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Updated 28 November 2016

The study of history is always frought with the peril of error creeping into the historical record. Studying the Pacific War is particularly prone to such inaccuracies, due to the difficulties that the Japanese language presents to Western historians. In this column, Anthony Tully focuses on solving some of the discrepancies which have appeared in the Western historical record. These first essays deal with the fates of IJN warships. Comments and discussion are welcomed.

Speaking of Discussion, I am pleased to announce the opening of a new Discussion and Query Board! (Special Thanks to Steven Cochran of Rat Patrol Radio for this service courtesy) You are invited to correspond with each other and me on IJN and historical topics at my home site's discussion board. The time has come to provide the new link, as the old board is about to go completely off line from view. Look for fuller updates here and on the "Kido Butai" and "whatsnew" pages but I want to provide the link and get the ball rolling.

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(posted 4/21/2000)

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Anthony Tully is a naval historian/researcher and with Jon Parshall the co-author of the new best-selling "Shattered Sword: The Untold Story of the Battle of Midway" from Potomac Books. He is also the author of an unpublished manuscript on the last battles of the IJN, some of which is published in the "Mysteries" articles. He is a member of and has written articles for the International Naval Research Organization (aka "Warship International") , and the United States Naval Institute. Other research activities include Roman and Byzantine History, Theological Studies, Volcanism, and the Medieval Period. Some writing projects and interests include Science-Fiction, Philosophy, and Psychology. He can be contacted at:

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