Type D1


(Scanned from "Submarines of World War Two" by Erminio Bagnasco)

This type was designed in mid-1942 specifically to carry cargo.  Until recently it was assumed that no submarines of this type had torpedo tubes, but newer research has shown that at least some D1s (including I-361, I-363 and I-367) carried two bow tubes, either as built or retro-fitted. Initially, 104 units of the D1/D2 Types were planned.

I-361, I-363, I-366, I-370, and I-372 were later fitted to each carry five Kaiten.

I-361 was sunk by aircraft from USS Anzio off Okinawa on 30 May, 1945.   I-362 was lost to USS Fleming north of Truk on 18 January, 1945.  I-363 survived the war, but was lost to a mine off Kyushu on 29 October, 1945.  I-364 was lost to submarine USS Sea Devil east of Yokosuka on 16 September, 1944.  Submarine USS Scabbardfish  similarly claimed I-365 on 28 November, 1944.  I-366 and I-367 both survived the war, and were scuttled off Goto Island in 1946.   USS Anzio put an end to I-368 off Iwo Jima on 27 February, 1945.  I-369 survived the war and was later scrapped.  I-370 was sunk by destroyer escort USS Finnegan south of Iwo Jima on 26 February, 1945.  Submarine USS Lagarto disposed of I-371 in Bungo Strait on 24 February, 1945.  I-372 was lost in an air raid at Yokosuka on 18 July, 1945.

Units 12 completed (4 survived)
Ships I-361, I-362, I-363, I-364, I-365, I-366, I-367, I-368, I-369, I-370, I-371, I-372
Year(s) Completed 1943-1944
Displacement 1,779 tons / 2,215 tons
Dimensions 248' x 29.25' x 15.5'
Machinery 2 diesels: 1,850 hp

electric motors : 1,200 hp

Speed 13 / 6.5 knots
Range 15,000 nm @ 10 knots
Armament 1 x 14cm 40 cal., 2 x 25mm AA, 2 landing craft, 82 tons cargo
Max. Depth 75 meters (245 feet)
Crew 75 officers and men + 110 troops