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About the Authors


Stories and Battle Histories of the IJN's Submarines

(Updated 29 July 2019)

By Bob Hackett and Sander Kingsepp

(Type A1 submarine by Takeshi Yuki)


The Tabular Records of Movement (TROMs) for the IJN's submarines - "Sensuikan" - on these pages were prepared by Bob Hackett and Sander Kingsepp from Japanese and American source materials. They include TROMs for Japan's largest class "A" submarines - the so-called I-Boats and medium class "B" RO-Boats.

Every effort has been made to provide the latest verified information on their movements and fates. Nevertheless, the nature of submarine warfare sometimes precludes positive identification of the exact time and place of losses at sea. In such cases, we have indicated that the best information available - both Japanese and American - indicates a probable loss at the date and time given.

Feel free to post any questions to me or Sander on the Discussion & Questions board. - Bob Hackett.

Special Features 


"For any author attempting to write about Japanese submarines and their operations during the Second World War one source above all others has consistently and reliably assisted this writer, making sure my dates, specifications, movements and skippers are all recorded correctly within the overall story. This is Bob Hackett and Sander Kingsepp's www.combinedfleet.com, a labour of love for the subject that is an invaluable reference source for researchers, filling in many of the gaps caused by the paucity of written material on Japanese submarines."

-DR. MARK FELTON, author of THE FUJITA PLAN: Japanese Attacks on the United States and Australia During the Second World War and YANAGI: The Secret Underwater Trade between Germany & Japan 1942-1945

"....of particular interest to those researching (Japanese) submarines is www.combinedfleet.com/sensuikan.htm by Bob Hackett and Sander Kingsepp."

-ROBERT C. STERN, author of THE HUNTER HUNTED: Submarine versus Submarine: Encounters from World War I to the Present

"...SENSUIKAN! by Bob Hackett and Sander Kingsepp, provided invaluable operational history of Japanese submarines in World War II, with over 200 initial submarine Tabular Records of Movement (TROMs) that were stories and battle histories. The TROMs, regularly updated, are helping fill in numerous historical balanks and connect World War II events and people from the two former enemies."


"....Love the site - it's proved very useful."

-STEVEN TRENT SMITH author of "WOLF PACK: The American Submarine Stategy Tha Helped Defeat Japan"

Japanese Submarines: Tabular Records of Movement (TROMs) 

Note: Links on class types lead to specification summaries; links on particular vessels lead to those vessels' TROMs.

Large I-Class Submarines 

Kaidai Types Junsen & Type C Types with Aircraft Minelayers, Transports, High-Speed & Foreign
Type KD2

I-152 (revised 3/1/2016)
Type J1

I-1 (revised 6/1/16)
I-2 (revised 4/6/13)
I-3 (revised 8/4/12)
I-4 (revised 8/4/12)
Type A1

I-9 (revised 8/1/16)
I-10 (revised 3/18/17)
I-11 (revised 9/1/16)
Type KRS

I-121 (revised 7/27/2018)
I-122 (revised 2/1/2015)
I-123(revised 1/1/2014)
I-124 (revised 1/1/2017)
Type KD3A/B

I-153 (revised 4/1/16)
I-154 (revised 5/1/16)
I-155(revised 5/1/16)
I-156(revised 5/1/16)
I-157(revised 5/1/17)
I-158(revised 10/1/17)
I-159(revised 1/1/17)
I-60 (revised 1/1/17)
Type J1 Modified
I-5 (revised 4/1/14)
Type A2
I-12 (revised 7/29/2019)
Type D1

I-361 (revised 6/1/17)
I-362 (revised 6/1/14)
I-363(revised 6/1/14)
I-364(revised 7/1/14)
I-365(revised 7/1/14)
I-366(revised 7/1/14)
I-367(revised 7/1/14)
I-368(revised 7/1/14)
I-369(revised 7/1/14)
I-370(revised 7/1/14)
I-371(revised 7/1/14)
I-372(revised 7/7/12)
Type KD4

I-162(revised 10/1/16)
I-164(revised 10/1/17)
Type J2

I-6 (revised 10/6/12)
Type A Modified
I-13(revised 11/1/16)
I-14(revised 11/1/16)
Type D2
I-373(posted 8/21/02)
Type KD5
I-165(revised 6/1/16)
I-166(revised 7/1/16)
Type J3
I-7 (revised 4/1/17)
I-8(revised 7/1/16)
Type B1
I-15(revised 10/1/16)
I-17 (revised 2/1/17)
I-19 (revised 5/1/14)
I-21(revised 11/3/12)
I-23(revised 3/1/2016)
I-25(revised 3/1/16)
I-26(revised 3/1/16)
I-27(revised 7/3/10)
I-28(revised 6/13/09)
I-29(revised 7/1/16)
I-30(revised 11/3/12)
I-31(revised 10/1/16)
I-32(revised 11/3/12)
I-33(revised 10/1/16)
I-34(revised 6/1/19)
I-35(revised 6/1/19)
I-36(revised 3/1/16)
I-37(revised 10/9/10)
I-38(revised 2/1/17)
I-39(posted 5/15/03)
Foreign Types

I-501(revised 11/6/10)
I-502(revised 11/6/10)
I-503(revised 11/1/18)
I-504(revised 11/1/18)
I-505(revised 11/6/10)
I-506(revised 11/6/10)
Type KD6

I-168(revised 2/1/17)
I-169(revised 3/1/16)
I-70(revised 7/17/10)
I-171(revised 4/1/17)
I-172(revised 10/1/16)
I-73(revised 4/1/16)
I-174(revised 6/12/10)
I-175(revised 6/12/10)
Type C1

I-16(revised 7/20/17)
I-18(revised 7/20/17)
I-20(revised 7/20/17)
I-22 (revised 7/20/17)
I-24(revised 7/20/17)
Type B2

I-40(revised 10/1/17)
I-41(revised 10/1/17)
I-42(revised 3/1/17)
I-43(revised 12/1/2016)
I-44(revised 11/1/14)
I-45(revised 6/1/19)
Type SH

I-351(revised 6/1/14)
Type KD7

I-176(revised 11/1/16)
I-177(revised 9/2/15)
I-178(revised 9/2/15)
I-179(revised 9/2/15)
I-180(revised 10/1/17)
I-181(revised 3/1/16)
I-182(posted 2/6/04)
I-183(revised 4/1/18)
I-184(revised 8/1/16)
I-185(revised 10/1/11)
Type C2

I-46(revised 7/1/18)
I-47(revised 1/15/19)
I-48(revised 1/15/19)
Type B3/B4

I-54(revised 1/1/17)
I-56(revised 11/15/08)
I-58(revised 10/1/17)
Sen Taka Type

I-201(revised 3/22/11)
I-202(revised 3/22/11)
I-203(revised 3/22/11)
Type C3/C4

I-52(revised 12/1/14)
I-53(revised 1/15/19)
I-55(revised 9/1/13)

Sen Toku Type

I-400(revised 3/12/16)
I-401(revised 3/22/11)
I-402(revised 11/1/16)

Medium RO-Class Submarines 

K5 Types K6 Types L4 Types KS Types Foreign Types
RO-33 (revised 3/1/16)
RO-34 (revised 3/1/17)
RO-35 (revised 5/1/17)
RO-36 (revised 5/1/17)
RO-37 (revised 7/29/19)
RO-38 (revised 5/1/17)
RO-39 (revised 5/1/17)
RO-40 (revised 5/1/17)
RO-41 (revised 5/1/17)
RO-42 (revised 5/1/17)
RO-43 (revised 5/1/17)
RO-44 (revised 5/1/17)
RO-45 (revised 5/1/17)
RO-46 (revised 5/1/17)
RO-47 (revised 5/1/17)
RO-48 (revised 5/1/17)
RO-49 (revised 5/1/17)
RO-50 (revised 5/1/17)
RO-55 (revised 5/1/17)
RO-56 (revised 5/1/17)
RO-60 (revised 7/1/17)
RO-61 (revised 7/1/17)
RO-62 (revised 7/1/17)
RO-63 (revised 7/1/17)
RO-64 (revised 11/1/17)
RO-65 (revised 4/1/17)
RO-66 (revised 4/1/17)
RO-67 (revised 11/1/18)
RO-68 (revised 7/27/18)
RO-100 (revised 6/1/19)
RO-101 (revised 2/1/17)
RO-102 (revised 2/1/17)
RO-103 (revised 2/1/17)
RO-104 (revised 2/1/17)
RO-105 (revised 2/1/17)
RO-106 (revised 12/7/07)
RO-107 (revised 4/1/16)
RO-108 (revised 1/1/17)
RO-109 (revised 4/1/16)
RO-110 (revised 6/1/16)
RO-111 (revised 3/1/17)
RO-112 (revised 3/1/17)
RO-113 (revised 9/1/16)
RO-114 (revised 3/1/17)
RO-115 (revised 9/1/16)
RO-116 (revised 3/1/17)
RO-117 (revised 9/1/16)
RO-500 (revised 7/27/18)
RO-501 (revised 7/1/17)

Small HA-Class Submarines 

Sen Yu Sho Type

HA-101(revised 10/1/15)
HA-102 (revised 10/1/15)
HA-103(revised 10/1/15)
HA-104 (revised 10/1/15)
HA-105 (revised 10/1/15)
HA-106 (revised 10/1/15)
HA-107(revised 10/1/15)
HA-108 (revised 10/1/15)
HA-109 (revised 10/1/15)
HA-110 (revised 10/1/15)
HA-111(revised 11/1/15)
HA-112 (revised 11/1/15)

Sen Taka Sho Type

HA-201 (revised 2/23/19)
HA-202 (revised 2/23/19)
HA-203 (revised 2/23/19)
HA-204 (revised 2/23/19)
HA-205 (revised 2/23/19)
HA-206 (revised 2/23/19)
HA-207 (revised 2/23/19)
HA-208 (revised 2/23/19)
HA-209 (revised 2/23/19)
HA-210 (revised 2/23/19)
HA-216 (revised 2/23/19)

Midget Submarines 

Please see Stories and Battle Histories of the IJN's Midget Submarines

Seaplane/Midget Submarine Carrier 

Chiyoda Class

Chiyoda(revised 1/1/17)

Submarine Depot Ships 

Taigei Class

Taigei(posted 4/1/14)

Jingei Class

Jingei (revised 3/13/17)
Chogei (revised 11/25/17)


Please see the Bibliography of sources for the SENSUIKAN! pages

About the Authors 

Mr. Robert Hackett is a military historian and researcher. Retired from the United States Air Force and later from the aerospace industry, he resides in the United States.

Mr. Sander Kingsepp of Estonia is also a military historian and researcher. A talented linguist, Sander's translations of Japanese source materials have added immeasurably to these TROMs.

Bob and Sander prepared the TROMs on the IJN's submarines presented on the SENSUIKAN! pages and for the IJN's battleships and cruisers presented on the SENKAN! and JUNYOKAN! pages and are major contributors to the TROMs of various classes of auxiliaries and regular small combatant vessels detailed on TOKUSETSU KANSEN! and its related pages.

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