(RO-63 - Scanned from "Submarines of World War II" by E. Bagnasco)

IJN Submarine RO-62:
Tabular Record of Movement

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8 September 1922:
Kobe. Laid down Mitsubishi Shipbuilding as a 990-ton L4 submarine.

19 September 1923:

24 July 1924:
Completed and commissioned in the IJN as SS-73. An unknown officer is the Commanding Officer. Registered in the Maizuru Naval District. Assigned to SubDiv 33.

1 November 1924:
SS-73 is redesignated RO-62.

1 December 1925:
Lt (later Rear Admiral) Fukuzawa Tsunekichi (41) (former Crewmember, TOKIWA) is posted CO.

1 December 1926:
Lt Fukuzawa is promoted LtCdr.

30 November 1927:
Lt (later Rear Admiral) Imaizumi Yoshijiro (44) is posted CO. LtCdr Fukuzawa is later posted CO of I-52.

1 December 1927:
Lt Imaizumi is promoted LtCdr.

10 July 1928:
Placed in Reserve. LtCdr Imaizumi is later posted CO of I-2.

20 November 1929:
LtCdr (later Rear Admiral) Sasaki Hankyu (45) (former XO/Chief Torpedo Officer, I-53) is posted CO.

1 December 1930:
LtCdr (later Rear Admiral, posthumously) Tamaki Tomejiro (45)(former CO of RO-64) is posted CO. In a change-of-command swap, LtCdr Sasaki is posted CO of RO-64.

13 November 1931:
Vessel placed in Reserve. LtCdr Tamaki is posted Adjutant of the Submarine School.

24 September 1932:
LtCdr (later Rear Admiral, posthumously) Okamoto Yoshisuke (47) former XO/Chief Torpedo Officer, I-54) is posted CO.

31 October 1934:
LtCdr Obatake Tadashi (50) is posted CO. LtCdr Okamoto is later posted CO of I-62.

15 November 1934:
Vessel placed in Reserve. LtCdr Obatake is posted CO of RO-67.

15 November 1938:
LtCdr (later Captain, posthumously) Tanaka Makio (52)(former CO of I-54) is posted CO.

15 November 1939:
RO-62 is assigned to SubDiv 26, SubRon 7, Fourth Fleet.

15 October 1940:
LtCdr Tanaka is posted CO of RO-68 as an additional duty.

30 October 1940:
LtCdr (later Cdr, posthumously) Ota Takeshi (55)(former CO of RO-65) is posted CO. LtCdr Tanaka assumes full-time command of RO-68.

1 July 1941:
LtCdr Ota is posted CO of RO-34 as an additional duty.

31 July 1941:
Lt (later Cdr) Takizawa Koresuke (58) is posted CO. LtCdr Ota assumes full-time command of RO-34. 2 December 1941:
The coded signal "Niitakayama nobore (Climb Mt. Niitaka) 1208" is received from the Combined Fleet. It signifies that hostilities will commence on 8 December (Japan time). Mt. Niitaka, located in Formosa (now Taiwan), is then the highest point in the Japanese Empire.

6 December 1941:
Kwajalein. RO-62 is in Rear Admiral Onishi Shinzo's (42)SubRon 7 with Captain Matsuo Yoshiyasu's (47) SubDiv 26, Fourth Fleet. LtCdr Takizawa Koresuke is the Commanding Officer.

8 December 1941: The First Attack on Wake Island:
SubDiv 26 is on 'standby alert' at the outbreak of hostilities.

Wake Island is assaulted by Rear Admiral (Vice Admiral, posthumously) Kajioka Sadamichi's (39)(former CO of KISO) Occupation Group's DesRon 6's light cruiser YUBARI, eight destroyers, two transports and RO-65, RO-66 and RO-67. The United States Marines beat back the first assault with their 5-inch shore batteries. Kajioka loses LtCdr (Cdr, posthumously) Takatsuka Minoru’s (56) destroyer HAYATE to the shore batteries and LtCdr (Cdr, posthumously) Ogawa Yoichiro’s (57)destroyer KISARAGI to Marine Grumman F4F "Wildcats".

12 December 1941:
CarDiv 2's HIRYU and SORYU are detached from Vice Admiral (Admiral, posthumously) Nagumo Chuichi's (36)(former CO of YAMASHIRO) Striking Force returning from Pearl Harbor to reinforce Kajioka, as is Rear Admiral (later Vice Admiral) Abe Hiroaki's (39)(former CO of FUSO) CruDiv 8's TONE, CHIKUMA and two destroyers. Rear Admiral (Vice Admiral, posthumously) Goto Aritomo's (38)(former CO of MUTSU) CruDiv 6's AOBA, KINUGASA, KAKO, FURUTAKA, seaplane tender CHIYODA and two other destroyers also reinforce Kajioka. Rear Admiral Abe, now senior officer present, has overall command.

SubDiv 26's RO-62, RO-60 and RO-61 are assigned to the reinforced Wake Occupation Group.

14 December 1941:
Departs Kwajalein.

17 December 1941:
25 miles SW of Wake Island. RO-66 collides with RO-62. RO-66 sinks.

23 December 1941: The Second Attack on Wake Island:
After a magnificent stand, Wake's garrison is overwhelmed and its few defenders surrender.

28 December 1941:
Returns to Kwajalein.

5 January 1942:
Reassigned to the Marshalls Area Guard Unit with RO-61. Patrols off Kwajalein.

1 February 1942: American Air Raid on Kwajalein:
Vice Admiral (later Fleet Admiral) William F. Halsey Jr's (USNA ’04) Task Force 8 (USS ENTERPRISE (CV-6) raids Kwajalein and Wotje in the Marshall Islands. Douglas "Dauntless" SBDs of VB-6 and VS-6 and Douglas TBD "Devastators" of VT-6 sink a transport and damage light cruiser KATORI, flagship of the Sixth Fleet's (Submarines) Commander, Vice Admiral Shimizu Mitsumi (36)(former CO of ISE). I-23, submarine depot ship YASUKUNI MARU, and several other important ships are also damaged in the raid.

Two hours after the attack, Sixth Fleet HQ orders SubRon 1's I-9, I-15, I-17, I-19, I-23, I-25, I-26 and RO-61 and RO-62 put to sea to intercept Halsey's force, but they fail to make contact.

9 March 1942:
Arrives at Truk with RO-61.

19 March 1942
RO-61 and -62 depart Truk for Saipan.

22 March 1942:
Arrive at Saipan, depart on the same day for Sasebo.

23 March 1942:
Departs Saipan for Sasebo.

30 March 1942:
Arrive at Sasebo.

1 May 1942:
Lt Takizawa is promoted LtCdr.

23 May 1942:
Lt (later Cdr, posthumously) Shimada Takeo (59) (former XO/Chief Torpedo Officer, I-10) is posted CO. 31 May 1942:
Departs Sasebo for Saipan with RO-61.

6 June 1942:
RO-62 and RO-61 arrive at Saipan.

7 June 1942:
Depart Saipan for Truk.

10 June 1942
Arrive at Truk.

27 June 1942:
Depart Truk for Yokosuka.

5 July 1942:
Arrive at Yokosuka.

14 July 1942:
SubDiv 26 is reassigned to the Fifth Fleet.

24 July 1942:
Departs Yokosuka for Paramushiro with RO-61.

30 July 1942:
RO-62 and RO-61 arrive at Paramushiro.

1 August 1942:
Depart Paramushiro for Kiska.

5 August 1942:
Arrive at Kiska.

8 August 1942:
Depart Kiska to intercept an American TF.

10 August 1942:
Return to Kiska.

29 Aug ´42:
Departs Kiska to patrol off Nazan Bay, Atka with ComSubDiv 26 Captain Matsuo aboard.

30 August 1942:
RO-62, RO-61 and RO-64 are ordered to attack American Task Group 8.8 that is attempting to occupy Adak Island in the Aleutians.

5 September 1942:
Returns to Kiska.

14 September 1942:
47 planes from the 11th AF (15 B-24s, one B-17, 15 P-38s and 16 P-39s raid Kiska. RO-68 is strafed, but RO-62 receives no damage.

19 September 1942:
Departs Kiska to patrol in the vicinity of the island.

21 September 1942:
Returns to Kiska.

29 September 1942:
Departs Kiska to patrol in the vicinity of the island, returning on the next day.

1 October 1942:
Departs Kiska to patrol of Crook Bay.

3 to 5 October 1942:
Patrols off north coast of Adak.

3 to 5 October 1942:
Patrols off north coast of Adak.

8 October 1942:
Returns to Kiska.

10 to 17 October 1942:
Several short sorties probably to test equipment.

15 October 1942:
Lt (later Cdr, posthumously) Sato Sakuma (60)(former XO/Chief Torpedo Officer, I-26) is posted CO. Lt Shimada is posted CO of I-121.

18 October 1942:
After an air pump malfunctions, departs Kiska for Paramushiro.

23 October 1942:
Arrives at Paramushiro, departs later.

29 October 1942:
Arrives at Ominato.

1 November 1942:
Departs Ominato for Yokosuka.

5 November 1942:
Arrives at Yokosuka, later transfers to Kure.

15 November 1942:
SubDiv 26 is reassigned to Kure Guard Unit, training department.

1 December 1943:
SubDiv 26 is disbanded and its boats transferred to SubDiv 33.

10 December 1942:
Cdr (later Captain) Yoshitomi Zenji (52)(former CO of I-166) is posted CO. Lt Sato is posted Chief Equipping Officer of RO-37.

19 December 1942:
LtCdr (later Cdr, posthumously) Nagai Katsuhiko (57)(current CO of I-174) is posted CO as an additional duty.

15 March 1943:
LtCdr Nagai assumes command of I-7 as an additional duty.

16 March 1943:
Lt (later Cdr, posthumously) Nomura Shunji (60) is posted CO. LtCdr Nagai assumes full-time command of I-7.

25 May 1943:
Lt Tsukudo Tatsuo (63) (former XO/Chief Torpedo Officer, I-25) is posted CO. Lt Nomura is posted Chief Equipping Officer of RO-38.

20 August 1943:
Lt (later Cdr, posthumously) Enomoto Yasuo (63) is posted CO.

20 December 1943:
Lt Tsukudo is posted CO for a second time. Lt Enomoto is posted Chief Equipping Officer of RO-117.

9 March 1944:
Cdr Yoshimura Iwao (51) (former CO of I-20) is posted CO. Lt Tsukudo is later posted CO of YUKAZE.

30 April 1944:
Lt (j.g.) (later LtCdr, posthumously) Kamihiroshi Yasuo (66)(former XO/Chief Torpedo Officer, I-8) is posted CO.

1 May 1944:
Lt (j.g.) Kamihiroshi is promoted Lt.

25 August 1944:
Lt (later LtCdr, posthumously) Nakagawa Hiroshi (68)(former Chief Navigator, I-176) is posted CO. Lt Kamihiroshi is posted Chief Equipping Officer of I-371.

10 October 1944:
RO-62 is reassigned to Kure SubRon.

14 October 1944:
Lt (j.g.) Kurita Yoshifumi (69) is posted CO. Lt Nakagawa is later posted CO of RO-109.

15 December 1944:
Lt (j.g.) Ono Shimpei (68)(former Chief Navigator, I-21) is posted CO.

9 January 1945:
Lt Sato Kiyoteru (66)(former CO of RO-64) is posted CO. Lt (j.g.) Ono is posted Chief Equipping Officer of HA-111.

12 April 1945:
Reassigned to SubDiv 33.

12 June 1945:
Lt Hayakawa Hiromasa (64) (current CO of I-155) is appointed CO as an additional duty.

20 July 1945:
Lt Hayakawa assumes full-time command of RO-62.

15 August 1945:
Maizuru. Surrendered to the Allies.

20 November 1945:
Lt Hayakawa is relieved of duty. Removed from the Navy List.

May 1946:
Scuttled in the Iyo Nada.

Authors' Note:
Special thanks go to Dr. Higuchi Tatsuhiro of Japan and to Matt Jones for additional CO info.

– Bob Hackett and Sander Kingsepp.

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