Taigei Class Submarine Depot Ship

(TAIGEI at speed, prewar)

TAIGEI was designed as a submarine squadon flagship. She was constructed using extensive welding which proved defective. Her high freeboard and shallow draft made her somehat unstabe in heavy seas. In 1942, she was converted to light carrier RYUHO.

Builder and Year Completed: Yokosuka Navy Yard 1934
Displacement: 10,500t standard.
Dimensions: 692.8" x 59’ 3" x 17’ 6"
Propulsion: 2-shaft diesel, 14,000bhp, 14 knots.
Armament: 4 x 12.7cm/40cal AA gun (2x2), 12 x 13.2mm AA, 3 aircraft
Aircraft: 3 Type 94 Kawanishi E7K2 “Alf” 2 seat reconnaissance float biplanes. Two Kure No. 2 5 type catapults.