HIJMS Submarine I-46: Tabular Record of Movement

2001 Bob Hackett & Sander Kingsepp

29 February 1944:
The I-46 is completed at the Sasebo Navy Yard, commissioned in the IJN and based in the Yokosuka Naval District. She is assigned to SubRon 11. LtCdr Yamaguchi Kosaburo (former CO of I-176 and victor over the USS CORVINA, SS-226) is the Commanding Officer.

2 April 1944:
Off Minase Light. During her shakedown cruise, the I-46 collides underwater with the RO-46 and suffers damage to her conning tower.

7 May 1944:
After initial testing returns to Sasebo Navy Yard for repairs.

30 May 1944:
Reassigned to SubDiv 15, Sixth Fleet (Submarines).

13 October 1944: Operation "SHO-I-GO" - The Defense of the Philippines:
Tokyo. Admiral Toyoda Soemu, CINC, Combined Fleet, orders the Sho-1-Go plan activated.

19 October 1944:
Departs Kure to take up patrol station E of Leyte, Philippines.

20 October 1944: American Operation "King Two" - The Invasion of Leyte:
Admiral (later Fleet Admiral) William F. Halsey's (former CO of SARATOGA, CV-3) Third Fleet of 738 ships including 18 aircraft carriers, six battleships, 17 cruisers, 64 destroyers and over 600 support ships land the Army's X Corps (24th Infantry and 1st Cavalry Divisions) and the XXIV Corps (7th, 77th and 96th Infantry Divisions) that begins the campaign to retake Leyte.

24 October 1944:
Vice Admiral Miwa Shigeyoshi, Commander, Sixth Fleet orders the I-46 and ten other submarines to converge in an area from Samar to Surigao Strait, Philippines.

25 October 1944:
E of Leyte. After 0545, the I-46 is chased by enemy destroyers for the next ten hours.

26 October 1944:
LtCdr Yamaguchi reports sighting an enemy convoy. It is the last signal received from the I-46.

27 October 1944:
Headquarters, Sixth Fleet orders the I-46 to change station to the E of Philippines, but the signal is not acknowledged.

28 October 1944:
E of Leyte. Cdr S. K. Santmyers' USS HELM (DD-388) is part of the screen of Rear Ralph E. Admiral Davison's carrier Task Group 38.4 (USS ENTERPRISE (CV-6), FRANKLIN (CV-13), BELLEAU WOOD (CVL-24) and SAN JACINTO (CVL-30) that is engaged in direct support of ground operations on Leyte.

At 1218, the HELM and Cdr P. D. Quirk's USS GRIDLEY (DD-380) detect a submarine trying to penetrate TG 38.4's screen. As Davison's carriers clear the area, the two destroyers carry out depth charge attacks. At 1414, they sink the submarine - possibly the I-46* - at 10-58N, 127-13E.

30 October 1944:
At 1900 (JST), all IJN submarines stationed E of Leyte report their respective locations to Sixth Fleet HQ. The I-46, I-26 and -54 fail to answer.

1 November 1944:
At 1900 (JST), the I-46, I-26 and the I-54 fail to report for the second time.

2 December 1944:
Presumed lost with all 112 hands off the Philippines.

10 March 1945:
Removed from the Navy List.

Authors' Notes:
*Some sources claim the sub sunk at this time and place was the I-54.

Special thanks for help in preparing this TROM go to Dr. Higuchi Tatsuhiro of Japan. Bob Hackett and Sander Kingsepp.

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