Partial Bibliography for "Mysteries & Untold Sagas of the IJN", "Kido Butai" CV TROMS, and "Senkan" BB TROMS

© 2000 Anthony Tully

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At the end of the war the United States government seized about 30,000 volumes of Japanese military reports, summaries and records, handwritten and out of order. They were microfilmed, the originals returned to Japan, and after a series of transfers, the bulk of them are now housed in the Naval Historical Center at the Washington Navy Yard, Washington D.C. These consist in the main of [1] Tabular Records of Movement (TROMS) of Japanese forces and units, [2] War Diaries of particular forces, ex. DesRon 2, arranged on a monthly basis, and [3] Action Reports and Detailed Action Reports (DARs) of specific units, ex. Kumano DAR 25 November 1944.

It is some of these reports, particularly on the Leyte operation (JD 3 and JD 4), that Samuel E. Morison had translated into English and used for his research for his series United States Naval Operations In World War II. These translations from Japanese to English are also stored at the Naval Historical Center and form a priceless source in their own right, for many of the translated works are illegible on microfilm or the meaning has been lost. However, the bulk of the Japanese Navy Document Reels (JD) remain untranslated and due to this fact, they have seen little use. Among some of the reels I had translated and consulted are:

JD 2 Sho I (Battles off Leyte) DAR First Striking Force 16-28
October (signal portion)
JD 3 WD CA Nachi 1 - 5 November 1944
JD 4 DAR Kasumi 29 October - 13 November 1944
JD 4A TEN GO Operation and Kikusui Operation.
JD 8 WD of the 5th Fleet, 1 November 1944 - 5 February 1945
JD 9 WD BB Nagato, May - June 1945
WD CV Ryuho, 1 - 31 July 1945
DAR CV Unryu 19 December 1944
JD 10 WD CVE Kaiyo, 1 - 30 June 1945
JD 20 WD CA Haguro, 1 - 31 January 1945
WD CA Kumano, October - November 1944
DAR CA Kumano, 27 October 1944; 19 - 25 November 1944
JD 21 WD CA Takao, November 1944
WD Tone June 1945
DAR Kitakami 24 July 1945
DAR Oyodo 24 - 28 December 1944; 10 - 20 February 1945
JD 24 WD Desron 1, November 1944
DAR Desron 1, 31 October - 4 November 1944
JD 28 WD Desron 2, 22 November 1944 - 20 April 1945
DAR Desron 2, 20-30 December 1944; 6 - 8 April 1945
JD 34 WD Desron 10, November 1944
JD 35 WD Desdiv 2, December 1944 - January 1945
DAR Desdiv 2, 26-27 December 1944
WD Desdiv 17, November 1944 - May 1945
WD Desdiv 17 (DD Hamakaze), January 1945
JD 36 DAR Desdiv 27 (Shigure) 24 January 1945
DAR Desdiv 20, 3-4 November 1944
DAR Desdiv 30 (Satsuki), 21 September 1944
DAR 9th Transport Force (DD Yuzuki, Uzuki, Kiri),
9-13 December 1944
JD 201 TROMS of carriers Amagi, Kaiyo, Katsuragi, Ryuho, Unryu.
JD 204 TROMS of destroyers alphabetically (Akatsuki - Kasumi)
JD 205 TROMS of destroyers alphabetically (Kawakaze - Uzuki)

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