Type AM


(Scanned from Erminio Bagnasco's "Submarines of World War Two")

These giant submarines were originally of the A2 type, but the design was revised after construction started in order to enable them to carry a second aircraft.  The seaplanes were to be the Aichi M6A1, a bomber able to carry a torpedo or an 800kg bomb.  The range of these boats was extraordinary, but underwater performance of these boats was badly compromised, and these must have been exceptionally easy targets.  

I-13 was sunk by destroyer escort USS Lawrence C. Taylor and aircraft from escort carrier USS Anzio 550 miles east of Yokosuka on 16 July 1945.  I-14 surrendered at sea at the end of the war, and was later scrapped.

Two additional ships were laid down, but not completed, and three more were canceled.


Units2 (one survived)
ShipsI-13, I-14
Year(s) Completed 1944-1945
Displacement3,603 tons / 4,762 tons
Dimensions372.8 ft x 38.5 ft x 19.3 ft
Machinery 2 diesels: 4,400 hp

electric motors: 600 hp

Speed16.75 knots / 5.5 knots
Range21,000 nm @ 16 knots
Armament 6x533mm TT fwd + 1x14cm/50 cal. (12 Torpedoes) + two seaplane bombers.
Max. Depth100 m (330 feet)
Crew118 officers and men