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German Navy (Kriegsmarine) Nazi Flag

(Nazi Flag.)

= new illustration since the text-only story appeared
= not yet illustrated

Large Aircraft Carrier (CVB) Europa
Battleship (BB) Friedrich der Große
Large Battleship (BBB) Führer
Large Aircraft Cruiser (CBV) Graf Fitti
Aircraft Carrier (CV) Graf Zeppelin Class
Battlecruiser (BC) Hindenburg
Grossflugdeckkreuzer (BBV) Odin
Corsair Aircraft Carrier (CAV) Pommern
Panzerkreuzer (CB) Posen
Panzerkeuzer (CB) Schleswig-Holstein Class
Aircraft Cruiser (CAV) Seydlitz

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The use of the Nazi flag is in no way an endorsement of the principles of National Socialism. I was using the modern Bundesrepublik flag (waving) here in deference to our German readers whose Government takes a dim view of "public" images of the swastika, but although the waving Bundesrepublik flag gif was much more "cool", the non-waving Nazi regime's version is more historically correct.

Adm. U. Furashita

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