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Line drawing of Terror

Line drawing of diguised Terror

Displacement 7,500 tons
Armament 1 x 2 15"
8 x 1   4" + MG
Speed 12 knots
VTS Rating   1   1   2

A bombardment vessel built during WW I and known as a monitor (visually, it compares with Eriksson's Civil War masterpiece), Terror moved slowly but could bring heavy artillery to bear up to 15 miles inland. The impressive armament, shooting broadside, would capsize a normal ship her size but Terror had an extreme beam formed by huge blisters outboard the hull.

Terror was sent in 1940 to parade some big British guns around the Orient. While on China Station in 1941 with the FFABDA (French, Filipino, Australian, British, Dutch, and American) forces in Asia, Terror barely missed the holocaust of the opening of the Pacific war. Masquerading as a merchant coaster with dummy cargo decks and superstructure, her turret was made to look like a pair of cranes. The 'Majestic Pipsqueak' made it out of the Malay Barrier to Ceylon, only to be sent out against the Japanese with the British Far Eastern Fleet. For effect, "eye spots", and lines painted on the turret pedastal made Terror appear from the front to have two 15" turrets like many of His Majesty's fine battleships. When the fleeing merchant ships theTerror was escorting signalled "RRR", the Terror turned into the raider and confronted Chichibu. The Japanese mis-identified her as the Warspite and turned away from the battle! Ten minutes later Chichibu came about and launched torpedoes and three broadsides from her 16" guns at the "Warspite". The barrage of explosives proved too much for the hapless Terror to take and she slid under and sank.

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