Sen Ho Type

The Sen Ho (SH) type were intended to support seaplanes and flying boats in forward areas where shore facilities were not available and surface ships could not operate. They were able to carry 390 tons of cargo, including 365-tons of aviation gas. The Sen Ho was armed with four trench mortars instead of deck guns that were not available. Only one boat was completed before the war's end.

Units 1 (None survived)
Ships I-351
Year(s) Completed 1944
Displacement 2,650 tons / 3,512 tons
Dimensions 363.75 ft x 33.5 ft x 20 ft
Machinery 2 diesels: 3,700 hp
2 electric motors: 1,200 hp

Speed 15.75 knots / 6.3 knots
Range 13,000 nm @ 14 knots
Armament 4x533mm TT fwd + 4x3-inch mortars, 7 x25 mm
(4 Torpedoes).
Max. Depth 90 m (300 feet)
Crew 77 officers and men