Stories and Battle Histories of the IJN's Cruiser Force

(Updated 3 September 2009)

By Bob Hackett and Sander Kingsepp

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The Tabular Records of Movement (TROMs) presented on these pages for the Imperial Japanese Navy's "Junyokan" - cruisers - have been prepared by Bob Hackett and Sander Kingsepp from Japanese and American source materials. Japanese cruisers ranged throughout the Pacific in World War II and were in the forefront of virtually all the major engagements against Allied Forces.

As these TROMs disclose, only a few Junyokan meet their doom in the surface engagements for which they were designed; most were destroyed by bombs and torpedoes delivered by aircraft or had their hulls ripped open to the seas by submarine-launched torpedoes.

As usual, every effort has been made to provide the latest verified information on the movements, engagements and ultimate fates of these major combatants. Feel free to post any questions to us on the Discussion and Questions board links.

Tabular Records of Movement (TROMs)

ITTO-JUNYOKAN - Heavy Cruisers

(Class types link to specification summaries)

Furutaka Class

Furutaka (revised 9/3/2009)
Kako (revised

Aoba (revised
(revised 9/3/2009)

Kinugasa (revised 11/27/2007)

Myoko Class

Myoko (revised 11/27/2007)
Ashigara (revised 6/17/2008)
Nachi (revised

Haguro (revised 9/3/2009)

Takao Class

Takao (revised 11/27/2007)
Maya (revised 11/27/2007)
Chokai (revised 9/3/2009)
Atago (revised 9/3/2009)


Mogami (revised 8/30/2009)
Mikuma (revised 9/3/2009)
Suzuya (revised 8/30/2009)
Kumano (revised 9/3/2009)

Tone Class

Tone (revised 9/3/2009)
Chikuma (revised 9/3/2009)

KEI-JUNYOKAN - Light Cruisers

Agano Class

Agano (revised 11/28/2007)
Yahagi (revised 11/28/2007)
Noshiro (revised 11/28/2007)
Sakawa (revised 11/28/2007)

Oyodo Class

Oyodo (revised 11/28/2007)

Nagara Class

Nagara (revised 11/28/2007)
Isuzu (revised 11/28/2007)
Yura(revised 8/30/2009)
Natori(revised 11/28/2007)
Kinu (revised 11/28/2007)
Abukuma(revised 11/28/2007)

Kuma Class

Kuma (revised 11/28/2007)
Tama (revised 9/2/2009)
Kitakami (revised 1/8/2009)
Oi (revised 1/8/2009)
Kiso (revised 11/28/2007)

Naka Class

Naka (revised 11/28/2007)
Sendai (revised 11/28/2007)
Jintsu (revised 11/28/2007)

Tenryu Class

Tenryu (revised 6/27/2009)
Tatsuta (revised 11/28/2007)

Yubari Class

Yubari (revised 11/28/2007)

Katori Class

Katori (revised 11/28/2007)
Kashima (revised 11/28/2007)
Kashii (revised 11/28/2007)

SOKO-JUNYOKAN - Ex-Armored Cruisers

Izumo Class

Izumo (posted 10/11/2008)
Iwate (posted 11/8/2008)

Bibliography of Sources

Shortcuts to Cruiser Special Features

The NACHI ~ MOGAMI Collision: A Study in the Fragility of History

Ship of Nine Lives: The long struggle of cruiser KUMANO

A Tale of Two Cripples: USS BERGALL vs MYOKO

About the Authors

Mr. Robert Hackett is a military historian and researcher. Retired from the United States Air Force and later from the aerospace industry, he resides in the United States.

Mr. Sander Kingsepp is also a military historian and researcher. A journalist, he resides in Estonia. A talented linguist, his translations of Japanese source materials have added immeasurably in the research of these works.

Bob and Sander prepared the TROMs on the IJN's cruisers presented on this JUNYOKAN! page and those on the IJN's battleships and submarines presented on the SENKAN!, SENSUIKAN! and with Australian researcher Peter Cundall, on the IJN's auxiliaries presented on our TOKUSETSU KANSEN! page.

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