TOKUSETSU KANSEN! - The IJN's Merchant Auxiliaries

Prior to, and during the Pacific War, the Japanese Navy requisitioned many merchant ships from their owners for conversion to auxiliary warships. The types of ships taken over by the IJN varied from sleek passenger liners to tug boats. They were converted to meet pressing military needs for troop transports, hospital ships, aircraft transports, supply ships, repair ships and many other wartime uses. This page also leads to one purpose-built ship - the IJA's crane ship SEISHU.

Zatsuyosen! - Transports

Kokuki-Umpansen! - Aircraft Transports

Kyuryokan! - Supply and Special Service Ships

Kyuheikan! - Ammunition Ships

Kosakukan! - Repair Ships

Hyotekikan - Target Ships

Suirai-Bokan! - Auxiliary Destroyer Tenders

Kokansen - Diplomatic and Exchange Vessels

Kyunansen - Salvage and Repair Vessels

Sokuryosen - Hydrographic Survey Vessels

Ryoshokusen - Prisoner of War Relief Supply Ships

Saihyokan - Icebreakers

Byoinsen - Hospital Ships

Kyusuisen - Water Ships

Kyutanyusen - Collier Tankers

Kyutansen - Colliers

Kyuryosen - Storeships

Kyusetsumokan - Netlayers

Kokai Hokan - Auxiliary Gunboats

Fusetsutei - Auxiliary small Minelayers

Sempaku Uneikai Shiyosen - Government Requisitioned Ships

Koseki Umpansen - Ore Carriers

Kijukisen - Imperial Army Crane Ship

Tetsusei Dai Hatsudotei - IJA Landing Craft Depot Ships

Rikugun - Imperial Army Transports

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