Type C2


I-47 alongside I-36 and I-402 shortly after the war. (US Navy photo, scanned from Polmar and "Carpenter's Submarines of the Imperial Japanese Navy")

The Type C2 was nearly identical to the Type C1.  The biggest difference was that the Type C2 lacked fittings for carrying midget submarines.  Seven further units of this type were canceled in 1942-1943 before construction began.

I-46 was sunk by destroyers USS Helm and USS Gridley off Leyte on 28 October 1944.   Three American destroyer escorts put an end to I-48 near Yap on 23 January 1945.  I-47 survived the war, and was scuttled off Goto Island in 1946.


Units3 (one survived)
ShipsI-46, I-47, I-48
Year(s) Completed 1943-1944
Displacement2,557 tons / 3,564 tons
Dimensions358.5 ft x 29.75 ft x 17.5 ft
Machinery 2 diesels: 12,400 hp

electric motors: 2,000 hp

Speed23.5 knots / 8 knots
Range14,000 nm @ 16 knots
Armament 8x533mm TT fwd + 1x14cm/50 cal. (20 torpedoes).
Max. Depth100 m (330 feet)
Crew101 officers and men