(Type D1 submarine by Takeshi Yuki)

IJN Submarine I-364: Tabular Record of Movement

2001-2014 Bob Hackett & Sander Kingsepp
Revision 3

26 July 1943:
Kobe. Laid down at Mitsubishi's Kobe Yard as a Type D1 "Tei-gata" transport submarine No. 5464.

20 October 1943:
Renumbered I-364 and provisionally attached to Yokosuka Naval District.

15 February 1944:

30 April 1944:
Lt (promoted LtCdr 15 October; Cdr, posthumously) Makino Takeo (64)(former torpedo officer of I-36) is appointed the Chief Equipping Officer (CEO).

14 June 1944:
I-364 is completed, commissioned in the IJN and attached to Yokosuka Naval District. Lt Makino Takeo is the CO. Assigned to SubRon 11 for working-up.

6 September 1944:
I-364 is assigned to Rear Admiral Owada Noboru's (former CO of YAMASHIRO) SubRon 7.

14 September 1944:
Departs Yokosuka for Wake Island on her maiden voyage with a crew of 77 aboard. Her estimated time of arrival at Wake is "late September."

16 September 1944:
250 miles E of the Boso Peninsula. I-364 is running on the surface on the base course 090, making 9.5 knots. At 0432, LtCdr R. E. Styles' USS SEA DEVIL (SS-400), also on her first patrol, picks up I-364 on radar. Styles begins tracking and identifies his target as an I-58 class submarine with a large Rising Sun insignia painted on the side of her conning tower.

At dawn, I-364 commences zigzagging, while SEA DEVIL makes an approach. At 1,800 yards, just when I-364 is passing in front of him at 0545, Styles fires four Mk. 18-2 torpedoes. Two hit and sink I-364 at 34-30N, 145-23E. A large pall of brown smoke is sighted where the target was. [1]

31 October 1944:
Presumed lost with all hands.

10 December 1944:
Removed from the Navy List.

Authors' Note:
[1] Older sources have identified SEA DEVIL's target as RO-42, in reality lost in June of that year.

Special thanks go to Dr. Higuchi Tatsuhiro of Japan.

Bob Hackett and Sander Kingsepp.

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