Jingei Class Submarine Depot Ship

(Chogei by Takeshi Yuki scanned from "Color Paintings of Japanese Warships")

Ordered by the IJN under the 1920-1928 Fleet Program, the JINGEI class was the first class of warships specifically designed as submarine depot ships. They were outfitted as flagships for the IJN's submarine squadrons.

Builder and Year Completed: JINGEI - Mitsubishi, Nagoya, 1923

CHOGEI - Mitsubishi, Nagoya, 1924
Displacement: 5,160-tons.
Dimensions: 380' x 53’ x 22’
Propulsion: 2 Parsons Geared Turbines, 6 Kanpon boilers, 2 shafts, 7, 500 shp, 18 knots.
Armament: 4 x 140-mm (5.5-inch) 50 cal. LA (2x2),
2-80-mm/40 cal. AA , 2 x 3-inch/40 cal. HA, 2 7.7mm MG guns, 610 -mm Torpedo Tubes 2 x 2
Aircraft: 1 Type 94 Kawanishi E7K2 “Alf” 2 seat reconnaissance float biplane. No catapult, fitted with a crane to lower and recover aircraft