(Sister SHINKO MARU, prewar)

Tabular Record of Movement

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28 May 1938:
Yokohama. Laid down by Mitsubishi Jukogyo Zosensho, K.K. shipyard as Yard No. 290, a 6,441-ton cargo ship for Toyo Shosen K. K. (Oriental Steam Ship Co., Ltd.) of Tokyo.

22 September 1938:
Launched and named TAMAGAWA MARU.

1 December 1938:

13 October 1941:
Requisitoned by the Imperial Army (IJA). Allotted IJA No. 960.

31 January 1942:
TAMAGAWA MARU departs Takao for Manila in a troop convoy also consisting of IJA AAA ship ARIZONA MARU, IJA cargo ship NISSHU MARU [1] and one unidentified ship.

1 February 1942:
Lingayen Gulf. ARIZONA MARU's lookouts spot a periscope about 1,200 meters to starboard and observe the approach of a torpedo. ARIZONA MARU's bow 75mm AA guns fires at the torpedo as it approaches. One shell, improperly set by the crew, explodes near the bridge and wounds ten crewmen. The torpedo hits below the waterline, scrapes under the hull, and continues off to port emitting clouds of bubbles before sinking. [2]

2 February 1942:
Off Cape Bolinao, Luzon, Philippines. LtCdr (later Rear Admiral) William E. Ferrall's (USNA '27) USS SEADRAGON (SS-194) torpedoes and sinks TAMAGAWA MARU at 17-16N, 119-48E. 48 men are KIA.

Ferrall also fires torpedoes at NISSHU MARU in the same attack, but misses.

Author's Note:
[1] Also known as NISSYU MARU.

[2] According to SORG, the attack was at 16N, 120E and probably made by Ferrall's SEADRAGON that fired one of BuOrd's unreliable Mark 14s.

Photo credit and thanks to Gilbert Casse of France.

Thanks go to Erich Muehlthaler of Germany.

- Bob Hackett

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