop convoy (Operation T2: HEIAN MARU, GOKOKU MARU, KIYOZUMI MARU and AKITSUSHIMA, lifting units of 17th Division) from Shanghai via Truk (2 October) to Rabaul, then to Truk on 9 October.

11-29 October:

Escorted tanker convoy from Truk via Saipan to Singapore.

2-22 November:

Escorted tanker convoys from Singapore via Balikpapan to Truk.

23 November-18 December:

Troop transport runs from Truk to Ponape, Kwajalein, Mili and Kusaie and back.

25 November:

Commander Mori (to C.O. NAGANAMI) relieved by Commander Fukushima Eikichi [53].

21 December:

Out of Truk to assist torpedoed tanker TERUKAWA MARU; helped rescue survivors.

27 December 1943-2 January 1944:

With INAZUMA, escorted HIYO and RYUHO from Truk to Kure.

12 January-19 February:

With INAZUMA, escorted KAIYO from Kure to Manila, Singapore, Tarakan, Palau and Truk and back.

25 February:

Desron 11 reassigned to Combined Fleet.

1-12 March:

With INAZUMA, escorted CHIYODA from Yokosuka via Saipan and Guam to Palau.

15-24 March:

With INAZUMA, escorted CHIYODA from Palau to Balikpapan and back.

27 March-10 April:

With INAZUMA, escorted CHIYODA from Palau via Balikpapan and Davao to Kure, then docked for maintenance.

10-30 April:
While at Kure, “X” turret removed/replaced by two triple 25mm mounts; two further such mounts added between torpedo tube mounts; Type 22 radar installed on foremast; and radar intercept receivers on bridge.

3-19 May:

With INAZUMA, escorted tanker convoys from Moji via Manila and Balikpapan to Tawitawi; on 14 May rescued 125 survivors of torpedoed INAZUMA.

23-25 May:

Escorted tanker convoy from Tawitawi to Davao.

10 June:

Desdiv 6 deactivated; assigned directly to Combined Fleet.

19-20 June: Battle of the Philippine Sea

Escorted 1st Supply Force. Minor damage: in air attacks due to strafing; two dead.

28 June-2 July:

Escorted tanker convoy from Guimarras to Manila.

7 July:

Out of Manila to assist torpedoed TAMANAMI, but unable to locate.

10-17 July:

Escorted HAYASUI from Manila to Kure.

17-27 July:
While at Kure, Type 13 radar installed on mainmast and additional 25mm machine guns added along length of ship.

1-5 August:

Escorted Convoy MO-05 from Moji to Okinawa.

19-25 August:
Escorted Convoy MI-15 from Moji to Takao.

5 September:

Departed Takao, escorting Convoy TAMA-25 to Manila. Heavy damage: on 6 September, while assisting sinking transport EIJI MARU. Both ships probably mined; HIBIKI possibly torpedoed by USS HAKE (SS-256): bow nearly severed; then back to Takao for emergency repairs.

16 November:

Arrived Yokosuka from Formosa, then docked for repairs.

25 January 1945:

Assigned to Desdiv 7, Desron 2, Second Fleet.

26-29 January:

Steamed from Yokosuka to Kure.

19 March:

Weathered air attacks in Hiroshima Bay without damage.

29 March:
Light damage:
hit mine near Himejima, then to Kure for repairs.

5 May:
Assigned to Escort Squadron 105, First Escort Fleet.

26 May:

Arrived Maizuru from Kure, then security duty there through end of war.

18 July:

Commander Fukushima relieved by Lieutenant Commander Sonoda Hajime [60].

5 October 1945:

Removed from Navy List. Later used as repatriation ship.

5 April 1947:

Turned over to Soviet Union; renamed PRITKY.

(1) Editorial Note -- Indeed, USS Hake's patrol report indicates that on this date at 1149 (1049 How time which sub used) she hit an Asashio-class destroyer with the first of three torpedoes fired in a down-the-throat shot on a 10-12 degree port bow track. Two heavy explosions heard, and destroyer's screws stopped immediately. Destroyer was one of at least three escorts of a convoy of four medium-sized AKs. Relevant here, Hake reported that the convoy's escort had been dropping deptch-charges "randomly" for an hour and half before the submarine even closed. This might be consistent with a reaction to Eiji Maru mining being mistaken for submarine attack? What is clear is the submarine was not responsible: Hake had not attacked prior, and made no further attack after, hitting the destroyer. Position of the attack: 16-19'N, 119-44'E. Photographs show the bow was cracked just in front of the bridge, with the whole forepart, including No.1 turret, left slanting down into the sea. - (Tully)

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