Sen Taka Sho Type

  (scanned from Polmar and Carpenter's "Submarines of the Imperial Japanese Navy")

The Sen Taka Sho (submarine, high speed, small) was designed to defend the coasts of the Japanese home islands. In bursts of speed, the HA-201 class could run almost 14 knots submerged. The HA-201 class was largely fabricated by welding. Some units of the HA-201 class were fitted with snorkels. They carried four 533-mm (21-inch) torpedoes and were fitted with two tubes. 22 boats were laid down, but only 10 were completed before the end of the war. None made operational patrols.

Units 22
Ships HA-201-HA-238 and HA-246.
Year Completed 1945
Displacement 320 tons/493 tons
Dimensions 173.4 ft x 13 ft x 11.4 ft
Machinery 1 diesel: 400 hp

1 electric motor: 1,250 hp

Speed 11.8 knots / 13.9 knots
Range 3,000 nm @ 10 knots
Armament 2x533mm TT fwd + 1x7.7mm mg (4 torpedoes).
Max. Depth 100 m (330 feet)
Crew 22-26 officers and men