Type A2


(Scanned from Erminio Bagnasco's "Submarines of World War Two")

Externally similar to the Junsen type A1, the Type A2 had less powerful engines and reduced maximum speed, but even longer range.  I-12 was lost to unknown causes in January 1945, possibly an operational loss.

Units1 (lost in 1945)
Year(s) Completed 1944
Displacement2,934 tons / 4,172 tons
Dimensions372.8 ft x 31.5 ft x 17.5 ft
Machinery 2 diesels: 4,700 hp

electric motors: 1,200 hp

Speed17.7 knots / 6.2 knots
Range22,000 nm @ 16 knots
Armament 6x533mm TT fwd + 1x14cm/50 cal. (18 Torpedoes) + one seaplane.
Max. Depth100 m (330 feet)
Crew114 officers and men