Type D2


(Scanned from "Submarines of World War Two" by Erminio Bagnasco)

This was a cargo submarine similar to Type D1, but with a stronger hull.  She carried only one landing craft.  I-373 was sunk by USS Spikefish (SS 404) about 190 miles southeast of Shanghai on 14 August 1945.  A second hull, I-374, was scrapped before completion.  Four others were canceled.

Units1 completed (0 survived)
Year(s) Completed 1945
Displacement1926 tons / 2240 tons
Dimensions242.75' x 29.25' x 16.5'
Machinery2 diesels: 1,750 hp

electric motors : 1,200 hp

Speed13 / 6.5 knots
Range5,000 nm @ 13 knots
Armament1 x 14cm 40 cal., 2 x 25mm AA, 1 landing craft, 110 tons cargo, 150 tons gasoline
Max. Depth100 meters (330 feet)
Crew60 officers and men