(SAN PEDRO MARU by Ueda Kihachiro)

Tabular Record of Movement

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Revision 9

15 August 1927:
Tokyo. Laid down at Mitsubishi Zosen Kaisha as Yard No. 443 for Mitsubishi Shoji Kaisha.

24 January 1928:
Launched and named SAN DIEGO MARU.

8 March 1928:

In Mitsubishi’s service on their North American oil route.

In Mitsubishi’s service on their Sumatra/Borneo oil route.

7 August 1941:
Arrives at Tarakan.

13 September 1941:
Departs Tarakan.

25 September 1941:
Arrives at Yokohama.

16 November 1941:
Requisitioned by the IJN as an Ippan Choyosen (B-AO) (general requisitioned tanker).

8 December 1941:
At Pusan, Korea.

9 December 1941:
Bungo Straits. While steaming from Tokuyama to Saiki, SAN DIEGO MARU strikes a mine; most probably a defensive mine that broke loose.

10 December 1941:
Armed merchant cruiser (AMC) KINJOSAN MARU and minelayer NASAMI are despatched to aid crippled SAN DIEGO MARU. Minelayer NATSUSHIMA and subchaser CH-19 also assist.

11 December 1941:
The escorts are detached and SAN DIEGO MARU continues on to Osaka Tekkosho's yard at Innoshima for repairs until March 1942.

E 13 March 1942:
Departs Kure.

23 March 1942:
Arrives at Tokuyama.

28 March 1942:
Departs Tokuyama.

March 1942:
Departs Kure for Truk, Palembang, Sumatra and Singapore, Malaya.

11 April 1942:
At 1800 SAN DIEGO MARU reports a torpedo attack at 25-10N 137-10E.

15 April 1942:
Arrives back Kure.

19 April 1942:
Departs Kure.

21 April 1942:
Arrives at Yokkaichi.

25 April 1942:
Departs Yokkaichi for Tokuyama.

3 May 1942:
Departs Kure.

11 May 1942:
Arrives at Yokosuka.

13 May 1942:
At 1300 leaves Futtsu near Yokosuka for Truk escorted initially by auxiliary minelayer TAKACHIHO MARU and auxiliary netlayer KOKAI MARU.

E May 1942:
Arrives at Truk.

23 May 1942:
Departs Truk with tanker KYOEI MARU escorted by auxiliary gunboat CHOUN MARU.

24 May 1942:
At 09-20N, 148-17E, CHOUN MARU is detached.

25 May 1942:
Arrives at Namonuito (Ororu) Islands.

26 May 1942:
Arrives at Guam. Refuels heavy cruiser KUMANO.

27 May 1942:
Refuels heavy cruisers SUZUYA, MOGAMI and MIKUMA.

28 July 1942:
Arrives at Mako.

29 July 1942:
Departs Mako.

24 August 1942:
Arrives at Yokosuka.

26 August 1942:
At 1500 departs Yokosuka escorted by auxiliary minesweeper ATAKA MARU. Sails at 8 knots. A submarine suighting results in the ships putting into near by Tateyama for shelter.

27 August 1942:
At 0800 departs Tateyama.

2 September 1942:
At 1200 due to arrive at Saipan.

4 September 1942:
Due to depart Saipan for Truk at 8.5 knots.

18 September 1942:
Transits the Bungo Straits unescorted.

19 September 1942:
Arrives at Kure.

22 September 1942:
Departs Kure.

24 September 1942:
Arrives at Yokkaichi.

26 September 1942:
Departs Yokkaichi.

27 September 1942:
Arrives at Yokosuka.

30 September 1942:
Departs Yokosuka.

3 October 1942:
Arrives at Tokuyama.

5 October 1942:
Departs Tokuyama.

6 October 1942:
Arrives at Kure.

11 October 1942:
Departs Kure.

16 November 1942:
Arrives at Mako.

21 November 1942:
Departs Mako.

29 November 1942:
Arrives at Dairen.

4 December 1942:
Departs Dairen.

8 December 1942:
Arrives at Marifu, W side of Hiroshima Bay.

14 December 1942:
Departs Marifu and later that day arrives at Kure.

23 December 1942:
Departs Kure towing oil barge Nanyu No. 1.

E 24 December 1942:
Auxiliary netlayer TAISHU MARU joins the escort.

25 December 1942:
TAISHU MARU is detached.

1 January 1943:
Arrives at Singapore.

5 January 1943:
At 2200 met at sea by the auxiliary gunboat CHOSA MARU.

8 January 1943:
Arrives at Singapore, probably from Palembang, Sumatra.

24 January 1943:
At 0800 departs Singapore in convoy No. 662 also consisting of TEIKAI MARU (ex-German FULDA) escorted by destroyer FUYO. SAN DIEGO MARU tows a laden oil barge.

27 January 1943:
Arrives St Jacques.

30 January 1943:
Departs St Jacques in convoy No.469 also consisting of SAN DIEGO MARU and TEIKAI MARU ex-German FULDA) escorted by destroyer FUYO.

E 4 February 1943:
Arrives Mako.

5 February 1943:
Depart Mako in convoy No. 228 also consisting of SHOKEI MARU and two unidentified merchant ships unescorted.

E 7 February 1943:
Minelayer YURIJIMA and subchaser CH-37 join SAN DIEGO MARU that was detached from the convoy.

9 February 1943:
The escorts are detached off Fukajima.

11 February 1943:
Arrives Moji and later that day at Tokuyama.

16 February 1943:
Arrives at Yokosuka.

22 February 1943:
Departs Yokosuka.

25 February 1943:
Arrives at Ominato.

27 February 1943:
Departs Ominato.

1 March 1943:
Arrives at Yokohama.

6 March 1943:
Departs Yokohama.

9 March 1943:
Arrives at Dairen, Manchuria.

12 March 1943:
Departs Dairen.

17 March 1943:
Arrives at Takao.

19 March 1943:
Departs Takao.

23 March 1943:
Arrives at Tokuyama.

28 March 1943:
Departs Tokuyama.

27 April 1943:
Arrives at Takao.

1 May 1943:
Departs Takao.

10 May 1943:
Arrives at Yokohama.

21 June 1943:
Owners restyled as Mitsubishi Kisen K. K., Tokyo.

24 June 1943:
Departs Yokosuka.

27 June 1943:
Arrives at Dairen, Manchuria.

20 July 1943:
Departs Mako.

17 August 1943:
Arrives at Mako.

20 August 1943:
Departs Mako.

25 August 1943:
Arrives at Dairen.

30 August 1943:
Departs Dairen.

1 September 1943:
Registered in the IJN as an auxiliary tanker, (Otsu) category under internal order No. 1820 and attached to the Kure Naval District with Kure as homeport.

5 September 1943:
Arrives at Mako.

11 September 1943:
Departs Mako for Seletar, Singapore.

27 September 1943:
At anchor at Miri together with MITSU, TAKETSU (BUTSU), HOZAN MARUs and one unidentified ship.

12 November 1943:
Departs Ominato.

15 November 1943:
Arrives at Moji and departs later that day.

28 November 1943:
At 1700, SAN DIEGO MARU departs Takao convoy No. 780 also consisting of cargo ships TOSEI, BIZEN, RYUYO, NIPPONKAI, NORWAY, NICHIWA, KINSHU, YAMAHAGI and RYUUN MARUs, tanker OGURA MARU No. 1 and five unidentified ships escorted by destroyer FUYO and kaibokan KANJU.

3 December 1943:
At 1400, arrives at Manila.

4 December 1943:
Departs Manila

8 December 1943:
Arrives at Miri.

15 December 1943:
Departs Miri.

20 December 1943:
Arrives at St Jacques, Indochina.

21 December 1943:
Departs St Jacques in convoy with SHINNO MARU and possibly others.

29 December 1943:
Arrives at Takao.

3 January 1944:
Departs Takao in convoy No.232 also consisting of DAIHO, GOZAN, HASSHU, TAIKAI, AKAGISAN, KOHO, YOZAN, KENSEI (ex British HIN SANG) and KINE MARUs escorted by kaibokan TSUSHIMA and MIYAKE.

10 January 1944:
Arrives at Moji.

12 January 1944:
Arrives at Shimotsu.

14 January 1944:
Departs Shimotsu and later that day arrives at Kobe.

16 January 1944:
Departs Kobe.

17 January 1944:
Arrives at Moji.

19 January 1944:
At 0730, SAN DIEGO MARU departs Moji for Takao in convoy No. 130 also consisting of hospital ship ASAHI MARU, passenger/cargo liner TERUKUNI MARU, cargo ships PANAMA, ATSUTA, MAYA and YASUKUNI MARUs and oiler OGURA MARU No. 1 escorted by salvage tug KASASHIMA, auxiliary guard boat MYOJIN MARU No. 2 and small auxiliary patrol boat SHINEI MARU.

23 January 1944:
China coast. 14th Air Force North American B-25 "Mitchell" medium bombers attack the convoy at 27-15N 120-45E. PANAMA MARU carrying 2229 men of the 82nd and 83rd Infantry Regiment, 21st Division is sunk with the loss of one crewman and two gunners and nine of the troops. YASUKUNI and ATSUTA MARUs are damaged.

24 January 1944:
The convoy anchors off Incog Island. B-25's bomb and sink escort MYOJIN MARU No. 2 and patrol boat SHINEI MARU is hit and damaged. Lighthouse tender RYUSEI (ex-Chinese LIU HSING), nearby, but not part of the convoy, is also sunk.

25 January 1944:
MAYA MARU and oiler OGURA MARU No. 1 collide. MAYA MARU is moderately damaged. Tug KASASHIMA and auxiliary gunboat SHINKO MARU No. 1, that happens to be in the area, steam to render assistance, but are attacked by five B-25's. KASASHIMA is sunk. The rest of the convoy is diverted from Takao and arrives at Kirun (Keelung) later that day.

26 January 1944:
Arrives at Takao.

1 February 1944:
Departs Takao in convoy TAMA-01 also consisting of six unidentified merchant ships escorted by Auxiliary Gunboat CHOJUSAN MARU.

5 February 1944:
Arrives at Manila.

16 February 1944:
Departs Manila in convoy MAMI-02 also consisting of TEIKO (ex French D'ARTAGNAN), KIKUSUI, SANKO (YAMAKO), TACHIBANA MARUs, OGURA MARU No.1 and two unidentified merchant ships escorted by the old destroyer KURETAKE.

21 February 1944:
TEIKO MARU (ex French D'ARTAGNAN) and KIKUSUI MARU are detached and head for Singapore. Later that day the convoy arrives at Miri.

28 February 1944:
Departs Miri in convoy MIMA-03 also consisting of TAKETSU (BUTSU), NITTETSU, and YAMAKO (SANKO) MARUs escorted by the old destroyers KARUKAYA and KURETAKE. At some point partway KURETAKE detaches and minesweeper W-17 joins the convoy.

4 March 1944:
Arrives at Manila.

7 March 1944:
Departs Manila in MATA-10 convoy also consisting of tankers TACHIBANA, TAKETSU (BUTSU), NITTETSU MARUs, OGURA MARU No. 1 and cargo ships TARUYASU, KENWA, KOHO and SORACHI MARUs and two other unidentified merchant ships escorted by destroyer KARUKAYA and minesweeper W-17.

12 March 1944:
Arrives at Takao.

15 March 1944:
At 1200, SAN DIEGO MARU departs Takao in convoy TAMO-11 also consisting of TAITO, MUTSU, HINODE, MANILA, MANKO, ASAHI, KANO, BELGIUM, SORACHI, KOHO, TARUYASU, KENWA, KENZUI, BRAZIL and KENNICHI MARUs and UNKAI MARU No. 12 and oilers TACHIBANA, NITTETSU and SANKO MARUs and OGURA MARU No. 1 escorted by destroyers SHIGURE and NOKAZE, minesweeper W-17 and subchasers CH- 37 and CH-38.

16 March 1944:
At 1600, TOYO and TEIKA (ex-French CAP VARELLA) MARUs join the convoy.

19 March 1944:
The minelayer TAKASHIMA joins the convoy as an additional escort.

20 March 1944:
Removed from the Navy List under internal order No. 464.

21 March 1944:
At 0430, MANKO, ASAHI, and TOYO MARUs are detached from the convoy. TAKASHIMA is detached for Sasebo.

22 March 1944:
Arrives at Moji.

23 March 1944:
Arrives at Tokuyama.

25 March 1944:
Requisitioned again by the IJN as an Ippan Choyosen (B-AO) (general requisitioned tanker) attached to the Kure Naval District with Kure as homeport.

28 March 1944:
Departs Tokuyama.

14 April 1944:
Departs Kobe.

15 April 1944:
Arrives at Tokuyama.

17 April 1944:
Departs Tokuyama and later that day arrives at Hesaki.

21 April 1944:
Departs Hesaki.

23 April 1944:
Arrives at Kagoshima.

6 May 1944:
Departs Kagoshima in convoy ROKU-813 also consisting of eight unidentified merchant ships escorted by torpedo boat MANAZURU, subchaser CH-49, auxiliary minesweeper SHONAN MARU No. 16 and auxiliary subchaser RYUSEI MARU.

7 May 1944:
Arrives at Koniya. Detached from convoy.

15 May 1944:
Departs Koniya.

16 May 1944:
Arrives at Naha.

25 May 1944:
Departs Naha.

28 May 1944:
Arrives at Kirun.

30 May 1944:
Departs Kirun.

31 May 1944:
Arrives at Takao.

11 June 1944:
SAN DIEGO MARU departs Kirun with cargo ships/transports ARIMASAN, MANILA, MIIKESAN and USSURI MARUs and tankers and KYOEI No. 8 and JINEI MARU and at 0645 joins convoy MI-05 also consisting of KENEI, KENZUI, IKOMASAN, HINAGA, NIPPO, FUYUKAWA, SURAKARUTA and TATSUJU MARUs and tankers TACHIBANA, NITTETSU, CERAM, SANKO (YAMAKO), AYAKIRI, AYANAMI, OEI, MARIFU, TOKUWA, TAKETSU (BUTSU), and YAMAMIZU MARU No. 2 and fleet oiler NOTORO plus nine unidentified ships escorted by kaibokan CD-18, torpedo boat SAGI, patrol boat PB-38, minelayer MAESHIMA, minesweeper W-17 and auxiliary subchaser CHa-95 and four unidentified escorts.

TOA and SHOEI MARUs are detached for Kirun.

13 June 1944:
LtCdr John D. Crowley's (USNA ’34) USS FLIER (SS-250) torpedoes and damages MARIFU MARU at 15-57N, 119-42E. She is taken in tow by MIIKESAN MARU escorted by SAGI.

15 June 1944:
The convoy arrives at Manila. Damaged MARIFU MARU arrives later and is detached.

18 June 1944:
SAN DIEGO MARU departs Manila in convoy MI-05 now consisting of tankers TACHIBANA, JINEI, BAIEI, KENZUI, ATAGO, AYANAMI, CERAM, OEI and TOKUWA MARUs, YAMAMIZU MARU No. 2, KYOEI MARU No. 8, fleet oiler NOTORO and cargo/transports ARIMASAN, HINAGA, NIPPO, TATSUJU, SURAKARUTA, TEIFU (ex-French BOUGAINVILLE), ROKKO, DAIZEN, MIIKESAN, NICHIYO, HIDA and SEIWA MARUs with the same escorts.

23 June 1944:
At 1257, arrives at Miri.

25 June 1944:
At 1915, SAN DIEGO MARU departs Miri for Singapore in convoy MISHI-03 also consisting of fleet oiler NOTORO and NICHIYO, HIDA, FUYUKAWA, AYANAMI, KYOEI No. 8, BAIEI, NIPPO (ex-Swedish NINGPO), DAIZEN, TEIFU (ex-French BOUGAINVILLE), SEIWA, SURAKARTA, HINAGA, MANILA, ARIMASAN, ROKKO, TATSUTAMA (ex-American SS ADMIRAL Y. S. WILLIAMS), TOA, KENZUI and JINEI MARUs escorted by kaibokan CD-18, torpedo boat SAGI, minesweeper W-17 and auxiliary minesweepers CHOUN MARU No. 6 and TOSHI MARU No. 2 and subchaser CH-21.

28 June 1944:
Off Singapore. At 2100, Cdr (later Rear Admiral) Rueben T. Whitaker’s (USNA ’34) USS FLASHER's (SS-249) radar picks up the convoy. Whitaker, operating in relatively shallow water (150 feet) decides to wait until after the moon sets to make a surface attack.

29 June 1944:
At 0117, FLASHER fires torpedoes and gets two or three hits on NIPPO MARU and two or three hits NOTORO. NIPPO MARU carrying 30 passengers and 598 troops breaks in two and sinks by the bow. 74 passengers and troops, two ship’s gunners, one member of convoy commander staff and 10 of the crewmen are KIA. NOTORO remains afloat, but goes dead in the water. The escorts begin blindly dropping depth charges. FLASHER still on the surface, leaves the area on four engines.

30 June 1944:
At 1437, convoy MISHI-03 arrives at Singapore.

4 July 1944:
SAN DIEGO MARU departs Singapore for Miri, Borneo in convoy SHIMI-05 also consisting of MEXICO, ASAKA, HAKUSHIKA (HAKUROKU), HOFUKU, RASHIN, OLYMPIA, TATSUBATO and KUROGANE MARUs and KYOEI MARU No. 6 escorted by torpedo boat SAGI and minesweepers W-17 and W-18.

8 July 1944:
At 1842, arrives at Miri, Borneo. Loads a cargo of oil.

10 July 1944:
At 1550, SAN DIEGO MARU departs Miri for Moji in convoy MI-08 also consisting of MEXICO, ASAKA, OLYMPIA, RASHIN, HAKUSHIKA (HAKUROKU), TATSUBATO, KUROGANE MARUs and tankers SAN LUIS, NITTETSU, OEI, TAKETSU (BUTSU), CHIHAYA, RYUSHO and SANKO (YAMAKO) MARUs and KYOEI MARU No. 6 escorted by torpedo-boat SAGI and minesweepers W-17, and W-18.

11 July 1944:
At 1830, the convoy anchors in Kimanis Bay, SW of Kota Kinabalu, Borneo.

12 July 1944:
At 1300, the convoy departs Kimanis Bay. At 1015, TAKETSU MARU is detached and begins a return journey to Miri.

16 July 1944:
From 0820 until 1400, the convoy is accompanied by torpedo-boat HIYODORI and coast defense ship MIKURA. At 2035, the convoy arrives safely at Manila.

23 July 1944:
At 1545, SAN DIEGO MARU departs Manila for Moji in convoy MI-08 also consisting of MIZUHO, MANILA, ARABIA, TATSUBATO, HAKUSHIKA (HAKUROKU) MARUs and tankers SAN LUIS, NITTETSU, MIRI, CHIHAYA, RYUSHO and SANKO (YAMAKO) MARUs and KYOEI MARU No. 6 escorted by torpedo boat SAGI, kaibokan CD-1, CD-18 and CD-28, minesweeper W-17, minelayer ENOSHIMA and subchaser CH-61. The convoy speed is eight knots.

27 July 1944:
At 0920, auxiliary subchaser CHa-74 and auxiliary transport OYO MARU join the escort. At 1605, the convoy arrives at Takao and is again reorganized. CH-61 is detached.

30 July 1944:
At 1800, SAN DIEGO departs Takao in convoy MI-08 now consisting of ZUIHO, BOKO (ex-British SAGRES), MANILA, TSUYAMA, ARABIA and TATSUBATO MARUs and tankers SAN LUIS, NITTETSU, MIRI, CHIHAYA, RYUSHO and SANKO (YAMAKO) and EIHO MARUs and cargo ships YAGI and TOUN MARUs escorted by kaibokan CD-1 and CD-18, torpedo-boat SAGI, minesweeper W-17 and auxiliary netlayer KISHIN MARU. The convoy's speed is 7 knots.

1 August 1944:
At 1400, the convoy arrives at Keelung after it is suspected that enemy submarines had gained contact.

4 August 1944:
At 1600, the convoy departs Keelung and heads up the Ryukyu Islands bound for Kyushu.

9 August 1944:
N of Okinoshima. LtCdr (later Cdr) Robert A. Keating's (USNA ’33) BARBEL (SS-316) torpedoes and sinks YAGI and BOKO MARUs at 27-56N, 128-47E. YAGI MARU takes down three Ship’s Gunners and 31 crewmen, casualties for BOKO MARU are unknown. CD-1 and W-17 carry out an antisubmarine sweep and drop 21 depth-charges that cause some damage to BARBEL. Afterwards, the convoy heads out of the area at full speed making evasive movements. At 1200, the convoy arrives at Koniya, Amami-O-Shima.

11 August 1944:
At 0400, the convoy departs Amami-O-Shima.

13 August 1944:
Arrives at Moji.

22 August 1944:
Departs Tokuyama.

24 August 1944:
Arrives at Miike.

31 August 1944:
Departs Miike.

1 September 1944:
Arrives Mutsure.

2 September 1944:
Departs Mutsure and shortly after during the same day arrives at Moji.

5 September 1944:
Arrives at Hesaki.

9 September 1944:
At 1200, SAN DIEGO MARU departs Moji for Miri, Borneo in convoy MI-19 also consisting of tankers CHIHAYA, IWAKUNI, DAIMEI, KENZUI and MITSU MARUs and cargo ships DAIBIN (OTOSHI), ENOURA, MATSUURA, YULIN, HAKUSHIKA (HAKUROKU), ARISAN, TEIFU, TASMANIA , SHINSEI, DAIA, NIKKO and SHUNSHO MARU escorted by kaikoban ETOROFU, SHONAN, CD-6 and CD-16, torpedo boat SAGI and auxiliary gunboat CHOHAKUSAN MARU.

10 September 1944:
At 1212, LtCdr's (later Cdr) Edward E. Shelby's (USNA ’33) USS SUNFISH (SS-281) torpedoes and sinks CHIHAYA MARU at 33-49N, 127-41E. 76 troops, one guard and eight crewmen are KIA. The convoy immediately retires to Chinto (Chin Hajo Island) where it regroups. The escorts launch a concerted, but unsuccessful attempt to find the submarine.

12 September 1944:
Convoy MI-19 departs Chinto.

16 September 1944:
At Yulin, Hainan Island. Kaibokan ETOROFU is detached to join the escort of convoy HI-72/ MAMO-03 which suffered a series of devastating attacks in the South China Sea.

17 September 1944:
Convoy MI-19 splits. SHUNSHO, NIKKO, MATSUURA, ENOURA and KENZUI MARUs head for Keelung escorted by kaibokan SHONAN.

18 September 1944:
The rest of the convoy arrives at Takao. SAN DIEGO and DAIBIN (OTOSHI) MARUs are detached as are kaibokan CD-5, CD-16, SHONAN, torpedo boat SAGI and auxiliary gunboat CHOHAKUSAN MARU.

30 September 1944:
At 1200, SAN DIEGO MARU departs Takao still part of convoy MI-19 also consisting of KENEI, IWAKUNI, YULIN, HAKUSHIKA (HAKUROKU), MITSU, DAIMEI, ARISAN, TEIFU (ex-French BOUGAINVILLE), TASMANIA, DAIA and SHINSEI MARUs escorted by kaibokan CD-18, CD-26 and subchaser CH-19. SAN DIEGO MARU rejoins the convoy after it sails.

2 October 1944:
Arrives at Aparri and departs same day at 2300.

3 October 1944:
At 1500, arrives at Lapoc.

4 October 1944:
At 0600, departs Lapoc. At 1700, arrives at North San Fernando.

5 October 1944:
At 0600, departs North San Fernando.

6 October 1944:
At 0600, arrives Manila.

8 October 1944:
At 0700, SAN DIEGO MARU departs Manila for Miri, Borneo in reorganized convoy MI-19 also consisting of NITTETSU, SAN LUIS, DAIZEN, HIDA, EIKYO, TOKUWA, SHUNTEN, TATSUBATO, DAISHU and YOSHU MARUs escorted by kaikoban CD-18 and CD-26, patrol boat PB-105, subchaser CH-19 and auxiliary subchaser Cha-56.

9 October 1944:
About 1700, LtCdr Henry D. Sturr’s (USNA ’33) BECUNA (SS-319) torpedoes and damages SAN LUIS MARU, but she is able to continue. LtCdr Francis W. Scanland’s (USNA ’34) USS HAWKBILL (SS-366) also torpedoes SAN LUIS MARU about the same time. At 1804, Sturr’s USS BECUNA torpedoes and sinks TOKUWA MARU. 10 of her crewmen are KIA.

10 October 1944:
SHUNTEN MARU and two of the escorts are detached with damaged SAN LUIS MARU and head for Sandakan, Borneo.

12 October 1944:
Palawan Passage. LtCdr (later Captain) David H. McClintock’s (USNA ’35) USS DARTER (SS-227) fires four torpedoes at two ships in the convoy, but inflicts no damage.

13 October 1944:
The rest of the convoy departs Palawan Bay.

14 October 1944:
At 0208, LtCdr (later Captain) Bladen D. Claggett’s (USNA ’35) USS DACE (SS-247) torpedoes and sinks NITTETSU MARU with the loss of 12 crewmen, and damages DAIZEN and EIKYO MARUs. The rest of the convoy arrives at Kimanis but departs later that day, arriving at Brunei in the evening.

15 October 1944:
Departs Brunei and later that day arrives Labuan.

16 October 1944:
Departs Labuan and later that day arrives at Victoria Port.

17 October 1944:
Departs Victoria Port and later that day arrives at Miri.

1 November 1944:
At 1200, SAN DIEGO MARU departs Miri for Moji in convoy MI-20 also consisting of tankers DAIMEI, MITSU, SHUNTEN and DAISHU MARUs escorted by destroyer SHIOKAZE, torpedo boat HIYODORI and subchaser CH-21.

3 November 1944:
At 0100, LtCdr Norman D. Gage's (USNA ’35) USS GURNARD (SS-254) torpedoes and sinks DAIMEI MARU at 05-53N, 111-12E. Three crewmen and 31 passengers are KIA.

5 November 1944:
At 1430, arrives at Cap St Jacques. MITSU MARU is detached.

10 November 1944:
CD-34 joins the convoy’s escort. At 1200, departs Cap St Jacques.

12 November 1944:
Arrives at Singapore.

17 November 1944:
At 0300, LtCdr Guy E. O’Neil's (USNA ’37) USS GUNNEL (SS-253) torpedoes and sinks torpedo boat HIYODORI. Then at about 0500, GUNNEL (SS-253) torpedoes and sinks SHUNTEN MARU at 16-45N, 110-15E. Casualties for both ships are unknown.

20 November 1944:
At Shang Chuan Tao.

21 November 1944:
Departs Shang Chang Tao and later that day arrives at Hong Kong. Transfers heavy oil to JUKO MARU.

23 November 1944:
Departs Hong Kong.

25 November 1944:
Arrives at Takao.

30 November 1944:
Departs Takao.

1 December 1944:
Arrives at Kirun.

9 December 1944:
Departs Kirun. (Possibly part of convoy MAMO-05)

16 December 1944:
Arrives at Moji.

17 December 1944:
Departs Moji.

18 December 1944:
Arrives at Kobe.

20 December 1944:
Departs Kobe. Later that day, arrives at Shimotsu. Shortly thereafter, enters drydock and undergoes repairs by Osaka Tekkosho.

24 December 1944:
Departs Shimotsu.

25 December 1944:
Arrives at Osaka and undergoes repairs at Hitachi Zosen’s yard.

31 December 1944:
Released to her owners.

Mid-January 1945:
Repairs are completed.

14 January 1945:
Departs Osaka.

15 January 1945:
Arrives at Kure.

20 February 1945:
Stationed at Yoshiura Harbor, Hiroshima Prefecture.

19 March 1945:
Vice Admiral (later Admiral) Marc A. Mitscher's (USNA ’10) (former CO of HORNET, CV-8) Task Force 58 carriers USS ESSEX (CV-9), INTREPID (CV-11), HORNET (CV-12), WASP (CV-18), HANCOCK (CV-19), BENNINGTON (CV-20) and BELLEAU WOOD (CVL-24) make the first carrier attack on the Kure Naval Arsenal and the vicinity area.

More than 240 aircraft (SB2C “Helldivers”, F4U "Corsairs" and F6F “Hellcats”) attack the battleships HYUGA, ISE, YAMATO, HARUNA, carriers AMAGI, KATSURAGI, RYUHO and KAIYO and other ships, including SAN DIEGO MARU. Her Type 96 25mm guns fire at the attacking planes 1,242 shells and her Type 93 13mm MGs, 93 bullets.

24 April 1945:
Hiroshima Bay. SAN DIEGO MARU is damaged by a mine in a supposedly swept channel at 34-06N, 132-25E. The ship undergoes repairs until the end of the war.

June 1945:
In Nanao Bay.

Late 1945:
Allocated Scapjap number X-041.

In Mitsubishi’s Service.

Owner restyled as Mitsubishi Kaiun K. K., Tokyo.

11 October 1961:
Sakai. Scrapping begins at Sakaguchi Kosan K. K.

Author's Notes:

Thanks to Gilbert Casse of France and Ralph Lotito of USA.

- Bob Hackett and Peter Cundall.

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